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Quest Lost Colossus
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"Solve the mystery of the unusual undersea discovery. Complete all the tasks on time and get an incredible reward!"

Lost Colossus is a Tourist Island Timed Quest in which the player has 192 hours to build and upgrade a total of 4 new fixed structures with assets leading to exclusive rewards. It was released as part of an update on May 16, 2016.[1][2]

"There's been an unbelievable discovery on Tourist Island – the hand of a gigantic statue has appeared above the surface of the sea! What else does the warm south sea hide? It's up to you to find out!"
"The residents are asking the mayor to: solve the mystery"
"Descend beneath the water and find out what secrets the warm south sea hides. Complete all tasks on time and get an amazing reward!"


Lost Colossus Background
Lost Colossus Background


This timed quest requires 480 Megabucks sm (for assets, if purchased) and 1,677,375 Coin sm (for contracts, diagrams, buildings and foundation purchases) in total.

Stage 1 - The Hand

Quest The Hand
"There's been an unbelievable discovery on Tourist Island: the hand of a gigantic statue has appeared right out of the water. What else do the warm southern waters hide? It's up to you to find out!"
"Hurry to Tourist Island to solve the mystery of the amazing undersea discovery."

Visit Tourist Island Go to Tourist Island


A start has been made. Time to start investigating!
  • 150 Experience sm
  • 500 Coin sm

Stage 2 - Hydrological Service

Quest Hydrological Service
"You need to dive to the bottom of the sea to find out what it hides. You need the Hydrological Service to do this."
"Build the Hydrological Service and lay the Restoration Service Foundation."

Restoration Service Construction Lay the Restoration Service Foundation
Costs: 60,000 Coin sm or 5 Megabucks sm
Gives: 100 Experience sm and 10,000 Population Limits
Hydrological Service L0 Start building the Hydrological Service
Costs: 610,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 900 Experience sm, 11,900 Population Limits, access to First Dive contract at Restoration Service and 840 Coin sm, 29 Experience sm every 8 hours


Excellent! Here are some building materials as a reward. Use them wisely!

Stage 3 - Colossus

Quest Colossus
"Historians say that the hand is the top of the ancient Colossus which was lost many years ago. Complete the first dive to confirm this theory!"
"Build the Restoration Service and lay the Colossus Foundation. Complete your first underwater dive."

Restoration Service L1 Build the Restoration Service
05 x 3D Scanners Asset 3D Scanners
05 x Iron Beams Asset Iron Beams
Gives: 200 Experience sm, 23,000 Population Limits and access to Amelioration Works contract at Restoration Service
Colossus Construction Lay the Colossus Foundation
Costs: 67,000 Coin sm or 5 Megabucks sm
Gives: 500 Experience sm and 4,300 Population Limits
Contract First Dive Complete the First Dive contract
Requires: Hydrological Service
Costs: 120 Coin sm and 10 minutes
Gives: 510 Coin sm and 5 Experience sm upon completion


Divers have discovered the ruins of the Colossus in the depths of the sea! Hurry and start the next task to begin restoring it and turning it into a lighthouse!
  • 260 Experience sm
  • 1,500 Coin sm

Stage 4 - Ancient Port

Quest Ancient Port
"Many years ago, there was an ancient sea port on the shores of Tourist Island. Its ruins are now underwater. Take care of its reconstruction!"
"You need to carry out amelioration works to restore the Ancient Port and Colossus. You can't restore them underwater!"

Ancient Port Construction Lay the Ancient Port Foundation
Costs: 62,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 500 Experience sm and 5,000 Population Limits
Contract Amelioration Works Accept the Amelioration Works contract
Requires: Restoration Service
Costs: 345 Coin sm and 30 minutes
Gives: 1,500 Coin sm and 15 Experience sm upon completion


You're doing great! Tell your friends about the exciting task you just completed!
  • 320 Experience sm
  • 2,000 Coin sm

Stage 5 - Temple of Helios

Quest Temple of Helios
"You managed to discover the ruin of the Temple of Helios! It was an amazing palace dedicated to the Sun God."
"Lay the Temple of Helios Foundation and build the Ancient Port Frame and Rhodes Watchtower. Get a great reward for your efforts!"

