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This information is outdated. A new article is under construction. See Daily Gifts/New.
Ui daily reward

Daily Reward Window; showing 16 days of play and 50 Salary sm2 reward.

For every consecutive day of playing, the player is rewarded with a daily gift. If a player stops playing for 24 hours, or plays continuously for 30 days[1], the counter is reset back to 1 on the next day. However, following the 05.09.2014 update, some rewards continue to increase in the latter case, apparently through up to ten 30-day cycles.

Originally, the rewards included:

As of an update on 05.09.2014, the rewards changed to include:

Gifts that require collection

Mobile Client only

  • Within the "add neighbour" screen there is a daily gift of 1,500 15px-Coin_sm.png that players can click on to receive once every 24 hours.


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