Historical Institute (Construction)
Historical Institute Construction
Plot 2x4 short
Cost 30,000 Coin sm
3 Megabucks sm
6 Power sm
4 Water sm
Provides 160 Experience sm
Population limit:

2,100 Population Limits

No periodic benefit
Construction Instant

The Historical Institute is a production building added during an update on 08.16.2013 as part of History Comes to Life timed quest.

As with all construction projects, there is a choice between waiting, and receiving gifts via neighbors, or buying any/all required assets with megabucks Megabucks sm. A total of 20 assets are needed to complete construction of the Historical Institute; this equates to 20 Megabucks sm if you were to buy every asset.

Quests and Achievements



Historical Institute: Contracts
Name Cost Coin sm Time Reward Coin sm XP Experience sm Coins Coin sm/Minute XP Experience sm/Minute Requirements
Contract Studying Paleographic Sources
Studying Paleographic Sources
3,700 Coin sm 2 hours 5,100 Coin sm 50 Experience sm 11.70 Coin sm 0.40 Experience sm Historical Institute
Contract Stratigraphic Research
Stratigraphic Research
5,600 Coin sm 4 hours 9,200 Coin sm 65 Experience sm 15 Coin sm 0.30 Experience sm Swallow's Nest
Contract Geochronological Research
Geochronological Research
6,450 Coin sm 4 hours 10,400 Coin sm 75 Experience sm 16.50 Coin sm 0.30 Experience sm Chillon Castle
Contract Thermoluminescent Dating
Thermoluminescent Dating
7,700 Coin sm 8 hours 18,100 Coin sm 150 Experience sm 21.70 Coin sm 0.30 Experience sm Pena National Palace
Contract Construction Method Reconstruction
Construction Method Reconstruction
8,000 Coin sm 6 hours 14,600 Coin sm 90 Experience sm 18.30 Coin sm 0.30 Experience sm Austrian Manor
Contract Organizing the Historical Reconstruction Festival
Organizing the Historical Reconstruction Festival[c 1]
8,300 Coin sm 12 hours 24,500 Coin sm 180 Experience sm 22.50 Coin sm 0.30 Experience sm Neuschwanstein Castle
Contract Creating a Holographic Castle Model
Creating a Holographic Castle Model
10,300 Coin sm 6 hours 17,500 Coin sm 110 Experience sm 20 Coin sm 0.30 Experience sm Schloss Drachenburg
Contract Shooting a Historical Documentary Series
Shooting a Historical Documentary Series[c 2]
11,000 Coin sm 12 hours 29,000 Coin sm 200 Experience sm 25 Coin sm 0.30 Experience sm Casa Loma Castle
  1. Special Contract: 3 friends may assist, increasing reward by 200 Coin sm each; they receive 50 Experience sm each.
  2. Special Contract: 4 friends may assist, increasing reward by 300 Coin sm each; they receive 50 Experience sm each.

Historical Institute (Level 1)

Historical Institute L1
Requires Rewards
  • 20 Megabucks sm or 20 asset gifts
  • 10 (+4) Power sm and 10 (+6) Water sm

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Glass Asset Glass x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Research Equipment Asset Research Equipment x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Photoelectric Doors Asset Photoelectric Doors x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Concrete Slabs Asset Concrete Slabs x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm

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