Temple of Helios Construction Lay the Temple of Helios Foundation
Costs: 58,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 900 Experience sm and 10,000 Population Limits
Ancient Port L1 Build the Ancient Port Frame
05 x Concrete Blocks Asset Concrete Blocks
05 x Granite Slabs Asset Granite Slabs
Gives: 700 Experience sm and 15,000 Population Limits
Rhodes Watchtower Start building the Rhodes Watchtower
Costs: 766,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 900 Experience sm, 11,100 Population Limits, access to Admiring Sea Views contract at Restoration Service and 1,100 Coin sm, 37 Experience sm every 11 hours


Your efforts haven't been in vain! You get a Greek Sphinx as a reward. It's in your Storehouse.
As a fixed building, the Greek Sphinx cannot be stored in the storehouse.

Stage 6 - Blue Seas

Quest Blue Seas
"The sea views of Tourist Island would enchant anyone! See these amazing views from the height of Rhodes Watchtower!"
"Upgrade the Restoration Service to complete the restoration of the Colossus. Then you can enjoy a sea view from the height of the Rhodes Watchtower."

Restoration Service L2 Upgrade the Restoration Service to the Restoration Center
10 x Friend-or-Foe Identification System Asset Friend-or-Foe Identification System
10 x Safety Goggles Asset Safety Goggles
Gives: 300 Experience sm, 40,000 Population Limits and access to Spectral Analysis contract at Restoration Service
Contract Admiring Sea Views Complete the Admiring Sea Views contract
Requires: Rhodes Watchtower
Costs: 710 Coin sm and 1 hour
Gives: 3,100 Coin sm and 32 Experience sm upon completion


You did a great job on this task, and you get building materials as a reward! Want to tell your friends?

Stage 7 - The Art of Restoration

Quest The Art of Restoration (Lost Colossus)
"Restoration is a series of measures aimed at restoring a building. Spectral analysis is one of the most important tools used in this process."
"Build the Main Restoration Complex and carry out a spectral analysis to complete the restoration of the buildings as precisely and correctly as possible."

Restoration Service L3 Upgrade the Restoration Center to the Main Restoration Complex
09 x Excavation Brush Asset Excavation Brush
11 x Microscope Asset Microscope
13 x Light Table Asset Light Table
12 x Luggage Lockers Asset Luggage Lockers
Gives: 500 Experience sm, 60,000 Population Limits and access to Attracting Famous Restoration Experts and Conservation of Buildings contracts at Restoration Service
Contract Spectral Analysis Accept the Spectral Analysis contract
Requires: Restoration Center
Costs: 2,900 Coin sm and 3 hours
Gives: 12,800 Coin sm and 120 Experience sm upon completion


Good job! The citizens of Tourist Island are really inspired by what you're doing, so they give you some free building materials!

Stage 8 - Best Restoration Experts

Quest Best Restoration Experts
"Attract the most famous and experienced restoration experts to restore the Ancient Port and Colossus."
"Restore the frame of the Colossus and attract the most famous restoration experts to help you with this daunting task."

Colossus L1 Build the Colossus Frame
14 x Clay Bricks Asset Clay Bricks
11 x Geotextiles Asset Geotextiles
10 x Hydraulic Jack Asset Hydraulic Jack
12 x Light Concrete Asset Light Concrete
08 x Perforator Asset Perforator
10 x Scaffolding Asset Scaffolding
15 x Supports Asset Supports
Gives: 800 Experience sm and 14,300 Population Limits
Contract Attracting Famous Restoration Experts Complete the Attracting Famous Restoration Experts contract
Requires: Main Restoration Complex
Costs: 6,400 Coin sm and 5 hours
Gives: 27,800 Coin sm and 270 Experience sm upon completion


You completed the task! Don't rest on your laurels, keep building!
  • 650 Experience sm
  • 5,000 Coin sm

Stage 9 - Through the Ages

Quest Through the Ages
"Conservation is a part of the restoration process that ensures that the buildings are kept in their original state for many years."
"Restore the grandiose Temple of Helios. Don't forget to carry out the conservation process so that the temple stays in its original state for many years."

