Environmental Research Center (Foundation)
Environmental Research Center Construction
Plot Fixed
Cost 60,000 Coin sm
1 Megabucks sm
15 Power sm
10 Water sm
Provides 200 Experience sm
Population limit:

3,000 Population Limits

No periodic benefit
Construction Instant
Environmental Research Center Initial

The Environmental Research Center is a production building located on the north west of the Riverside expansions territory. It was added during an update on 09.26.2014 as part of the timed quest called Green Energy.[1]

A total of 125 assets are needed to complete construction of the Environmental Research Center. This is equivalent to 137 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.
Environmental Research Center Artwork

Quests and Achievements




Environmental Research Center: Contracts
NameCostCoin smDurationRewardCoin smXPExperience smCoinsCoin sm/MinuteXPExperience sm/MinuteRequirements
Contract Chemical Analysis of Air
Chemical Analysis of Air
1,150 Coin sm10 minutes 12 seconds1,700 Coin sm5 Experience sm53.92 Coin sm0.49 Experience smEnvironmental Research Center (Level 1)
Contract Preparing Seedlings for Planting
Preparing Seedlings for Planting
1,400 Coin sm30 minutes2,700 Coin sm15 Experience sm43.33 Coin sm0.50 Experience smMegapolis Greening Department (Level 1)
Contract Vertical Greening
Vertical Greening
1,800 Coin sm2 hours7,900 Coin sm71 Experience sm50.83 Coin sm0.59 Experience smVertical Forest Hotel (Level 1)
Contract Studying Anthropogenic Impact
Studying Anthropogenic Impact
4,500 Coin sm4 hours19,400 Coin sm169 Experience sm62.08 Coin sm0.70 Experience smEnvironmental Research Center: Laboratory (Level 2)
Contract Introducing Energy-Saving Technologies
Introducing Energy-Saving Technologies[c 1]
9,300 Coin sm9 hours40,200 Coin sm340 Experience sm57.22 Coin sm0.63 Experience smSolar Ark
Contract Training Energy Experts
Training Energy Experts
6,200 Coin sm6 hours36,800 Coin sm340 Experience sm85.00 Coin sm0.94 Experience smEnvironmental Research Center: Expansion (Level 3)
Contract International Green Energy Summit
International Green Energy Summit
13,000 Coin sm8 hours56,200 Coin sm450 Experience sm90.00 Coin sm0.94 Experience smVertical Forest Hotel: Second Building (Level 2)
Contract Experiments in Solar Power
Experiments in Solar Power[c 2]
13,400 Coin sm8 hours58,100 Coin sm480 Experience sm93.13 Coin sm1.00 Experience smExperimental Solar Power Plant

  1. Special Contract: 6 friends may assist, increasing reward by 400 Coin sm each; they receive 400 Coin sm each.
  2. Special Contract: 8 friends may assist, increasing reward by 500 Coin sm each; they receive 500 Coin sm each.

Environmental Research Center (Level 1)

Environmental Research Center L1
Requires Rewards
  • 10 Megabucks sm or 10 asset gifts
  • 25 (+10) Power sm and 20 (+10) Water sm
  • 3,500 Population Limits population cap (Total: 6,500 Population Limits)
  • 400 Experience smwhen the last asset is placed
  • Access to Chemical Analysis of Air contract above
  • Can be sold for 12,000 Coin sm
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Bricks Asset Bricks x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Cement Asset Cement x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm

Environmental Research Center: Laboratory (Level 2)

Environmental Research Center L2
Requires Rewards
  • 35 Megabucks sm or 35 asset gifts
  • 37 (+12) Power sm and 30 (+10) Water sm
  • 5,500 Population Limits population cap (Total: 12,000 Population Limits)
  • 500 Experience sm when the last asset is placed
  • Access to Studying Anthropogenic Impact contract above
  • Can be sold for 12,000 Coin sm
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Aerator Asset Aerator x 8 1 Megabucks sm 8 Megabucks sm
First-Aid Kit Asset First-Aid Kit x 7 1 Megabucks sm 7 Megabucks sm
Microscope Asset Microscope x 12 1 Megabucks sm 12 Megabucks sm
Research Equipment Asset Research Equipment x 8 1 Megabucks sm 8 Megabucks sm

Environmental Research Center: Expansion (Level 3)

Environmental Research Center L3
Requires Rewards
  • 92 Megabucks sm or 80 asset gifts
  • 52 (+15) Power sm and 42 (+12) Water sm
  • 6,000 Population Limits population cap (Total: 18,000 Population Limits)
  • 800 Experience sm when the last asset is placed
  • Access to Training Energy Experts contract above
  • Can be sold for 12,000 Coin sm
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Disinfection System Asset Disinfection System x 13 1 Megabucks sm 13 Megabucks sm
Ion Exchange Filter Asset Ion Exchange Filter x 12 2 Megabucks sm 24 Megabucks sm
Lawn Trellises Asset Lawn Trellises x 14 1 Megabucks sm 14 Megabucks sm
LEDs Asset LEDs x 18 1 Megabucks sm 18 Megabucks sm
Underground Reservoirs Asset Underground Reservoirs x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Ventilation System Asset Ventilation System x 13 1 Megabucks sm 13 Megabucks sm


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