Equestrian Sports BeginningEquestrian Sports Completion


Megapolis residents are asking you to build a racecourse. After all, equestrian sports are good for health, and they are on the list of Olympic sports.
Racecourse Construction Buy the Racecourse foundation
Costs: 250,000 Coin sm or 5 Megabucks sm, 30 Power sm and 15 Water sm
Gives: 800 Experience sm and 10,000 Population sm cap increase
Racecourse L1 Finish construction of the Racecourse frame
Costs: 85 Assets or 95 Megabucks sm, 60 Power sm and 25 Water sm
Gives: Experience sm, 70,000 Population sm, and 4,600 Coin sm every 6 hours


A great start! Your residents are looking forward to its completion.

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