Madison Square Garden
File:Building Madison Square Garden.png
Plot 2x2
Cost Coin sm
Megabucks sm
28 Power sm
12 Water sm
Provides 1,720 Experience sm
Population limit:

30,900 Population Limits

2,760 Coin sm and 97 Experience sm
every 12 hours
Construction 10 hours

Madison Square Garden requires 5 Megabucks sm at Level 25 or 1,440,000 Coin sm at Level 45 and gives an initial 1,720 Experience sm and a 30,900 Population sm cap increase. It uses 28 Power sm, 12 Water sm and takes 10 hours to build.

In return you can collect 2,760 Coin sm every 12 hours.

This building is part of the "Megapolis Main Arena" quest given to the player at UNKNOWN TIME (level ? etc), in conjunction with completing a motorcycle contract at the Household Goods Facility.

The building is based on the Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, U.S.

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