Temple of Helios L1 Build the Temple of Helios
10 x Column Asset Column
08 x Composite Grid Asset Composite Grid
11 x Gypsum Fibreboard Asset Gypsum Fibreboard
13 x Hammer Asset Hammer
12 x Perforator Asset Perforator
14 x Rebar Asset Rebar
12 x Sandstone Asset Sandstone
Gives: 1,200 Experience sm, 28,000 Population Limits, access to Sending a Light Signal contract at Restoration Service and 2,900 Coin sm, 100 Experience sm every 12 hours
Contract Conservation of Buildings Accept the Conservation of Buildings contract
Requires: Main Restoration Complex
Costs: 9,200 Coin sm and 7 hours
Gives: 39,800 Coin sm and 390 Experience sm upon completion


That's the ticket! Keep restoring the Colossus. Use the free building materials you're getting!

Stage 10 - Lighting the Way

Quest Lighting the Way
"Invite your friends to join in with sending a light signal. It'll be very fun and incredibly profitable!"
"The last step in the restoration of the Colossus is turning it into a lighthouse! Once you are done, try to send a light signal to the ships. Don't forget to invite your friends!"

Colossus L2 Build the Colossus
10 x Barrier Tape Asset Barrier Tape
15 x Cords Asset Cords
10 x Gold Leaf Asset Gold Leaf
12 x Grinder Asset Grinder
11 x Pantograph Asset Pantograph
14 x Lighting Equipment Asset Lighting Equipment
15 x Steel Cables Asset Steel Cables
13 x Tech Drawing Asset Tech Drawing
Gives: 1,400 Experience sm, 34,300 Population Limits and 2,900 Coin sm, 100 Experience sm every 10 hours
Contract Sending a Light Signal Complete the Sending a Light Signal contract
Requires: Temple of Helios
Costs: 13,200 Coin sm and 8 hours
Gives: 57,600 Coin sm and 560 Experience sm upon completion


Wonderful! Just one step remains until you finish the restoration! Complete it with flying colors!
  • 870 Experience sm
  • 6,900 Coin sm

Stage 11 - Full Circle

Quest Full Circle
"Complete this task and you’ll get an exciting reward!"
"Complete the restoration of the Ancient Port. Once the work is complete, flood the port area so that ships can enter the harbor again."

Ancient Port L2 Build the Ancient Port
10 x Boat Lift Asset Boat Lift
14 x Cables (Type 2) Asset Cables (Type 2)
08 x Cans Asset Cans
10 x Deep Scanner Asset Deep Scanner
13 x Lifebuoy Asset Lifebuoy
11 x Plate Compactor Asset Plate Compactor
12 x Propeller Asset Propeller
12 x Stone Blocks Asset Stone Blocks
15 x Wave Absorbers Asset Wave Absorbers
Gives: 1,300 Experience sm, 31,000 Population Limits, access to Flooding the Ancient contract at Restoration Service and 3,800 Coin sm, 120 Experience sm every 14 hours
Contract Flooding the Ancient Port Accept the Flooding the Ancient Port contract
Requires: Ancient Port
Costs: 21,500 Coin sm and 10 hours
Gives: 93,500 Coin sm and 840 Experience sm upon completion


You rebuilt the Ancient Port! You receive the Shipping Company as a reward. Tell your friends!


For completing Stage 5

For completing Stage 11

Achievement after getting the Shipping Company
Achievement Restorer of the Sunken Port
"You rebuilt the sunken port and get a new achievement – Restorer of the Sunken Port. Tell your friends!"
  • 30,000 Coin sm
  • 1,000 Experience sm
  • 3 Megabucks sm


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Потерянный Колосс" which translates to "Lost Colossus".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 10076170.


  1. SQ Forum refer the date as May 15, 2016
  2. SQ Forum: Update 05.15.2016