The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for buildings available only in Las Megas.

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Al Manara Tower
Al Manara Tower (Night)
Al Manara Tower Dubai, UAE File:RealWorld Al Manara Tower (Night).png
Al-Othman Tower
Al-Othman Tower (Night)
Al Othman Towers Dammam, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Al-Othman Tower (Night)
Albert Hall
Albert Hall (Night)
Royal Albert Hall London, UK
RealWorld Albert Hall (Night)
Angel Square Office Center
Angel Square Office Center (Night)
Wikipedia Logo One Angel Square Manchester, UK
RealWorld Angel Square Office Center (Night)
Apple Exhibition Pavilion
Apple Exhibition Pavilion (Night)
Romanian Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 Shanghai, China
Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Gallery of Alberta (Night)
Art Gallery of Alberta Edmonton, AB, Canada
RealWorld Art Gallery of Alberta (Night)
Atomium (Night)
Atomium Brussels, Belgium
RealWorld Atomium (Night)
Bessborough Castle
Bessborough Castle (Night)
Delta Bessborough Saskatoon, Canada
RealWorld Bessborough Castle (Night)
Big Ben
Big Ben (Night)
Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) London, UK
RealWorld Big Ben (Night)
Big Opera
Paris Opera (Night)
Semperoper Dresden, Germany
RealWorld Paris Opera (Night)
Bugle Bead Hotel
Bugle Bead Hotel (Night)
Le Meridien Beach Plaza Monte Carlo, Monaco File:RealWorld Bugle Bead Hotel (Night).png
Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Eden Project St. Austell, UK File:RealWorld Butterfly Garden (Night).png
Bydgoszcz Granary
Bydgoszcz Granary (Night)
Granary Bydgoszcz, Poland
RealWorld Bydgoszcz Granary (Night)
Calypso Mall
Calypso Mall (Night)
Haas House Vienna, Austria
Canada Post
Canada Post (Night)
Canada Post Tower I Ottawa, Canada File:RealWorld Canada Post (Night).png
Cascade Tower
Cascade Tower (Night)
Menara Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RealWorld Cascade Tower (Night)
Castle Laurier
Castle Laurier (Night)
Fairmont Château Laurier Ottawa, Canada
Center of Modern Art
Center of Modern Art (Night)
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Hong Kong
RealWorld Center of Modern Art (Night)
Central Plaza
Central Plaza (Night)
Central Plaza Hong Kong
Convention & Exhibition center and central plaza at night
Chateau les Fontaines
Chateau les Fontaines (Night)
Chateau les Fontaines Chantilly, France
RealWorld Chateau les Fontaines (Night)
Cherry Mall
Cherry Mall L4
G-Tower Incheon, South Korea
Chowmahalla Palace
Chowmahalla Palace (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad, India File:RealWorld Chowmahalla Palace (Night).png
Cobb Cultural Arts Center
Cobb Cultural Arts Center (Night)
National Academy for the Performing Arts Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Core Pacific Shopping Center
Core Pacific Shopping Center (Night)
Core Pacific City Taipei, Taiwan
8217460546 55fdc0728b z
Crystal Hall
Crystal Hall (Night)
Universiade Sports Center and Bao'an Stadium Shenzhen, China
RealWorld Crystal Hall (Night)
Dalga Office Center
Dalga Office Center (Night)
Dalga Plaza Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Dalga Office Center (Night)
Demirchi Tower
Demirchi Tower (Night)
Demirchi Tower Baku, Azerbaijan File:RealWorld Demirchi Tower (Night).png
Dhanmondi Palace
Dhanmondi Palace (Night)
Jahaj Bari Dhaka, Bangladesh
RealWorld Dhanmondi Palace (Night)
Donaldson School
Donaldson School (Night)
Donaldson School Edinburgh, UK
Drive Game Center
Drive Game Center L4
Herma Parking Building Yongin-Si, South Korea
Dubai Bank Building
Dubai Bank Building (Night)
Bank Melli Iran Dubai, UAE File:RealWorld Dubai Bank Building (Night).png
Dubai Towers
Dubai Towers (Night)
Dubai Towers (proposed) Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Dubai Towers (Night)
Eastern Bazaar
Eastern Bazaar (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Amir Chakhmaq Complex Yazd, Iran File:RealWorld Eastern Bazaar (Night).png
Egoli Hotel
Egoli Hotel (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Johannesburg Sun Tower
(KwaDukuza Egoli Hotel)
Johannesburg, South Africa
