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Christmas Market Background

Christmas Market
Quest Christmas Market

Build and Upgrade:


Christmas Market is a Rocky Mountains Timed Quest in which the player has 192 hours to build and upgrade a total of 3 new fixed structures with assets leading up to Christmas related rewards. It was released as part of an update on 12.19.2014.[1]

Character Winter Male

"Organize a medieval Christmas market in Megapolis! Build a Christmas Square, Ice Rink, Tree Decorations Workshop, Merchants' Guildhall, Christmas Goose Tavern and Caramel Christmas candy store!"

"Christmas is coming. You need to prepare the city for this wonderful holiday! In Europe, people used to set up Christmas markets in town squares at Christmas time. Your citizens suggest doing the same in Megapolis."

"The residents beg the mayor: build a market"

"To hold a Christmas market, you're going to need a large square. You also need to build an Ice Rink, the Merchants' Guildhall, the medieval Christmas Goose tavern and the Caramel Christmas candy store."


Depending on how one plays the game, this quest may require approximately Megabucks sm total (for assets) and Coin sm (for contracts, buildings and foundation purchases) to complete fully.

Christmas's Gift

Christmas Day Start Gift

At the beginning of this timed quest in addition to the "Megapolis News", all players received a prompt wishing them a "Merry Christmas!" and some gifts from Social Quantum.

"The residents of Megapolis wish you luck and inspiration! Maybe these little presents will help you tackle some bold, ambitious projects.
• 5 x Christmas Tree Ornaments Asset Christmas Tree Ornaments
• 5 x Christmas Boxes Asset Christmas Boxes
3 Megabucks sm
1,000 Experience sm
50,000 Coin sm

Stage 1 - A Christmas Visit

You need some inspiration to create an authentic holiday atmosphere in the big city. Look for inspiration in the Rocky Mountains!


Visit the Rocky Mountains before you start preparing for Christmas.
Visit Rocky Mountains 2 Go to the Rocky Mountains


Perfect! Now you're in a real winter mood. Time to get ready for Christmas!
  • 100 Experience sm
  • 300 Coin sm

Stage 2 - Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming. You need to prepare Megapolis for this wonderful holiday!


In Europe, people used to set up Christmas markets in town squares at Christmas time. Let's do the same!
Building Big Family House Start building a Big Family House
Costs: 9,000 Coin sm, 5 Power sm and 3 Water sm
Gives: 36 Experience sm, then 45 Population sm and 3 Experience sm every 30 minutes


You started preparing to organize a Christmas market. Finish your preparations and you'll get a worthy reward!
  • 150 Experience sm
  • 500 Coin sm

Stage 3 - Christmas Square

To hold a Christmas market, you're going to need a large square. Build one!


Start building a Christmas Square in Megapolis and don't forget to provide it with electricity.
Christmas Square Construction Buy a Christmas Square Foundation
Costs: 7,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm, 10 Power sm and 6 Water sm
Gives: 200 Experience sm, 200 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 2,200 Population Limits cap increase
Resbuilding Wind Turbine Start building a Windmill
Costs: 10,000 Coin sm
Gives: 40 Experience sm and 30 Power sm increase upon completion
Resbuilding Solar Power Plant Begin building a solar power plant
Costs: 15,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 60 Experience sm and 50 Power sm increase upon completion


As a reward for completing tasks, you receive building materials for the Christmas Square. Hurry up and use them!
  • 200 Experience sm
  • 1,100 Coin sm
  • 5 x Sleds Asset Sleds

Stage 4 - An Ice Rink for Christmas

Organize more authentic winter activities in your city. Build an Ice Rink, for example.


Build a Christmas Square, start building an Ice Rink and decorate your city with tall trees.
Christmas Square L1 Build a Christmas Square
5 x Christmas Boxes Asset Christmas Boxes
5 x Sleds Asset Sleds (from Stage 3 above)
Gives: 300 Experience sm, 500 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 3,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to Christmas Square Lighting contract at the Christmas Square
Ice Rink Construction Buy an Ice Rink Foundation
Costs: 12,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm, 17 Power sm and 12 Water sm
Gives: 340 Experience sm, 150 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 2,700 Population Limits cap increase
Decoration Poplar Plant 3 Poplars
Costs: 1,000 Coin sm
Gives: 4 Experience sm and 100 Population Limits cap increase each upon completion


Great work! Christmas is getting closer and your city is becoming more and more beautiful. Tell your friends!
  • 300 Experience sm
  • 1,700 Coin sm

Stage 5 - Merchants' Guildhall

Decorate Megapolis with antique fairytale buildings and structures for Christmas!


