The Construction Crane is an infrastructure structure located far east of Lowland. It was originally introduced on December 01, 2016 as part of the timed quest called Artificial Gravity.[1]

A total of 100 assets are needed to complete construction of the Construction Crane. This is equivalent to 100 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.



Construction Crane

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Iron BeamsAsset Iron Beams 5x1 Megabucks sm5 Megabucks sm
PaintAsset Paint 5x1 Megabucks sm5 Megabucks sm
10 Assets 10 Megabucks sm

Automated Construction Crane

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Circular SawAsset Circular Saw 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
CordsAsset Cords 8x1 Megabucks sm8 Megabucks sm
CouplingAsset Coupling 14x1 Megabucks sm14 Megabucks sm
Power CableAsset Power Cable 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
Steel CablesAsset Steel Cables 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
Strain GaugeAsset Strain Gauge 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
Tech DrawingAsset Tech Drawing 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Welding WireAsset Welding Wire 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
90 Assets 90 Megabucks sm


Level XP Population Limits Power Water Additional Access
0 500 Experience sm 5,300 Population Limits
18 Power sm
10 Water sm
1 700 Experience sm 15,300 Population Limits
38 Power sm
22 Water sm
2 1,200 Experience sm 30,300 Population Limits
68 Power sm
42 Water sm
Total/Max 2,400 Experience sm 30,300 Population Limits 68 Power sm 42 Water sm


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Строительный кран (translates to Construction crane)
  • ID: 10020759 (construction_crane_place)


  1. SQ Forum: Update 12.01.2016

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