The Nuclear Research Center is a production structure that can be placed anywhere in Megapolis Mainland & Rocky Mountains. It was originally introduced on December 12, 2012. It was one of the few Primary Production Building which requires a certain Population Limits for building. A new version of the building was introduced on November 12, 2015 deprecating the old version.


  • Level 20 (Level 32 for previous version) to purchase with Coin sm
  • Level 10 to purchase with Megabucks sm
  • Certain Population Limits capacity for certain copies of the Primary Production Buildings


Nuclear Research Center: Contracts
Name Cost Coin sm Time Reward Coin sm XP Experience sm Coins Coin sm/Minute XP Experience sm/Minute Requirements
Contract Radioisotope Drugs
Radioisotope Drugs[c 1]
7,200 Coin sm 6 hours 16,080 Coin sm 51 Experience sm 24.70 Coin sm 0.10 Experience sm Level 12
Contract Radioactive Transformation of the Nucleus
Radioactive Transformation of the Nucleus[c 2]
8,000 Coin sm 8 hours 22,400 Coin sm 56 Experience sm 30 Coin sm 0.10 Experience sm Level 14
Contract Diagnostic Research Methods
Diagnostic Research Methods[c 3]
11,000 Coin sm 12 hours 27,560 Coin sm 33 Experience sm 23 Coin sm 0 Experience sm Level 16
Contract Fast Neutron Reactors
Fast Neutron Reactors[c 4]
15,000 Coin sm 20 hours 41,400 Coin sm 52 Experience sm 22 Coin sm 0 Experience sm Level 20
  1. Before March 10, 2016, cost was 540 Coin sm for 3 hours, rewards were 5,400 Coin sm and 50 Experience sm, unlocked at Level 10
  2. Before March 10, 2016, cost was 560 Coin sm for 9 hours, rewards were 8,560 Coin sm and 80 Experience sm, unlocked at Level 12
  3. Before March 10, 2016, cost was 6,200 Coin sm for 14 hours, rewards were 16,600 Coin sm and 100 Experience sm, unlocked at Level 15
  4. Before March 10, 2016, cost was 10,100 Coin sm for 22 hours, rewards were 23,000 Coin sm and 130 Experience sm


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: НИЯУ (translates to NRNU)
  • ID: 10412 (srnu_factory)


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