Buy and build a Merchants' Guildhall in Megapolis. You'll get building materials as a reward.
Ice Rink L1 Build an Ice Rink Frame
5 x Geotextiles Asset Geotextiles
3 x Scaffolding Cover Asset Scaffolding Cover
2 x Snow Blocks Asset Snow Blocks
Gives: 410 Experience sm, 550 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 3,600 Population Limits cap increase upon completion
Contract Christmas Square Lighting Complete a Christmas Square Lighting contract
Requires: Christmas Square (Level 1)
Costs: 200 Coin sm and 20 minutes
Gives: 1,000 Coin sm and 7 Experience sm upon completion
Merchants' Guildhall Buy a Merchants' Guildhall
Costs: 155,000 Coin sm or 2 Megabucks sm, 34 Power sm and 20 Water sm
Gives: 900 Experience sm and 60 19px-CapitalPoints.png upon completion, then 1,100 Population sm and 50 Experience sm every 5 hours and access to Christmas Tea Party contract at the Christmas Square


Continue building your Ice Rink. You can find building materials for it in your Storehouse.
  • 350 Experience sm
  • 2,300 Coin sm
  • 5 x Thermos of Tea Asset Thermos of Tea

Stage 6 - Caramel Christmas

What's the most important part of a celebration? Even children know the answer to this one: Happiness and tasty candy!


Finish building the Ice Rink, buy the Caramel Christmas candy store and hold a tea party!
Ice Rink L2 Build an Ice Rink
8 x Christmas Music CDs Asset Christmas Music CDs
4 x New Year Flags Asset New Year Flags
6 x Skates Asset Skates
7 x Thermos of Tea Asset Thermos of Tea (5 from Stage 5 above)
Gives: 500 Experience sm, 1,150 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 4,800 Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to Dancing on Ice contract at the Christmas Square
Caramel Christmas Candy Store Buy a Caramel Christmas candy store
Costs: 65,000 Coin sm or 2 Megabucks sm, 21 Power sm and 11 Water sm
Gives: 250 Experience sm, 240 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 6,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion, then 500 Coin sm, 110 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 24 Experience sm every 8 hours
Contract Christmas Tea Party Accept a Christmas Tea Party contract
Requires: Merchants' Guildhall
Costs: 300 Coin sm and 30 minutes
Gives: 1,500 Coin sm and 14 Experience sm upon completion


The Christmas preparation plan is almost half complete. You receive the Christmas Tower as a reward! You can find it in your Storehouse.
  • 450 Experience sm
  • 3,100 Coin sm
  • Christmas Tower
Christmas Tower

Christmas Tower
  • 1x1 Plot
  • 7 Power sm and 4 Water sm
  • 230 Experience sm. 70 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 3,000 Population Limits cap increase
  • 230 Coin sm and 9 Experience sm every 9 hours
    Coins per Minute: 0.43 Coin sm
    XP per Minute: 0.02 Experience sm
  • Access to Christmas Dinner contract at the Christmas Square
  • Can be sold for 12,000 Coin sm

Stage 7 - Medieval Market

You can buy anything you want at an authentic medieval market – from lollipops to warm and cozy scarves.


Reconstruct an authentic medieval market in Megapolis and set up dances on ice!
Christmas Square L2 Build a Medieval Market
9 x Christmas Tree Ornaments Asset Christmas Tree Ornaments
8 x Fir Wreaths Asset Fir Wreaths
7 x New Year Flags Asset New Year Flags
6 x Paving Stones Asset Paving Stones
Gives: 360 Experience sm, 1,500 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 3,700 Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to Christmas Charity Auction contract at the Christmas Square
Tree Decorations Workshop Construction Buy a Tree Decorations Workshop Foundation
Costs: 18,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm, 20 Power sm and 15 Water sm
Gives: 530 Experience sm, 500 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 3,200 Population Limits cap increase
Contract Dancing on Ice Complete a Dancing on Ice contract
Requires: Ice Rink (Level 2)
Costs: 1,800 Coin sm and 2 hours
Gives: 7,800 Coin sm and 70 Experience sm upon completion


Great! Megapolis is becoming more and more beautiful before the holiday. Tell your friends.
  • 550 Experience sm
  • 4,000 Coin sm

Stage 8 - Christmas Goose

Build a medieval tavern in your city and find out what a Christmas lunch was like a few hundred years ago.


Complete all these tasks and you'll receive building materials for the Tree Decorations Workshop as a reward.
Tree Decorations Workshop L1 Build a Tree Decorations Workshop Frame
5 x Aluminum Profile Asset Aluminum Profile
3 x Anchor Bolts Asset Anchor Bolts
8 x Concrete Mixer Asset Concrete Mixer
12 x Floor Slabs Asset Floor Slabs
10 x Holding Angle Asset Holding Angle
10 x Iron Beams Asset Iron Beams
2 x Rebar Asset Rebar
Gives: 620 Experience sm, 1,500 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 3,900 Population Limits cap increase upon completion
Christmas Goose Tavern Buy a Christmas Goose Tavern
Costs: 95,000 Coin sm or 2 Megabucks sm, 30 Power sm and 16 Water sm
Gives: 370 Experience sm, 380 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 9,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion, then 630 Coin sm, 160 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 28 Experience sm every 7 hours and access to Family Lunch contract at the Christmas Square
Contract Christmas Charity Auction Accept a Christmas Charity Auction contract
Requires: Christmas Square: Medieval Market (Level 2)
Costs: 3,400 Coin sm and 3 hours
Gives: 14,600 Coin sm and 122 Experience sm upon completion


Continue construction and you'll make this Christmas the best ever for Megapolis's residents!
  • 650 Experience sm
  • 4,700 Coin sm
  • 10 x Ventilation System Asset Ventilation System

Stage 9 - Christmas Lunch

Christmas is a time of wonders. Build a wonderful Tree Decorations Workshop!


