Quest Central Bus Station (Quest)
Quest From the City to Suburbia!
Quest Public Transport Control
Central Bus Station (Quest)From the City to Suburbia!Public Transport Control


The Central Bus Station (Quest) quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:


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Bus Station L3 Build a Central Bus Station (Level 3)
Costs: 140 assets or 200 Megabucks sm, 35 Power sm and 15 Water sm
10 x Granite Slabs Asset Granite Slabs
20 x Automated Barrier Gate Asset Automated Barrier Gate
20 x Escalators Asset Escalators
30 x Air Conditioning System Asset Air Conditioning System
30 x Satellite Communication System Asset Satellite Communication System
30 x Centralized Traffic System Asset Centralized Traffic System
Gives: 750 Experience sm, 8,000 Population Limits cap increase, +3 15px-Icon_engineer_small.png limit, +4 bus limit (10 total) upon completion
80px Research the Suburban Bus Design (Intercity Bus Design) (?) at the Design Firm
Interior (Level 2)
Discs (Level 2)
Body (Level 3)
Chassis (Level 3)


Great work! Continue construction and you'll have the best bus station in the world.
  • XP Reward: 340 Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: 8,000 Coin sm