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Quest A New Form of Public Transportation  →  Quest Underground Transportation  →  Quest First Train  →  Quest Delivering Passengers  →  Quest Repairs and Preventive Maintenance  →  Quest One More Station  →  Quest Modernized Train  →  Quest Surface Subway Station (Quest)  →  Quest New Subway Stations  →  Quest Upgraded Train  →  Quest A Perfect Form of Transportation  →  Quest Depot with the Best Trains
A New Form of Public Transportation Underground Transportation First Train Delivering Passengers Repairs and Preventive Maintenance One More Station Modernized Train Surface Subway Station (Quest) New Subway Stations Upgraded Train A Perfect Form of Transportation Depot with the Best Trains


The Depot with the Best Trains quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:


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80px Have seven trains in your depot
Requires: Purchase of corresponding Service Platforms and Tunnel Entrances and completion of other prerequisite buildings
Costs: 125,000 Coin sm or 2 Megabucks sm each
Subway Train L5 Upgrade the A train to the Amtrak class
Requires: Upgrade A train from New Jersey class to Portland class and completion of other prerequisite buildings(?)
Costs: 120 assets or 155 Megabucks sm, Power sm and Water sm
20 x Radiolocation System Asset Radiolocation System
20 x Steel Sheets Asset Steel Sheets
15 x Plasma Panels Asset Plasma Panels
15 x Diesel Generator Asset Diesel Generator
10 x Channel Asset Channel
10 x Plastic Seat Asset Plastic Seat
10 x Anchor Bolts Asset Anchor Bolts
10 x Glass Asset Glass
10 x Air Conditioning System Asset Air Conditioning System
Gives: Access to Amtrak Train Contracts (VII)
Contract Weekend Schedule (VII) Complete ten runs on the Weekend Schedule (VII) (contract at the Subway Train (Amtrak))
Costs: Coin sm based on station multipliers and 12 hours each
Gives: Coin sm and Experience sm based on station multipliers each upon completion


Enter the message sent to neighbors upon quest completion.
  • XP Reward: Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: Coin sm


  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 70622.

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