RealWorld Egoli Hotel (Night)
Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall
Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall (Night)
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Germany
RealWorld Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall (Night)
Elite Skyscraper
Elite Skyscraper (Night)
Tower Financial Center Panama, Panama
RealWorld Elite Skyscraper (Night)
Emerald Shopping Center
Emerald Shopping Center (Night)
Izumrud Plaza Vladivostok, Russia
RealWorld Emerald Shopping Center (Night)
Emirates Pearl Hotel
Emirates Pearl Hotel (Night)
Emirates Pearl Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE
RealWorld Emirates Pearl Hotel (Night)
Empire State Building
Empire State Building (Night)
Empire State Building New York City, NY, USA
Exotic Garden
Exotic Garden (Night)
Bacardi & Co. Bottling Plant Cuautitlán, Mexico
Embot bacardi expansion 1971
Fairmont Hotel
Fairmont Hotel (Night)
Hotel Vancouver Vancouver, Canada
RealWorld Fairmont Hotel (Night)
Felix Meritis Center for Art
Felix Meritis Center for Art (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Felix Meritis Amsterdam, Netherlands File:RealWorld Felix Meritis Center for Art (Night).png
Fine Arts Palace
Fine Arts Palace (Night)
Fine Arts Palace (Palacio de Bellas Artes) Mexico City, Mexico
RealWorld Fine Arts Palace (Night)
Fountain Place
Fountain Place (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Fountain Place Dallas, TX, USA File:RealWorld Fountain Place (Night).png
Front Street Tower
Front Street Tower (Night)
Wikipedia Logo AT&T Building San Diego, CA, USA File:RealWorld Front Street Tower (Night).png
Gadget Store
Gadget Store (Night)
Park Bulvar Shopping Mall Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Gadget Store (Night)
General Electric Building
General Electric Building (Night)
Wikipedia Logo General Electric Building New York City, NY, USA File:RealWorld General Electric Building (Night).png
Geological Museum
Geological Museum (Night)
Wotruba Church Vienna, Austria
RealWorld Geological Museum (Night)
Getulio Vargas Tower
Getulio Vargas Tower (Night)
Edifício Empresarial Tenco Belo Horizonte, Brazil File:RealWorld Getulio Vargas Tower (Night).png
Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center
Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center L1
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center
Rising Moon Movie Theater of Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center
Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center L2
Rising Moon Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center (Rising Moon)
Food Court of Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center
Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center L3
Golden Moon Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center (Food Court)
Performance Stage of Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center
Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center L4
Super Star Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Goliath Mall and Entertainment Center (Performance Stage)
Glasgow Scientific Center
Glasgow Scientific Center (Night)
Glasgow Science Centre Glasgow, UK
RealWorld Glasgow Scientific Center (Night)
Gran Torre Santiago
Gran Torre Santiago (Night)
Gran Torre Santiago Santiago, Chile
Grand Hotel Atlas
Grand Hotel Atlas L4
Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Grand Hotel Atlas
Grosvenor Hotel
Grosvenor Hotel (Night)
Grosvenor House West Marina Beach Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Grosvenor Hotel (Night)
Hana Bank Building
Hana Bank Building (Night)
Hana Bank Building Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Hana Bank Building (Night)
Hanavsky Pavilion
Hanavsky Pavilion (Night)
Hanavsky Pavilion Prague, Czech Republic
RealWorld Hanavsky Pavilion (Night)
Henderson Center
Henderson Center (Night)
Beijing Henderson Center Beijing, China
Hexagon Skyscraper
Hexagon Skyscraper (Night)
Devon Tower Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Highcliff Skyscraper
Highcliff Skyscraper (Night)
