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Mine stripping is the process of removing the rocky material covering up mineral deposits.



Upgrade your Coal Mining Equipment and carry out overburden removal operations.
Mining Office L2 Perform overburden removal in the mine
(Build up to Level 4 of Mining Office)
14 x Air Extractor Asset Air Extractor
18 x Aluminum Profile Asset Aluminum Profile
03 x Engineering Diagram Asset Engineering Diagram
16 x Granite Slabs Asset Granite Slabs
15 x Hard Hat Asset Hard Hat
15 x Insulation Asset Insulation
12 x Sling Hooks Asset Sling Hooks
10 x Stepladder Asset Stepladder
15 x Tools Asset Tools
05 x Underground Reservoirs Asset Underground Reservoirs
10 x Voltage Regulator Asset Voltage Regulator
Gives: 45 Mining Resource Coal Coal, 45 Mining Resource Ore Ore and 28,800 Coin sm max storage upon completion
Coal Mining Equipment L2 Upgrade Coal Mining Equipment to Upgraded Combination Mining Machinery Set
05 x Access Control System Asset Access Control System
01 x Assembly Diagram Asset Assembly Diagram
10 x LEDs Asset LEDs (3 from Explosive Effect quest)
05 x Plywood Asset Plywood
10 x Safety Barriers Asset Safety Barriers
05 x Surveillance Systems Asset Surveillance Systems
10 x Versatile Bucket Asset Versatile Bucket (3 from Explosive Effect quest)
15 x Warning Signs Asset Warning Signs (3 from Explosive Effect quest)
10 x Windlass Asset Windlass
Gives: 1,200 Experience sm, 12 Mining Resource Coal Coal/hour and 7,734 Coin sm/hour productivity increase upon completion


Great work! Check your Storehouse – a valuable reward awaits you there.


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Вскрышные работы" which translates to "Stripping works".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 74046.