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Reliable and modern equipment is the key to success. Upgrade your Ore Mining Equipment.



Build the Ore Dressing Plant and excavate mine soil with explosives. It's the most effective way to excavate rocky deposits.
Mining Office L2 Excavate mine soil with explosives
(Build up to Level 3 of Mining Office)
02 x Assembly Diagram Asset Assembly Diagram
20 x Insulation Asset Insulation
15 x Iron Beams Asset Iron Beams
16 x Lighting Equipment Asset Lighting Equipment
10 x Turnstiles Asset Turnstiles
15 x Ventilation System Asset Ventilation System
14 x Water Cooler Asset Water Cooler
Gives: 30 Mining Resource Coal Coal, 30 Mining Resource Ore Ore and 19,200 Coin sm max storage upon completion
Ore Mining Equipment L2 Upgrade Ore Mining Equipment to Sorting Equipment Set
01 x Assembly Diagram Asset Assembly Diagram
05 x Fuel Tablets Asset Fuel Tablets
10 x LEDs Asset LEDs
10 x Loudspeaker Asset Loudspeaker
15 x Safety Barriers Asset Safety Barriers
10 x Surveillance Systems Asset Surveillance Systems
10 x Versatile Bucket Asset Versatile Bucket
10 x Warning Signs Asset Warning Signs
Gives: 1,200 Experience sm, 15 Mining Resource Ore Ore/hour and 9,650 Coin sm/hour productivity increase upon completion
Iron Ore Industrial Center L2 Build the Ore Dressing Plant in the Iron Ore Industrial Center
17 x Cargo Container Asset Cargo Container
12 x Channel Asset Channel
01 x Detailed Diagram Asset Detailed Diagram
08 x Plastic Panels Asset Plastic Panels
13 x Voltage Regulator Asset Voltage Regulator
Gives: 1,950 Experience sm; 60 Mining Resource Ore Ore and 38,400 Coin sm max storage upon completion


Your efforts haven't gone to waste! As a reward, you receive coins and building materials. Use them wisely!


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Взрывной эффект" which translates to "The explosive effect".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 74045.