In Search of Treasure! is an event introduced on 02.17.2015



The system of this event is still unknown. If you know anything, please comment.

In search of treasure!

Invest in expeditions, find artifacts and exchange them for Megabucks!

Invest in available expeditions and get guaranteed Megabucks!

After you complete all the expeditions, you'll have the opportunity to unlock the next three!

Treasure List

Treasure Name Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4
Abandoned Mine Conduct excavations in the mine Explore the mine Cut a new mineshaft Find the secret room
Arctic Expeditions Explore an ocean liner wreck Explore Arctic caves Study the traces of a civilization Dive into a sinkhole lake
Bedouin Secrets Explore sand dunes Find traces of a caravan Investigate the secret oasis Explore an abandoned camp
Ice of Antarctica Investigate a ruined trading post Visit a Sami village Record local legends Complete a journey to the pole
Lost Ships Explore the sea floor Find sunken ships Examine an old frigate Find the Captain's cabin
Mariana Trench Explore the outskirts of the Mariana Trench Explore the Mariana Islands Send a submersible to the depths Dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench
Outskirts of Texcoco Find an ancient Aztec city Explore ruined Aztec villages Study the Aztec pyramids Find Aztec treasure
Pirate Atolls Investigate a pirate bay Explore sunken ships Find pirate hideouts Find treasure sites
Treasures of the Pharaohs Explore the ancient pyramids Conduct excavations Investigate an ancient burial ground Open an ancient treasure trove
Viking Lands Study a Viking village Research Viking ships Investigate Viking burial mounds Follow in seafarers' footsteps
Volcanic Activity Visit the eruption site Explore a ruined settlement Investigate a volcanic cave Descend into the volcanic crater
Wild Tribes Study tribal life Study tribal language Study tribal traditions Research inter-tribal relations
All expeditions in this set have been completed.

Pricing Rate

PC Rates Mobile Rates
Treasure 1 Price Treasure 2 Price Treasure 3 Price Treasure 1 Price Treasure 2 Price Treasure 3 Price
Expedition Income: 70 Megabucks sm
110 Megabucks sm
150 Megabucks sm
230 Megabucks sm
400 Megabucks sm
600 Megabucks sm
250 Megabucks sm
450 Megabucks sm
750 Megabucks sm
1,300 Megabucks sm
1,700 Megabucks sm
2,900 Megabucks sm
Unlocking Price (USD): $ 9.99 $ 19.99 $ 49.99 $ 19.99 $ 49.99 $ 99.99
Unlocking Price (GBP): £ 5.99 £ 14.99 £ 29.99 £ ----- £ ----- £ -----
Unlocking Price (CAD): $ 9.99 $ 19.99 $ 49.99 $ ----- $ ----- $ -----
Unlocking Price (HKD): $ 78.30 $ 156.67 $ 391.81 $ ----- $ ----- $ -----

Profitable Rewards

Treasure Name Coin sm Cost Megabucks sm Reward
Outskirts of Texcoco
Treasures of the Pharaohs
First set (Mobile)
1,800 Coin sm 45 Megabucks sm
3,600 Coin sm 90 Megabucks sm
5,400 Coin sm 135 Megabucks sm
7,200 Coin sm 180 Megabucks sm
3,900 Coin sm 130 Megabucks sm
7,800 Coin sm 260 Megabucks sm
11,700 Coin sm 390 Megabucks sm
15,600 Coin sm 520 Megabucks sm
5,800 Coin sm 290 Megabucks sm
11,600 Coin sm 580 Megabucks sm
17,400 Coin sm 870 Megabucks sm
23,200 Coin sm 1,160 Megabucks sm
Outskirts of Texcoco
Treasures of the Pharaohs
First set (PC)
1,210 Coin sm 11 Megabucks sm
2,420 Coin sm 22 Megabucks sm
3,630 Coin sm 33 Megabucks sm
4,840 Coin sm 44 Megabucks sm
2,070 Coin sm 23 Megabucks sm
4,140 Coin sm 46 Megabucks sm
6,210 Coin sm 69 Megabucks sm
8,280 Coin sm 92 Megabucks sm
4,200 Coin sm 60 Megabucks sm
8,400 Coin sm 120 Megabucks sm
12,600 Coin sm 180 Megabucks sm
16,800 Coin sm 240 Megabucks sm

Reward Items

C2M Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins
C2M Ancient Crown

Ancient Crown
C2M Ancient Helmet

Ancient Helmet
C2M Bone Item

Bone Item
C2M Broken Jug

Broken Jug
C2M Chest of Scrolls

Chest of Scrolls
C2M Closed Chest

Closed Chest
C2M Drum Pistol

Drum Pistol
C2M Globe

C2M Golden Bell

Golden Bell
C2M Human Figurine

Human Figurine
C2M Large Bone

Large Bone
C2M Large Emerald

Large Emerald
C2M Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar
C2M Old Clock

Old Clock
C2M Old Military Uniform

Old Military Uniform
C2M Old Vase

Old Vase
C2M Saber

C2M Silver Figurine

Silver Figurine
C2M Stone Figurine

Stone Figurine