The Maple Island Bridge is an infrastructure structure located far far north of Westside. It was originally introduced on November 07, 2016 as part of the timed quest called Eastern Autumn.[1]

A total of 30 assets are needed to complete construction of the Maple Island Bridge. This is equivalent to 30 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.



Maple Island Bridge Frame

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Granite SlabsAsset Granite Slabs 5x1 Megabucks sm5 Megabucks sm
Tech DrawingAsset Tech Drawing 5x1 Megabucks sm5 Megabucks sm
10 Assets 10 Megabucks sm

Maple Island Bridge

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Hydro InsulationAsset Hydro Insulation 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
SupportsAsset Supports 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
20 Assets 20 Megabucks sm


LevelPopulation LimitsXPPowerWaterAdditional Access
Level 05,000 Population Limits (+5,000)200 Experience sm (+200)10 Power sm (+10)8 Water sm (+8)
Level 113,000 Population Limits (+8,000)600 Experience sm (+400)25 Power sm (+15)18 Water sm (+10)
Level 223,600 Population Limits (+10,600)1,000 Experience sm (+400)54 Power sm (+29)33 Water sm (+15)
Total/Max23,600 Population Limits1,800 Experience sm54 Power sm33 Water sm


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Мост на Остров Кленов (translates to Bridge on Maple Island)
  • ID: 10020727 (bridge_maple_island_place)


  1. SQ Forum: Update 11.07.2016