Highcliff Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Highcliff Skyscraper (Night)
Hinter Tower
Hinter Tower (Night)
Etisalat Tower 2 Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Hinter Tower (Night)
Hotel for Championship Attendees
Hotel for Championship Attendees (Night)
Bella Sky Hotel Copenhagen, Denmark
RealWorld Hotel for Championship Attendees (Night)
House of Music
House of Music (Night)
Piano and Violin House Huainan, China
Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool (Night)
Toyota Aizuma Center Toyota, Japan
RealWorld Indoor Pool
Institute of Thermal Engineering
Institute of Thermal Engineering (Night)
Kubuswoningen (Cube houses) Rotterdam, Netherlands
Ito Toren Business Center
Ito Toren Business Center (Night)
Ito-Toren Amsterdam, Netherlands File:RealWorld Ito Toren Business Center (Night).png
Jacobs School of Music
Jacobs School of Music (Night)
East Studio Building of The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Bloomington, IN, USA
RealWorld Jacobs School of Music (Night)
Jakarta Tower
Jakarta Tower (Night)
Regatta Jakarta, Indonesia
Jin Mao Tower
Jin Mao Tower (Night)
Jin Mao Tower Shanghai, China
RealWorld Jin Mao Tower (Night)
John Hancock Tower
John Hancock Tower (Night)
John Hancock Center Chicago, IL, USA
6669285043 2972e5c96f z
Kean University
Kean University (Night)
Kean University Gateway Building Union, NJ, USA File:RealWorld Kean University (Night).png
Ketchaoua Mosque
Ketchaoua Mosque (Night)
Ketchaoua Mosque Algiers, Algeria
Kingdom Tower
Kingdom Tower (Night)
Kingdom Tower Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Kingdom Tower
La Comedie de Bethune Theater
La Comedie de Bethune Theater (Night)
Comedie de Bethune - National Drama Theater Locon, France File:RealWorld La Comedie de Bethune Theater (Night).png
Landmark East Tower
Landmark East Tower (Night)
Landmark East Hong Kong, China
Leader Sports Arena
Leader Sports Arena (Night)
First Direct Arena Leeds, UK
RealWorld Leader Sports Arena (Night)
Liberty Tower
Liberty Tower (Night)
Liberty Tower Abu Dhabi, UAE
RealWorld Liberty Tower
Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden (Night)
Madison Square Garden New York City, NY, USA
Maimun Palace
Maimun Palace (Night)
Maimun Palace Medan, Indonesia File:RealWorld Maimun Palace (Night).png
Marunouchi Building
Marunouchi Building (Night)
JP Tower Tokyo, Japan
Medical University
Medical University (Night)
Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Administration Information Building Suzhou, China
RealWorld Medical University (Night)
Mentmore Towers
Mentmore Towers (Night)
Mentmore Towers Mentmore, UK
Mingyu Financial Plaza
Mingyu Financial Plaza (Night)
Mingyu Financial Plaza Chengdu, China
RealWorld Mingyu Financial Plaza
Mission San Xavier del Bac
Mission San Xavier del Bac (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Mission San Xavier del Bac Tohono O'odham San Xavier Indian Reservation, AZ, USA File:RealWorld Mission San Xavier del Bac (Night).png
Moehlenbrok Hotel
Moehlenbrok Hotel (Night)
Het Witte Huis Rotterdam, Netherlands
RealWorld Moehlenbrok Hotel (Night)
Montserrat Palace
Montserrat Palace (Night)
Montserrate Palace Sintra, Portugal
RealWorld Montserrat Palace (Night)
Montgomery Tower
Montgomery Tower (Night)
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda, MD, USA
RealWorld Montgomery Tower (Night)
Nina Tower
Nina Tower (Night)
Nina Tower Hong Kong
Nina Tower Night
Nox Tower
Nox Tower (Night)
American Radiator Building New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Nox Tower (Night)
Old South Meeting House
Old South Meeting House (Night)
Old South Meeting House Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Old South Meeting House (Night)
One Marina Boulevard
One Marina Boulevard (Night)
Wikipedia Logo One Marina Boulevard Singapore, Singapore File:RealWorld One Marina Boulevard (Night).png
Orbit Hotel
Orbit Hotel (Night)
Hesperia Tower L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain
Osnabrück Business Center
Osnabrück Business Center (Night)
Firmenzentrale Kaffee Partner Osnabrück, Germany
RealWorld Osnabrück Business Center (Night)
Palm Tower
Palm Tower (Night)
