The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for other buildings, such as nature sites, unavailable, deprecated or unused buildings, found in Megapolis.

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Unique/Special Buildings

Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Stock Exchange Prizes Sandy Bay Hotel
Sandy Bay Hotel
Wikipedia Logo Marina Bay Sands Singapore
RealWorld Sandy Bay Hotel
Megapolis Free Gifts Regal Tower
Regal Tower
Wikipedia Logo Regal Tower Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Regal Tower
Museum of Science and Art
Museum of Science and Art
Wikipedia Logo ArtScience Museum Singapore
RealWorld Museum of Science and Art
Christmas 2012 Alpine Hotel
Alpine Hotel
Ventress Hall at University of Mississippi Oxford, MS, USA
RealWorld Ventress Apartment Complex
Wikipedia Logo Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, Ukraine
RealWorld Ballroom
Canadian National Library
Canadian National Library (Christmas 2012)
Wikipedia Logo Library of Parliament Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld Canadian National Library
Fairy Castle
Fairy Castle
Château de Pierrefonds Pierrefonds, France
Manchester House of Knowledge
Manchester House of Knowledge
Wikipedia Logo Manchester Central Library Manchester, UK
RealWorld Manchester Library
Russian House
Russian House
Wikipedia Logo Ded Moroz House
(Дом Деда Мороза)
Veliky Ustyug, Russia
RealWorld Russian House
Scottish School
Scottish School
Donaldson School Edinburgh, UK
RealWorld Scottish School
Winter Villa
Winter Villa
Hinterleiten Castle, Rothschild Castle Hinterleiten, Austria
RealWorld Rothschild Castle
Valentine's Day 2013 Balgach Villa
Balgach Villa
Wikipedia Logo Balgach Villa Balgach, Switzerland
RealWorld Balgach Villa
Colonist Residence
Colonist Residence
Museo do Vinho Funchal, Portugal
RealWorld Colonist Residence
Little Paris
Little Paris
Small Wikipedia Logo Eiffel Tower Paris, France
RealWorld Eiffel Tower
MegaTrade Corporation
MegaTrade Corporation
Hotel W Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld MegaTrade Corporation
Uniloft House
Uniloft House (Valentine's Day)
Hotel Sol Marina Palace Nesebar, Bulgaria
RealWorld Residential Complex for Young Athletes
Halloween 2013 Frankenstein's Tower
Frankenstein's Tower
Wikipedia Logo Mutterturm Landsberg am Lech, Germany
RealWorld Frankenstein's Tower
Witches' Tomb
Witches' Tomb
Wikipedia Logo Brunswick Monument Geneva, Switzerland
RealWorld Brunswick Monument
Halloween 2014 Alchemist's Mansion
Alchemist's Mansion
13 Allée Pierre Simon
(known as Maison de Sorcière - Witch's House)
Clichy-sous-Bois, France
RealWorld Alchemist's Mansion
Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial near Waregem, Belgium
RealWorld Cemetery
Dracula's Guest Cafe
Dracula's Guest Cafe
Gatehouse to Ardverikie House Newtonmore, UK
Eerie Estate
Eerie Estate
Casa Tétrica González Catan, Argentina
RealWorld Eerie Estate
Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman (Pirates of the Caribbean) Castaway Cay, The Bahamas
RealWorld Flying Dutchman
Ghostly Music
Ghostly Music
Piano Tree Fort Ord, CA, USA
RealWorld Ghostly Music
Gloomy Mansion
Gloomy Mansion
Roberts Mansion Spokane, WA, USA
RealWorld Gloomy Mansion
Haunted Hotel
Haunted Hotel
Wikipedia Logo Carson Mansion Eureka, CA, USA
RealWorld Haunted Hotel
Mad Scientist's Lab
Mad Scientist's Lab
Campanopolis Building González Catan, Argentina
RealWorld Mad Scientist's Lab
Oak Chapel
Oak Chapel
Wikipedia Logo Chêne chapelle Allouville-Bellefosse, France
RealWorld Oak Chapel
Ogre Hut
Ogre Hut
Wikipedia Logo Casa do Penedo near Fafe, Portugal
RealWorld Ogre Hut
Walking House
Walking House
Walking House n/a
RealWorld Walking House
Winchester House
Winchester House
Wikipedia Logo Winchester Mystery House San Jose, CA, USA
RealWorld Winchester House
Witch's Cottage
Witch's Cottage
Wikipedia Logo Spadena House Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Witch's Cottage
Witches' Arbor
Witches' Arbor
Sea Ranch Chapel Sea Ranch, CA, USA
RealWorld Witches' Arbor
Thanksgiving 2014 Balloon Castle
Balloon Castle
Hot Air Balloon (Church of the Monastery of Sankt Gallen) no fixed location
