Quest City Beach
Requires Experience Level 3
Objective(s) Start construction of a beach

Build a level 1 beach

Reward(s) 300 Experience sm 10,000 Coin sm
Prerequisite for Quest/Riviera

Involves building the Beach to Level 3

First Task

  • Start Construction of a Beach
  • Build a Level 1 Beach

Reward : Unknown.



Warm sea, warm sunlight... Not taking advantage of these gifts of nature is a crime, indeed! Your Megapolis needs a vast city beach!

Completion text:

Wonderful! The gorgeous city beach is complete and citizens of the Megapolis rushed towards the sea! Would you like to tell your friends about that?

Shared text upon completion:

Hot Summer
Summer is for swimming and sunbathing, that is why {0} has built a large Beach. Would you like to visit the Megapolis Beach and receive a Bonus? Come over!

Stage ? - Azure Coast

Your Megapolis needs a truly gorgeous beach where all the best people of your city would gather! And it means that you need further improvements!


Build a level 3 beach

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