Palm Towers Doha, Qatar
RealWorld Palm Tower
Panoramic Tower
Panoramic Tower (Night)
Panoramic Tower Dubai, UAE
Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia City Hall (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Philadelphia City Hall Philadelphia, PA, USA File:RealWorld Philadelphia City Hall (Night).png
Phoenix Concert Hall Building
Phoenix Concert Hall L4
Strasbourg Cathedral Building Strasbourg, France
RealWorld Phoenix Concert Hall Building
Phoenix Concert Hall VIP Box Fuel Station + McDonalds Batumi, Georgia
RealWorld Phoenix Concert Hall
Phoenix Tower
Phoenix Tower (Night)
Dowa Kasai Phoenix Tower Osaka, Japan
Poly International Plaza
Poly International Plaza (Night)
Poly International Plaza Guangzhou, China
RealWorld Poly International Plaza (Night)
Planetarium (Night)
Calakmul Building (La Lavadora) Mexico City, Mexico
RealWorld Planetarium (Night)
Polaris Music Hall
Polaris Music Hall L1
National Centre for the Performing Arts Beijing, China
RealWorld Polaris Music Hall
Poly Plaza
Poly Plaza (Night)
New Beijing Poly Plaza Beijing, China
Price Tower
Price Tower (Night)
Price Tower Bartlesville, OK, USA
4200742298 ec30a1abe7 z
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center (Night)
GE Building , Rockefeller Center New York City, NY, USA
7044647731 67d2fbe4e2 z
Roman Pantheon
Roman Pantheon (Night)
Pantheon Rome, Italy
RealWorld Roman Pantheon (Night)
Royal Melbourne Hotel
Royal Melbourne Hotel (Night)
Crown Metropol Melbourne, Australia
Saturn Tower
Saturn Tower (Night)
Saturn Tower Vienna, Austria File:RealWorld Saturn Tower (Night).png
Shadow Theater
Shadow Theater (Night)
Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest, Romania
RealWorld Shadow Theater (Night)
Shanghai Wheelock Square
Shanghai Wheelock Square (Night)
Shanghai Wheelock Square Shanghai, China
Shibuya Forum
Shibuya Forum (Night)
Audi Forum Tokyo Tokyo, Japan File:RealWorld Shibuya Forum (Night).png
Simona Tower
Simona Tower (Night)
Le Simona Tower Monaco, Monaco File:RealWorld Simona Tower (Night).png
Space Opera House
Space Opera House (Night)
Harbin Opera House Harbin, China
RealWorld Space Opera House (Night)
Sphere Mall and Entertainment Center
Sphere Mall and Entertainment Center L4
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Shanghai, China
RealWorld Sphere Mall and Entertainment Center
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty (Night)
Statue of Liberty Liberty Island, NY, USA
Liberty at night
Strata Tower
Strata Tower (Night)
Strata SE1 London, UK
STRATA-Out of the Night
Supreme Court of Canada
Supreme Court of Canada (Night)
Supreme Court of Canada Ottawa, Canada
Switzerland Office Center
Switzerland Office Center (Night)
Swiss Tower Dubai, UAE
Sydney Town Hall
Sydney Town Hall (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Sydney Town Hall Sydney, Australia File:RealWorld Sydney Town Hall (Night).png
Taipei 101
Taipei 101 (Night)
Taipei 101 Taipei, Taiwan
RealWorld Taipei 101 (Night)
Taipei Media Center
Taipei Media Center (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Hsinchu Taiwan Pavilion Expo Park Hsinchu City, Taiwan File:RealWorld Taipei Media Center (Night).png
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal (Night)
Taj Mahal Agra, India
RealWorld Taj Mahal (Night)
The Cube
The Cube (Night)
The Cube Birmingham, UK
RealWorld The Cube (Night)
Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo
Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo (Night)
Thermes Marins de Monte-Carlo Monte-Carlo, Monaco File:RealWorld Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo (Night).png
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace (Night)
Fushimi-Yagura Watch Tower at Imperial Palace Tokyo, Japan File:RealWorld Tokyo Imperial Palace (Night).png
Tokyo Opera City Tower
Tokyo Opera City Tower (Night)
Tokyo Opera City Tower Tokyo, Japan
Torre del Agua Exhibition Center
Torre del Agua Exhibition Center (Night)
Water Tower Zaragoza, Spain
250px-Expo 2008 zaragoza torre del agua
Tower of Hercules
Tower of Hercules (Night)
Torres de Hercules Cadiz, Spain
RealWorld Tower of Hercules (Night)
