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City Hall
Building city hall
Plot 2x2 short
Cost At level 8, 25,000 Coin sm
At level 4, 3 Megabucks sm
12 Power sm
Water sm
Provides 180 Experience sm
No periodic benefit
Construction 2hr

Automates Residence Population sm or VAT (coin Coin sm) collection at the cost of salary Salary sm2. Cannot automate contract collection.


Requires 1 Salary sm2 per collection. No Salary, no collections. Automatic collections occur once per second as long as the game client is running. Automatic collections stop when the game client is closed.

Starting in Update/04.02.2013 the wallet has partially replaced the envelope as the Salary icon. Until the old icon is purged from the game, we will continue to use Salary sm2 to represent Salary. Currently the wallet icon is only seen when receiving daily gifts.

Hiring a Tax Collector or Census TakerEdit

City hall dialog
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Players can choose to hire an NPC for 1 Megabucks sm, or can hire neighbors for free. Collections are done by the game client, not by neighbors, even if you hire a neighbor to be a collector. The only advantage of hiring a neighbor is that you are not required to spend the 1 Megabucks sm to activate automatic collections.
  1. City hall menu
    Jcw391Added by Jcw391
    Select the City Hall
  2. Select Hire from the Dialog window
  3. City Hall Menu appears, select Hire for the role you want hired
  4. Select an NPC and pay the 1 Megabucks sm if you do not have any neighbors who are able to fill the role. Select a neighbor to invite them to perform the job. A neighbor must accept the job before automated collection will begin. TIP: You can invite multiple neighbors to fill the same role by selecting Hire repeatedly and selecting a different neighbor each time. The first neighbor to accept will fill the role and automatic collections will then occur while your game client is running.

TIP: Firing a collector will stop collections for the role terminated. e.g., if you fire the Census Taker, then all Residential collections must be performed manually. This is useful if you are more interested in VAT/Tax than you are in population. You can also fire the Tax Collector and keep the Census Taker if you are more interested in collection residences.

Replenishing SalaryEdit


  1. Select City Hall
  2. Select Hire. City Hall menu will open.
  3. Select Replenish. Wage Fund menu will open.
  4. Select desired amount. Megabucks sm will be deducted if possessed, error will appear otherwise.
Salary purchase
Jcw391Added by Jcw391
Megabuck cost Salary purchased Ratio
Megabucks sm 30 Salary sm2 30:1
Megabucks sm 100 Salary sm2 33:1
Megabucks sm 250 Salary sm2 50:1
Megabucks sm 500 Salary sm2 71:1
10 Megabucks sm 1,000 Salary sm2 100:1
15 Megabucks sm 2,500 Salary sm2 167:1


Q: I was given a 20 Salary sm2, 40 Salary sm2, 50 Salary sm2, 100 Salary sm2 megabuck reward for completing a quest or for daily play, but they weren't added to my account. How do I get my missing megabucks?
A: Salary Salary sm2 and Megabucks Megabucks sm are often confused as they have a similar icon-- but they are not the same icon or the same item.

Q: What happens if I receive Salary rewards without a City Hall?
A: Players are still credited with Salary, but there is no way on Android or iOS clients to verify this until the player builds a City Hall. It is possible to check Salary rewards on Facebook/PC; see the next question. (This was tested by recording current Salary count in City Hall; Demolishing City Hall; Receiving a Salary reward; Building City Hall & checking Salary count.)

seeing salaries on facebook without cityhall
Dead-meatAdded by Dead-meat
Q: If I don't have a City Hall, how do I check how many Salary I have?
A: If you are on Android or iOS clients, you cannot. If you are on Facebook, you can see it; see the image to the right to see where this information is located.

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