The Abandoned Hospital is a production structure that can be placed anywhere in Megapolis Mainland. It was originally introduced on October 31, 2016.[1] The contracts and construction of this building provides 19px-CapitalPoints.png for 19px-CapitalPoints.png Halloween Contest.


Abandoned Hospital: Contracts
NameCostCoin smDurationRewardCoin smXPExperience smCoinsCoin sm/MinuteXPExperience sm/MinuteRequirements
Contract Exploring an Abandoned Building
Exploring an Abandoned Building
6,800 Coin sm2 hours29,600 Coin sm280 Experience sm190.00 Coin sm2.33 Experience smAbandoned Hospital
Contract Reality Quest for the Brave
Reality Quest for the Brave[C 1]
18,000 Coin sm8 hours78,700 Coin sm310 Experience sm126.46 Coin sm0.65 Experience smAbandoned Hospital

  1. Special Contract: 4 friends may assist, increasing reward by 400 Coin sm each; they receive 400 Coin sm each.

The contracts above, when completed, provide additional 30 19px-CapitalPoints.png except for the 1 special contract which provides 40 19px-CapitalPoints.png  and 19px-CapitalPoints.png for helping. Recovering or forcing with Megabucks sm provides 20 19px-CapitalPoints.png .


Level XP Population Limits Contest Points Power Water Additional Access
0 2,800 Experience sm 10,000 Population Limits
1,510 19px-CapitalPoints.png
240 Power sm
230 Water sm
  • Access to both contracts above
Total/Max 2,800 Experience sm 10,000 Population Limits 1,510 19px-CapitalPoints.png 240 Power sm 230 Water sm


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Заброшенная больница (translates to Abandoned Hospital)
  • ID: 10020935 (abandoned_hospital)


  1. SQ Forum: Update 10.31.2016

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