Quest Rail Supply Center
Character Minister of Transport
"The Railroad is a famous landmark and one of the most important modes of transport in Megapolis. Now you can make it even better and more profitable with a collection of unique buildings!"

"The residents beg the mayor: build unique buildings"

"Collect passengers from rail stations and receive unique materials. Use them to construct buildings from the Center of Unique Structures. Your Railroad will become even better!"



The new building from the Center of Unique Structures will help you to bring the Railroad to a new level. Build the Rail Supply Center and see for yourself!
Rail Supply Center L1 Build the Rail Supply Center
Costs: 13,000 Coin sm
01 x Tank Locomotive Card Unique Asset Tank Locomotive Card
Gives: 60 Experience sm upon completion (for purchase), 80 Experience sm (for construction) and 105.50 Coin sm/hour and 5.3 25px-PassengerTrain_sm.png /hour production rate increase (at train stations) upon completion


Station productivity has increased! Your income grows alongside it. Tell your friends!
  • 1,000 Experience sm
  • 10,000 Coin sm
  • 1 Megabucks sm


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Центр снабжения" which translates to "Supply center".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 10076223.
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