Autocafe (Foundation)
Autocafe Construction
Plot Fixed
Cost 55,000 Coin sm
1 Megabucks sm
12 Power sm
10 Water sm
Provides 200 Experience sm
Population limit:

3,500 Population Limits

100 19px-CapitalPoints.png
No periodic benefit
Construction Instant
Autocafe Initial

The Autocafe is an infrastructure building located on the desert, east of Heliport expansion territory. It was added during an update on 09.16.2014 as part of the timed quest called Megapolis Auto Show.[1] This building provides additional points 19px-CapitalPoints.png for World Capital Contest: Rome.

A total of 25 assets are needed to complete construction of the Autocafe. This is equivalent to 25 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.

The foundation of this building was only available to purchase during the period when World Capital Contest: Rome was running.



Autocafe (Level 1)

Autocafe L1
Requires Rewards
  • 25 Megabucks sm or 25 asset gifts
  • 29 (+17) Power sm and 25 (+15) Water sm
  • 4,000 Population Limits population cap (Total: 7,500 Population Limits)
  • 300 Experience sm and 450 19px-CapitalPoints.png when the last asset is placed
  • 250 Coin sm, 200 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 8 Experience sm every 2 hours
    Coins per Minute: 2.08 Coin sm
    XP per Minute: 0.07 Experience sm
  • Access to Exhibition Opening Banquet contract at the Expocenter
  • Can be sold for 11,000 Coin sm
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Plasma Panels Asset Plasma Panels x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Scaffolding Cover Asset Scaffolding Cover x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Steel Cables Asset Steel Cables x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Stone Blocks Asset Stone Blocks x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Welding Machine Asset Welding Machine x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm


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