This is a table of Megabuck Special buildings from July 2017 to December 2017.
For the months January - June of 2017, see 2017-1.
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WST-PT-WBR Set: July 06, 2017
Wargal Saraswati Temple - Paradsinga Temple - Wat Baan Rai                  
Wargal Saraswati Temple Paradsinga Temple Wat Baan Rai
Wargal Saraswati Temple
Paradsinga Temple
Wat Baan Rai
59 Power sm and 45 Water sm 120 Power sm and 100 Water sm 130 Power sm and 120 Water sm
2x3 Plot
3,400 Experience sm and 50,300 Population Limits
3x4 Plot
7,000 Experience sm and 115,000 Population Limits
3x4 Plot
8,300 Experience sm and 126,000 Population Limits
4,000 Coin sm and 100 Experience sm every 10 hours
Coins per Minute: 6.67 Coin sm
XP per Minute: 0.17 Experience sm
13,300 Coin sm and 380 Experience sm every 14 hours
Coins per Minute: 15.83 Coin sm
XP per Minute: 0.45 Experience sm
24,000 Coin sm and 540 Experience sm every 16 hours
Coins per Minute: 25 Coin sm
XP per Minute: 0.56 Experience sm
Can be sold for 657,400 Coin sm Can be sold for 1,694,800 Coin sm Can be sold for 2,750,000 Coin sm

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