RealWorld Balloon Castle
Californian Cottage
Californian Cottage
Wikipedia Logo John Woelke House Anaheim, CA, USA
Inflatable Eagle
Inflatable Eagle
Hot Air Balloon (Eagle) no fixed location
RealWorld Inflatable Eagle
Mayflower Museum Association
Mayflower Museum Association
Wikipedia Logo Mayflower House Museum Plymouth, MA, USA
RealWorld Mayflower Museum Association
Native American Cultural Center
Native American Cultural Center
Wikipedia Logo Oujé-Bougoumou Cultural Institute Oujé-Bougoumou, Canada
RealWorld Native American Cultural Center
Pilgrim Church
Pilgrim Church
Church of the Pilgrimage Plymouth, MA, USA
RealWorld Pilgrim Church
Valentine's Day 2015 Aqua Skyscraper
Aqua Skyscraper (Valentine's Day)
Wikipedia Logo Aqua Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Aqua
Girton College in Cambridge
Girton College in Cambridge (Valentine's Day)
Gatehouse Tower, Girton College Cambridge, UK
RealWorld Girton College in Cambridge
Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple (Valentine's Day)
Wikipedia Logo Lotus Temple New Delhi, India
RealWorld Lotus Temple
Nakheel Tower
Nakheel Tower (Valentine's Day)
Wikipedia Logo Nakheel Tower (not built) Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Nakheel Tower
Newnham College in Cambridge
Newnham Colege in Cambridge (Valentine's Day)
Pfeiffer Arch, Newnham College Cambridge, UK
RealWorld Newnham Colege in Cambridge
Polygon Business Center
Polygon Business Center (Valentine's Day)
Wikipedia Logo Humboldt Box Berlin, Germany
RealWorld Polygon Business Center
Trinity College Fountain
Trinity College Fountain (Valentine's Day)
Trinity Court Fountain Cambridge, UK
RealWorld Trinity College Fountain
Halloween 2015 Abandoned Station
Abandoned Station
New Peterhof Railway station St. Petersburg, Russia
RealWorld Abandoned Station
Alexandria Cottage
Alexandria Cottage
Cottage Palace St. Petersburg, Russia
RealWorld Alexandria Cottage
Gothic Well
Gothic Well
Alexandria Park Gothic Well St. Petersburg, Russia
RealWorld Gothic Well
Christmas 2016 Ansonia House
Ansonia House
Wikipedia Logo The Ansonia New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Ansonia House
Fairytale Country Theater
Fairytale Country Theater
Tatar State Puppet Theatre Ekiyat Kazan, Russia
Goncharov House
Goncharov House
Ulyanovsk regional museum of local lore named after I.A. Goncharov Ulyanovsk, Russia
RealWorld Goncharov House
House in Dusseldorf
House in Dusseldorf
Schadow-Arkaden Düsseldorf, Germany
RealWorld House in Dusseldorf
Italian Square
Italian Square
Wikipedia Logo Piazza d'Italia New Orleans, LA, USA
RealWorld Italian Square
Leipzig University
Leipzig University
Wikipedia Logo Augusteum Leipzig, Germany
RealWorld Leipzig University
Liberty Tower
Liberty Tower (Snow)
Liberty Tower Abu Dhabi, UAE
RealWorld Liberty Tower
Nantes Tower
Nantes Tower
Le Lieu unique Nantes, France
RealWorld Nantes Tower
Norman Castle
Norman Castle
Wikipedia Logo Château de Rambures Rambures, France
RealWorld Norman Castle
Obuda House
Obuda House
Óbuda Gas Works Budapest, Hungary
RealWorld Obuda House
Old Mansion
Old Mansion
Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld Barcelona SeaPort Building
Usher Hall
Usher Hall
Wikipedia Logo Usher Hall Edinburgh, UK
RealWorld Usher Hall
Wall Clock Store
Wall Clock Store
Clock Tower at the Wikipedia Logo Victoria & Alfred Waterfront Cape Town, South Africa
RealWorld Wall Clock Store
Thanksgiving 2017 Autumn Manor
Autumn Manor
Ferme (Farm) at Wikipedia Logo Hameau de la Reine Versailles, France
Cottage with Windmill
Cottage with Windmill
Moulin (Mill) at Wikipedia Logo Hameau de la Reine
(northern facade)
Versailles, France
"Good Harvest" Restaurant
"Good Harvest" Restaurant
Tour de Marlborough (Marlborough Tower) at Wikipedia Logo Hameau de la Reine Versailles, France
Guest Manor
Guest Manor
Maison de la Reine et billard (Queen's House and Billiard Room) at Wikipedia Logo Hameau de la Reine Versailles, France
Old Dovecote
Old Dovecote
Colombier (Dovecote) at Wikipedia Logo Hameau de la Reine Versailles, France
Vine Cafe
Vine Cafe
Moulin (Mill) at Wikipedia Logo Hameau de la Reine
(southern facade)
Versailles, France

