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  • Elvis has left the building.

    That means no more editing from me.

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  • Please follow the naming Standardization/Images. I'd edited the page so that all the image names followed the standard. You need to be careful with uploading the images. SQ's file naming structure assigns L1 to the construction project, and not what we call 'Level 1'. Your images are all shifted up by one level.


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    • I remember that discussion, and as I said at the time, I don't know how to edit and change the fields on the navigation bar. If it's something you feel is needed then you could have spent time investigating/implementing it. You made some great suggestions on the MediaWiki_talk:Wiki-navigation, it's a shame they weren't taken further. Myself and Jcw have been very busy, so if you'd like something added you might need to actively try and make changes yourself.

      The standardization pages were discussed in a conversation you were part of: Thread:3922. But yes, they should have been made more readily available. If you were unsure, look through some other pages like it to see if there is a standard you should be following. The Beach is a great example, which is why it's at the top of the 'Completed' list on the Construction page. So is Island Hotel. There are a couple of deviations from the standard, because they were created before the standard was agreed upon.

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    • I created {{RequiresStandardization}} so that it can be attached to articles going forward. This can indicate to all contributors where Standardization information lives. I've also updated the Community Portal with a link to the Standardization article & Requires Standardization category.

      I see that emotions are high on this dialog, and I can also see both sides easily (as I'm not involved.) We do need to standardize and we do need to make that information more readily available to contributors.

      Atarpa, please don't feel like you are burdening me with the {{require admin}} requests. That's my job. The only other option (if I don't want to do all the admin work) is to make other people administrators to help out. That will happen eventually and the both of you are important contributors who I would consider for that role.

      I've done what I can to help address your (Wylie's) concerns.

      I certainly hope you (Wylie) will reconsider your decision to quit as a contributor. Your assistance and ideas have been very helpful and welcome.

      If you need to take a break, please feel free to come back at any time. Your assistance will always be welcome.

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