Hotel Azure
Building Hotel Azure
Plot 1x2
Cost Coin sm
Megabucks sm
40 Power sm
24 Water sm
Provides 2,200 Experience sm
1,600 Population sm and 80 Experience sm
every 9 hours
Construction 14 hour

The Hotel Azure is a residential building.

Building can be purchased for 2 Megabucks sm at level 10 or for 320,000 Coin sm at Level 20. It will require plot of size 1x2, and takes 14 hours to build.

The Hotel Azure was added with the 03.19.2013 update.



  • The image dislayed is the second version of the building.
  • Prior to a recent update (date unknown), older utility stats 20 Power sm, 7 Water sm with periodic rewards decreasing from 20hrs to 9hrs, constXP increasing from 850 Experience sm to 2,200 Experience sm

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