Valencia Planetarium
Valencia Planetarium (Night)
L'Hemisfèric at the City of Arts and Sciences Valencia, Spain
Vanke Sales Center
Vanke Sales Center (Night)
Vanke Sales Center Zhengzhou, China
Viennese Gasometer
Viennese Gasometer (Night)
Gasometer Vienna, Austria
RealWorld Viennese Gasometer (Night)
Willis Tower
Willis Tower (Night)
Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) Chicago, IL, USA
Wujin Lotus Conference Center
Wujin Lotus Conference Center (Night)
Wujin Lotus Conference Center Wujin, China
RealWorld Wujin Lotus Conference Center (Night)
Yoyogi National Gymnasium
Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Yoyogi National Gymnasium Tokyo, Japan File:RealWorld Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Night).png
Zenith Tower
Zenith Tower (Night)
Zenith Towers Busan, South Korea
RealWorld Zenith Tower (Night)
Zhongyuan Tower
Zhongyuan Tower (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Zhongyuan Tower Zhengzhou, Henan province, China
RealWorld Zhongyuan Tower (Night)


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
8 House Residential Complex
8 House Residential Complex (Night)
8 House Ørestad, Denmark File:RealWorld 8 House Residential Complex (Night).png
Ansonia House
Ansonia House (Night)
The Ansonia New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Ansonia House (Night)
Aurora Residential Complex
"Aurora" Residential Complex (Night)
Vorobiovy Gory Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Aurora Residential Complex (Night)
Beijing Grand Hotel
Beijing Grand Hotel (Night)
Celebrity International Grand Hotel Beijing Beijing, China File:RealWorld Beijing Grand Hotel (Night).png
Belltower House
Belltower House (Night)
Rossiya Insurance Company Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Residence with Belltower (Night)
Capital Apartments
Capital Apartments (Night)
Capital Mansion Beijing, China File:RealWorld Capital Apartments (Night).png
Chaoyang Hotel
Chaoyang Hotel (Night)
Parkview Green FangCaoDi Beijing, China File:RealWorld Chaoyang Hotel (Night).png
Chelsea Residential Complex
Chelsea Residential Complex (Night)
Chelsea Tower Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Chelsea Residential Complex (Night)
Claremore Mansion
Claremore Mansion (Night)
Belvidere Mansion Claremore, OK, USA
RealWorld Claremore Mansion
Continental Residential Complex
Continental Residential Complex (Night)
BIIC Tower Manama, Bahrain
RealWorld Continental Compound
Cupola Villa
Cupola Villa (Night)
Dome of a Home Pensacola Beach, FL, USA
Medium doah1
Embassy Apartments
Embassy Apartments (Night)
Embassy House Beijing, China
Fleck-Paterson House
Fleck-Paterson House (Night)
Fleck/Paterson House Ottawa, Canada
Gates of the East Hotel
Gates of the East Hotel (Night)
Mövenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel Dubai Dubai, UAE
Realworld Gates of the East Hotel (Night)
Ginger Hotel
Ginger Hotel (Night)
Old Cliff House San Francisco, CA, USA
RealWorld Ginger Hotel (Night)
Goliath Residential Complex
Goliath Residential Complex (Night)
European Trade Center Tirana, Albania
RealWorld Road Safety Center
Horizon Residential Complex
Horizon Residential Complex (Night)
Infocentrum Paleiskwartier 's- Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Hotel Luxuria
Hotel Luxuria (Night)
Luxuria Condominiums Boca Raton, FL, USA
RealWorld Hotel Luxuria
Hotel Marina Building
Hotel Marina Building (Night)
Marine Building Vancouver, Canada
RealWorld Hotel Marina Building
Hotel "Metropolis"
Hotel "Metropolis" (Night)
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London, England
Hotel Monte Rosa
Hotel Monte Rosa (Night)
Monte Rosa Alpine Hut Monte Rosa, Switzerland
Hotel Moskva
Hotel Moskva (Night)
Hotel Moskva Belgrade, Serbia
RealWorld Hotel Moskva (Night)
Hotel Silken
Hotel Silken (Night)
Hotel Silken Puerta America Madrid Madrid, Spain
Hotel St. Moritz
Hotel St. Moritz (Night)
Badrutt's Palace St. Moritz, Switzerland
Hotel Steckborn
Hotel Steckborn (Night)
Turmhof Steckborn, Switzerland
Humboldt Building
Humboldt Building (Night)
Humboldt Bank Building San Francisco, CA, USA
Hyde Park House
Hyde Park House (Night)
