Quest Equestrian Sports Beginning
Quest Equestrian Sports Completion
Equestrian Sports BeginningEquestrian Sports Completion


The Equestrian Sports Completion quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:


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Racecourse L2 Complete construction of the Racecourse (Level 2)
Costs: 45 assets or 45 Megabucks sm, 15 Power sm and 5 Water sm
10 x Plastic Seat Asset Plastic Seat
10 x Safety Barriers Asset Safety Barriers
10 x Glass Asset Glass
5 x Lighting Equipment Asset Lighting Equipment
10 x Horse Jumping Hurdle Asset Horse Jumping Hurdle
Gives: 1,750 Experience sm and 30,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion, then 4,000 Coin sm and 75 Experience sm every 6 hours
Quest Visit Friends Visit 3 neighbors


Great work! Now everyone in Megapolis can go in for equestrian sorts, as well as watch the races.
  • XP Reward: 160 Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: 4,000 Coin sm