A large holiday approaches. Hurry and finish construction!
Tree Decorations Workshop L2 Build a Tree Decorations Workshop
8 x Channel Asset Channel
12 x Facade Adhesive Asset Facade Adhesive
8 x Glass Asset Glass
13 x Pipes Asset Pipes
11 x Roof Tile Asset Roof Tile
17 x Ventilation System Asset Ventilation System (10 from Stage 8 above)
11 x Welding Wire Asset Welding Wire
Gives: 710 Experience sm, 3,000 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 4,700 Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to Making Signature Decorations contract at the Christmas Square
Contract Family Lunch Complete a Family Lunch contract
Requires: Christmas Goose Tavern
Costs: 5,100 Coin sm and 5 hours
Gives: 22,100 Coin sm and 200 Experience sm upon completion


Great work! Megapolis's residents can't wait for the wonderful holiday you have in store for them!
  • 750 Experience sm
  • 5,700 Coin sm

Stage 10 - Ice Sculpture

Decorate your city with Ice Sculptures – this will make the winter holidays feel extra authentic.


Put an Ice Sculpture on your Ice Rink, make signature tree decorations and send gifts to your friends before the holiday!
Ice Rink L3 Build an Ice Sculpture
13 x Electric Plane Asset Electric Plane
8 x Hammer Asset Hammer
10 x Ice Cutter Asset Ice Cutter
10 x Laser Level Asset Laser Level
11 x Lighting Equipment Asset Lighting Equipment
4 x Perforator Asset Perforator
13 x Scaffolding Asset Scaffolding
7 x Tech Drawing Asset Tech Drawing
9 x Thermos of Tea Asset Thermos of Tea
Gives: 570 Experience sm, 3,150 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 4,500 Population Limits cap increase upon completion, then 430 Coin sm, 240 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 14 Experience sm every 3 hours and access to Christmas Ice Show contract at the Christmas Square
Contract Making Signature Decorations Accept a Making Signature Decorations contract
Requires: Tree Decorations Workshop (Level 2)
Costs: 8,300 Coin sm and 6 hours
Gives: 35,900 Coin sm and 332 Experience sm upon completion
Quest Send Gift Goal Send 3 free gifts


Great work! There's just one step left to complete your preparations for the holiday.
  • 850 Experience sm
  • 6,800 Coin sm
  • 5 x Safety Goggles Asset Safety Goggles

Stage 11 - A Christmas Show

You've done so much to make Christmas in Megapolis a truly wonderful holiday. Hurry and finish your preparations and you'll get a gift!


Finish preparing for Christmas and you'll get the wonderful Castle Mistletoe as a reward.
Tree Decorations Workshop L3 Build an Exhibition Room
7 x Belt Transporter Asset Belt Transporter
2 x Conveyor Belt Asset Conveyor Belt
10 x Facing Plates Asset Facing Plates
11 x Fir Wreaths Asset Fir Wreaths
15 x Luminescent Lamps Asset Luminescent Lamps
7 x New Year Flags Asset New Year Flags
12 x Paint Asset Paint
9 x Painting Equipment Asset Painting Equipment
15 x Safety Goggles Asset Safety Goggles (5 from Stage 10 above)
12 x Socket Asset Socket
Gives: 780 Experience sm, 5,000 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 5,100 Population Limits cap increase upon completion, then 860 Coin sm, 310 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 35 Experience sm every 5 hours
Contract Christmas Ice Show Accept a Christmas Ice Show contract
Requires: Ice Rink: Ice Sculptures (Level 3)
Costs: 12,400 Coin sm and 8 hours
Gives: 53,800 Coin sm and 422 Experience sm upon completion
Quest Raise Taxes Goal Change taxes in Megapolis


The residents of Megapolis are very pleased with the Christmas you organized for them. Build Castle Mistletoe and get a well-deserved title: Secret Santa!
  • 1,000 Experience sm
  • 8,000 Coin sm
  • Castle Mistletoe

Reward - Christmas Market

Castle Mistletoe

Castle Mistletoe
  • 3x3 Plot
  • 59 Power sm and 35 Water sm
  • 1,900 Experience sm, 840 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 26,000 Population Limits cap increase
  • 1,900 Coin sm, 400 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 64 Experience sm every 8 hours
    Coins per Minute: 3.96 Coin sm
    XP per Minute: 0.13 Experience sm
  • Access to Christmas Carols Competition contract at the CONTRACT_BUILDING
  • Can be sold for 103,600 Coin sm

Achievement after Building the Castle Mistletoe

Achievement Secret Santa

"You built Castle Mistletoe and earned a new title: Secret Santa. Tell your friends!"
  • 1,000 Experience sm
  • 30,000 Coin sm
  • 3 Megabucks sm


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Рождественская ярмарка" which translates to "Christmas Market".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 10073382.


  1. SQ Forum: Update 12.19.2014