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Megapolis Wiki News

Jul 29, 2014: SQ Update

SQ Update: 07.29.2014

HMT-BB-WP Megabucks sm Special Starts (Buildings include London Points WashingtonPoints)

Her Majesty's Theatre
Big Ben
Westminster Palace
New megabuck special begins. Details on the Special Buildings Page

Jul 28, 2014: iOS Update

iOS-HD version updated to 1.92 on iTunes

Jul 25, 2014: SQ Update

SQ Update: 07.25.2014

Also of note:

New artworks for Residential Buildings:
Additional Site News

Welcome to the Unofficial Megapolis Wiki!! This user-created and -maintained website is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Social Quantum. There are no official representatives of the company here and they do not answer questions here. If you would like to contact Social Quantum, please do so directly via their website or post in the Social Quantum Megapolis Forum.

Introduction Edit

Megapolis is a city building game that involves creating your own virtual city by building residential houses, condos, and hotels, developing commercial and municipal infrastructure, engaging in industrial production, providing sufficient water and electricity, expanding your territory, and making your neighbors happy with gifts of building materials to assist them with construction projects. In the early stages, players focus on designing and building their city. In the more advanced stages, the social aspects of the game become more critical as players must obtain building materials from neighbors to complete quests and other construction projects.

Where to Play Edit

The game is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Facebook (requires Flash). It can be played on three platforms: iOS, Android, and PC (requires Flash). At the start of the game, the user chooses between two separate server networks that handle neighbors differently: SQ and Facebook

Getting Started Edit

There are a number of articles below that explain the overall process of the game and offer tips and hints about how to make the most of your Megapolis experience.

UI New
Ren building big
Building Wooden House
Prodbuilding Household Goods Store
Bus Station L3
Shenyang Bank L1
Decoration Oak
Resbuilding Thermal Power Plant
City Expand

Population Limits
Power sm
Water sm
Experience sm
Reputation sm

Coin sm
Megabucks sm
Salary sm2
Wage Fund

Mini contract waiting
Contracts +
All Contracts
Mini under construction
Construction Projects
UI Daily Gift
Quests +
Timed Quests
UI Achievements
Wedding Palace
Unique/Special Buildings
Megabucks sm
Megabuck Specials
Mysterious Chest
Mysterious Chest
Building Stonehenge
Real World Buildings
Asset Pipes
World Capitals

How to

How to Contribute to this Wiki Edit

This wiki depends entirely on contributions from players for its content - please contribute wherever and whenever you can!

Formatting Guidelines Edit

For information about formatting and standardization templates please review the Standardization page for both information and tools to create the standard pages.

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