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Part of the Monorail Quest Chain.


The Commuter Transport quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:


Ensure the safety of your monorail passengers and complete a new lucrative contract.
Contract Commuter Transport Complete a Commuter Transport contract at the North Station
Costs: 12,500 Coin sm and 8 hours
Gives: 55,000 Coin sm and 160 Experience sm upon completion
Traction Substation L4 Build Lightning-Proof Facilities
Costs: 75 assets or 75 Megabucks sm and 30 Water sm
15 x High-Intensity Lights Asset High-Intensity Lights
15 x Oxygen Tanks Asset Oxygen Tanks
15 x Test Chamber Asset Test Chamber
15 x Insulation Asset Insulation
10 x Anchor Bolts Asset Anchor Bolts
5 x Cement Asset Cement
Gives: 500 Experience sm, 9,000 Population Limits cap increase, 510 Power sm and access to Monorail Maintenance contract at the North Station upon completion


Great work! There's only a little more to do to finish the Monorail.


  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 70792.

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