One Hyde Park London, UK
Indonesia House
Indonesia House (Night)
Pagaruyung Palace Batusangkar, Indonesia
RealWorld Indonesia House (Night)
Jin Jiang Tower Hotel
Jin Jiang Tower Hotel (Night)
Jin Jiang Tower Shanghai, China
Joy Hotel
Joy Hotel (Night)
Viceroy Palm Jumeirah Dubai, UAE
Lampion Residential Complex
Lampion Residential Complex (Night)
RealWorld Lampion Compound
Landmark Tower
Landmark Tower (Night)
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower Hanoi, Vietnam
RealWorld Landmark Tower (Night)
Lusail Hotel
Lusail Hotel (Night)
Katara Towers, Lusail Marina District Doha, Qatar
Mansion (Night)
Villa Döşemealtı, Turkey
RealWorld Mansion
Melia Brasil 21
Melia Brasil 21 (Night)
Melia Brasil 21 Brasilia, Brazil File:RealWorld Melia Brasil 21 (Night).png
Moomin House
Moomin House (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Moominhouse in Moomin World theme park Naantali, Finland File:RealWorld Moomin House (Night).png
Opus House
Opus House (Night)
Opus Hong Kong Hong Kong
Ostrovsky Hotel
Ostrovsky Hotel (Night)
Ostrovsky Hotel St. Petersburg, Russia
RealWorld Ostrovsky Hotel
Pearl Bank Apartments
Pearl Bank Apartments (Night)
Pearl Bank Apartments Singapore, Singapore
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Postmodern Residential Complex
Postmodern Residential Complex (Night)
Le Palacio, Les Espaces D'Abraxas Noisy-le-Grand, France
RealWorld Postmodern Residential Complex
Rappongi Hills Mori Tower
Rappongi Hills Mori Tower (Night)
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Tokyo, Japan
Reflections Hotel
Reflections Hotel (Night)
Wikipedia Logo The Binary Dubai, UAE
Rincon Residential Complex
Rincon Residential Complex (Night)
Zebra Tower Warsaw, Poland
RealWorld Dream Island Residential Complex
Riviera Residential Complex
Riviera Residential Complex (Night)
Tower 2000 of MIBC Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Riviera Residential Complex (Night)
Roman Villa
Roman Villa (Night)
 ? Villa Rotonda Vicenza, Italy
821294 ms
Royal Plaza Residential Complex
Royal Plaza Residential Complex (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Parkview Square Singapore
Sofitel Royal Park Lima
Sofitel Royal Park Lima (Night)
JW Marriott Hotel Lima, Peru
Solaris Residence
Solaris Residence (Night)
Fallsview Casino Resort Niagara Falls, Canada
Uniloft House
Uniloft House (Night)
Hotel Sol Marina Palace Nessebrar, Bulgaria
Sol-marina-palace-hotel 176 01 640
Ventress Apartment Complex
Ventress Apartment Complex (Night)
Ventress Hall at University of Mississippi Oxford, MS, USA
Ventress hall at night by tommy8250-d4bfrnd
Villa Capra
Villa Capra (Night)
Villa Rotonda Vicenza, Italy
Waddesdon Manor
Waddesdon Manor (Night)
Waddesdon Manor Waddesdon, UK
Wave Residential Complex
Wave Residential Complex (Night)
Centre Pompidou Metz Metz, France
YVE Apartments
YVE Apartments (Night)
Yve Apartments Melbourne, Australia
Zen Apartments
Zen Apartments (Night)
Zen Apartments Melbourne, Australia
Zodiac Residential Complex
Zodiac Residential Complex (Night)
The Sail Tower Haifa, Israel
RealWorld Zodiac Residential Complex (Night)


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Albert Kahn Garden
Albert Kahn Garden (Night)
Albert Kahn Museum Conservatory Paris, France
RealWorld Albert Kahn Garden
Atlas Statue
Atlas Statue (Night)
Statue of Atlas New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Atlas Statue (Night)
Fengming Park
Fengming Park (Night)
Fengming Mountain Park Chongqing, China
RealWorld Fengming Park (Night)
Fountain of Melodies
Fountain of Melodies (Night)
Filarmonia Park Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Fountain of Melodies (Night)
Frank Lloyd Wright Spire
Frank Lloyd Wright Spire (Night)
Scottsdale Spire Scottsdale, AZ, USA
RealWorld Frank Lloyd Wright Spire (Night)
Hwang Jung Pavilion
Hwang Jung Pavilion (Night)
Hyangwonjeong Pavilion Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Hwang Jung Pavilion
Millennium Monument
Millennium Monument (Night)
Monument des Héros Nationaux Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
RealWorld Millennium Monument (Night)
Salalah Plaza
