The Military Bases and Military Factories are a type of buildings that produce or store Military Vehicles. There are six types of bases/ factories: land, submarine, air, sea, missile and space

Land Military BaseSubmarine BaseAirbaseNaval BaseMissile BaseMilitary SpaceportClick on base to get more informationMilitary GameMap

World Map showing location of all military complexes
Click or tap on base to get more information

Military Bases

Military Base Storage

Military Vehicles Storage at Land Military Base

Military Bases need to build and upgraded to unlock new prototypes of military vehicles rows and to increase their capacity by earning higher ranks. The military vehicles are always located in or at the corresponding base.

  1. Land Military Base
  2. Submarine Base
  3. Airbase
  4. Naval Base
  5. Missile Base
  6. Military Spaceport

Military Factories

Military Factory Production Queue

Military Vehicles Production Queue at Armored Vehicle Factory

Military Factories need to build and upgraded to unlock new prototypes of military vehicles rows by earning higher ranks. The factories are composed of several Production Blocks (also called "Production Buildings" or "Production Docks") that produce different vehicle rows. Through producing vehicles at the factories military operations can be completed.

  1. Armored Vehicle Factory
  2. Submarine Factory
  3. Military Aircraft Factory
  4. Military Shipyard
  5. Missile Construction Factory
  6. Military Space Factory

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