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Been playing Megapolis for about 6-8 weeks, don't have any neighbours apart from the 3 they give you. I was on about Level 36, spent about $50 already, last night I bought 400 Megs for $20, made the game bigger twice, and was moving things around, I so  Enjoy this game. But on my iPad it is small and giving me a headache, so went to settings and clicked on the facebook, thinking this would connect me to my facebook so I could play in on my laptop. BIG MISTAKE. I lost my game, and it opened a new one on my laptop. Went back to my iPad and YEP my game was gone and a new one in its place. <NOW I HAVE A BIGGER HEADACHE> WHo do I contact, having spent money on the game and still have 350 megs plus Coins. I am so Angry. Please can someone explain what I have to do to get it back

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