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Bridge L0
Plot Fixed
Cost 50,000 15px-Coin_sm.png
10 15px-Power_sm.png
-- 15px-Water_sm.png
Provides 90 15px-Experience_sm.png
Population limit:

unknown 22px-Population_Limits.png

No periodic benefit
Construction Varies
Bridge Initial

The Bridge is a fixed location, just west of the starting game zone center, across the river. It can be upgraded one level, granting an increase to the Population Cap. It is considered one of the easiest construction projects to begin with.

A total of 12 assets are needed to complete construction of the Bridge. This is equivalent to 12 15px-Megabucks_sm.png if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.
Bridge Artwork

Quests and Achievements

Involved in the Bridge Builder achievement.


Requires Rewards
  • 12 15px-Megabucks_sm.png or 12 asset gifts
  • ?? 15px-Power_sm.png and ?? 15px-Water_sm.png
  • Adds 22px-Population_Limits.png to the Population Cap (Total: 8,500 22px-Population_Limits.png )
  • 150 15px-Experience_sm.png

Asset Image Amount Cost
Cords Asset Cords x 6 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
Concrete Blocks Asset Concrete Blocks x 4 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
Iron Beams Asset Iron Beams x 2 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png

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