Quest Best City on Earth
Quest City of the Young
Quest Real Wedding
Quest Business before Pleasure
Best City on EarthCity of the YoungReal WeddingBusiness before Pleasure


The Best City on Earth quest unlocks once the following condition has been met:

  • Level 13


A city cannot become a real tourist draw without a Five-Star Hotel.
Building Five Star Hotel Build a Five Star Hotel:Costs: at Level 15, 30,000 Coin sm or 5 Megabucks sm, 3 Power sm and 1 Water sm
Gives: 60 Experience sm upon completion, then 12 Experience sm and 40 Population sm every hour.
Decoration Green Park Buy and set up a Green Park (from Decorations):Costs: 12,000 Coin sm
Gives: 45 Experience sm and 480 Population Limits cap increase upon completion.


WELL DONE! Now, your city will attract more tourists from all over the world.

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