Quest New Horizons (Las Megas)
New Horizons (Las Megas)

You have a unique opportunity to expand Las Megas by building new islands, where beautiful buildings await you!


The New Horizons (Las Megas) quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:


Hurry and visit Las Megas to start unlocking new islands. Don't miss your chance to make even more profit!
Visit Goal 10020137 Go to Las Megas


Great work! Now build a bridge to the first island and find out which stunning buildings await you there!
  • XP Reward: 300 Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: 1,000 Coin sm
  • Asset Reward: 3 x Rebar Asset Rebar


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Новые горизонты" which translates to "New Horizons".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 10020137.
  • This quest was released on 03.06.2015 as part of the Las Megas Island[1] introductory event.

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