Salalah Plaza (Night)
Roundabout Salalah, Oman
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Sherburne Fountain
Sherburne Fountain (Night)
Sherbourne Common Toronto, Canada
Unity Sculpture
Unity Sculpture (Night)
Berlin sculpture Berlin, Germany
RealWorld Unity Sculpture (Night)
Villandry Garden
Villandry Garden (Night)
Garden of Wikipedia Logo Château de Villandry Villandry, France File:RealWorld Villandry Garden (Night).png


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Eco-powerstation Hotchkiss School Biomass Treatment Facility Lakeville, CT, USA
Modern Water Tower
Modern Water Tower (Night)
Möglingen Water Tower Möglingen, Germany
RealWorld Modern Water Tower
Water Synthesis Tower Water Tower House Brasschaat, Belgium


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Turboprop Airplane
Turboprop Airplane Initial
Wikipedia Logo British Aerospace 146 ? No Fixed Location
RealWorld Turboprop Airplane
Jet Airplane
Turboprop Airplane L1
Northwest Airlines Boeing 747 No Fixed Location
RealWorld Jet Airplane
Turbojet Airplane
Turboprop Airplane L2
Wikipedia Logo Boeing 757 No Fixed Location
RealWorld Turbojet Airplane
Supersonic Airliner
Turboprop Airplane L3
Air France Boeing 777 No Fixed Location
RealWorld Supersonic Airliner
Double-decker Airplane
Turboprop Airplane L4
Wikipedia Logo Airbus A380
World's largest passenger airliner
No Fixed Location
RealWorld Double-decker Airplane
Multipurpose Jet
Turboprop Airplane L5
Wikipedia Logo Antonov An-124 Ruslan
World's highest aircraft gross weight production cargo airplane
No Fixed Location
RealWorld Multipurpose Jet
Business Jet
Turboprop Airplane L6
Aerion AS2
World's fastest global business jet
No Fixed Location
RealWorld Business Jet
Swallow Train
Swallow Train
Palm Monorail Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Swallow Train
Albatross Train
Albatross Train
Wikipedia Logo Moscow Monorail Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Albatross Train
Skyhawk Train
Skyhawk Train
Wikipedia Logo Disney Mark VII Monorail Anaheim, CA, USA
RealWorld Skyhawk Train
Megalops Ferry
Megalops Ferry
Himiko Water Bus, Wikipedia Logo Tokyo Cruise Ship
Without the top wings
Tokyo, Japan
RealWorld Megalops Ferry


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Constellation Bridge
Constellation Bridge L1
 ? Helix Bridge Singapore
Image (1)-0
Genesis Bridge
Genesis Bridge L1
Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi, UAE
DSC 1499
Salamander Bridge
Salamander Bridge L1
Dragon Bridge Da Nang, Vietnam
RealWorld Salamander Bridge
Vega Bridge
Vega Bridge L1
Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge Saint Petersburg, Russia
Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge
Zaragoza Bridge
Zaragoza Bridge L1
Bridge Pavilion Zaragoza, Spain
RealWorld Zaragoza Bridge
Zephyr Bridge
Zephyr Bridge L1
Enneus Heerma Bridge Amsterdam, Netherlands
RealWorld Zephyr Bridge


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Arcturus Station
Arcturus Station L4
Samara Railway Station Samara, Russia
RealWorld Arcturus Station
Barco Para Station
Barco Para Station L4
Rosa Parks Transit Center Detroit, MI, USA
RealWorld Barco Para Station
Goldenblatt Station
Goldenblatt Station L4
Tbilisi International Airport Railway Station Tbilisi, Airport
RealWorld Goldenblatt Station
Kinmen Street Station
Kinmen Street Station L4
Kinmen Passenger Services Terminal Kinmen, China
RealWorld Kinmen Street Station
Las Megas Central Station
Las Megas Central Station L3
Wikipedia Logo Puerto Rico Convention Center San Juan, Puerto Rico
RealWorld Central Station
Las Megas Road Station
Las Megas Road Station L4
Wikipedia Logo Zayed University Abu Dhabi, UAE
Manises Gate Station
Manises Gate Station L4
Terminal 2 of Manises Airport Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Manises Gate Station
Megas Cross Station
Megas Cross Station L4
Denver International Airport Denver, USA
RealWorld Megas Cross Station
Platinum Station
Platinum Station L4
Villa Nurbs Costa Brava, Spain
RealWorld Platinum Station


Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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