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In ecological terms, natural gas is considered the cleanest type of organic fuel.



Start extracting gas in the Industrial Complex – build the Gas Production Complex.
Gas Production Complex Construction Lay the Gas Production Complex Foundation
Costs: 320,000 Coin sm or 1 Megabucks sm
Gives: 500 Experience sm upon completion
Gas Production Complex L1 Build the Gas Production Complex
18 x Flexible Hoses Asset Flexible Hoses (5 from Kutang Bridge quest)
10 x Gas Filter Asset Gas Filter (3 from Kutang Bridge quest)
17 x Reservoir Asset Reservoir (5 from Kutang Bridge quest)
15 x T-beam Asset T-beam
10 x Voltage Regulator Asset Voltage Regulator
Gives: 1,000 Experience sm, 4 Mining Resource Gas Gas/hour and 2,566 Coin sm/hour productivity increase and 40 Mining Resource Gas Gas and 25,600 Coin sm max storage upon completion


Your efforts haven't gone to waste! Take some building materials as a reward. Use them wisely!


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Газодобывающий комплекс" which translates to "Gas production complex".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 74056.