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The Lion's Courage quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:

  • List requirements such as level, previous quest completion required, other quest cannot be running, themed event required running, etc.
  • One bullet per requirement
  • Delete irrelevant (instruction) bullets


Copy the quest description to here
IMAGE Build Lion Statue
Costs: 160,000 Coin sm or 1 Megabucks sm
Costs: XX assets or Megabucks sm, Power sm and Water sm
Gives: Experience sm and Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to CONTRACT_NAME at the CONTRACT_BUILDING
Gives: Experience sm and Population Limits cap increase upon completion, then Coin sm and Experience sm every XX hours
Gives: Experience sm and Population sm every XX hours
80px Complete the CONTRACT_NAME contract at the CONTRACT_BUILDING
Costs: Coin sm and XX hours
Gives: Coin sm and Experience sm upon completion
IMAGE Repeat rows until all goals added.


Enter the message sent to neighbors upon quest completion.
  • XP Reward: Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: Coin sm
  • Wage Fund Reward: Salary sm2
  • Population Reward: Population sm
  • Asset Reward: 5 x ASSET 25px
  • Random asset from a pool of possible assets
  • Access to NEXT_QUEST
  • Delete any bullets not relevant

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