Level Up One-Time Offers

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Aqua Tower
Aqua Skyscraper
Wikipedia Logo Aqua Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Aqua
Aston Wedding Palace
Aston Wedding Palace
Ashton Memorial Lancaster, UK
RealWorld Aston Wedding Palace
Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building
Wikipedia Logo Chrysler Building New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Chrysler Building
Dubai Towers
Dubai Towers
Wikipedia Logo Dubai Towers (proposed) Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Dubai Towers
180px-Building Frauenkirche
Wikipedia Logo Frauenkirche Dresden, Germany
RealWorld Frauenkirche
Kingdom Tower
Kingdom Tower
Wikipedia Logo Kingdom Tower Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Kingdom Tower
Mexico Tower
Mexico Tower
Reforma 432 Residences Mexico City, Mexico
RealWorld Mexico Tower
Tokyo Tower
Tokyo TV Tower
Wikipedia Logo Tokyo Tower Tokyo, Japan
RealWorld Tokyo Tower
Wedding Palace
Wedding Palace
Wikipedia Logo Wedding Palace Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
RealWorld Wedding Palace

Deprecated buildings

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image Add'l Information
Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis of Athens


Athens, Greece
RealWorld Acropolis of Athens
Completed in 438 BCE, the Parthenon is a temple on the Athenian Acropolis and is dedicated to the goddess Athena, the patron deity of Athens.
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa
Wikipedia Logo Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Burj Khalifa
At 2,722 ft, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world.

Festival rewards

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Pearl Monument
Pearl Monument
Wikipedia Logo Pearl Roundabout Manama, Bahrain
RealWorld Pearl Monument
Horse Art Installation
Horse Art Installation
Sea Horse n/a
RealWorld Horse Art Installation

Snowville II Railroad Stations

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Point of Rocks Station
Point of Rocks Station
Wikipedia Logo Point of Rocks station Point of Rocks, MD, USA
Santa Fe Station
Santa Fe Station
Wikipedia Logo Santa Fe Depot Shawnee, OK, USA
Nikolaevskaya Station
Nikolaevskaya Station
Wikipedia Logo Nikolaevskaya railroad roundhouse Moscow, Russia
Sirkeci Station
Sirkeci Station
Wikipedia Logo Sirkeci railway station Istanbul, Turkey
Sao Bento Station
Sao Bento Station
Wikipedia Logo São Bento railway station Porto, Portugal
Salem Station
Salem Station
Wikipedia Logo Old Salem Station Salem, MA, USA
Balmoral Hotel
Balmoral Hotel
Wikipedia Logo Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh, UK
Oakland Station
Oakland Station
Wikipedia Logo Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station Oakland, MD, USA
Richmond Station
Richmond Station
Wikipedia Logo Richmond Main Street Station Richmond, VA, USA

Contest rewards

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Arctic Office Center
Arctic Office Center
VIA 57 West New York City, NY, US
RealWorld Arctic Office Center
Chateau Les Roches
Chateau Les Roches
Chateau Les Roches Mont-Saint-Jean, France
Grand Reception Palace
Grand Reception Palace
Palace of Culture Iaşi, Romania
RealWorld Grand Reception Palace
Hoarfrost Mall
Hoarfrost Mall
Wikipedia Logo Geelong Library and Heritage Centre Geelong, Australia
Holiday Theater
Holiday Theater
Wikipedia Logo Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, Ukraine
RealWorld Ballroom
Icy Peak Tower
Icy Peak Tower
53W53 New York City, NY, US
RealWorld Icy Peak Tower
Lost Oasis Rewards
Gold Lamp of the East
Jameh Mosque of Yazd Yazd, Iran
RealWorld Lost Oasis Rewards
New Year Town Hall
New Year Town Hall
Helsingborg City Hall Helsingborg, Sweden
RealWorld New Year Town Hall
River Valley Rewards
Gold Serpent Statue
Buddha and the Seven-headed Serpents Sala Kaew Ku, Thailand
Singhasari Candi Wikipedia Logo Singhasari temple Singosari district, Java, Indonesia
St. Mary Town Hall
St. Mary Town Hall
St. Marys Town Hall St. Marys, Canada
Treasures of Java Rewards Wringin Lawang at Wikipedia Logo Trowulan Trowulan, Java, Indonesia

Arms Race rewards

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image Add'l Information
Arms Race League 1 Rewards
Gold LP-68 Light Tank Monument
Limete Tower Kinshasa, Congo
RealWorld Arms Race League 1 Reward
Available in Arms Race I, Arms Race II. Arms Race IV, Arms Race VI, Arms Race VII, Arms Race VIII and Arms Race X.
Arms Race League 3 Rewards
Gold LP-45 Light Tank Monument
Wikipedia Logo Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan
RealWorld Minar-e-Pakistan
Available in Arms Race I, Arms Race II. Arms Race IV, Arms Race VI, Arms Race VII, Arms Race VIII and Arms Race X.
Arms Race League 4 Rewards
Gold LP-34 Light Tank Monument
Monument to the Liberators of Rostov-on-Don Rostov-on-Don, Russia
RealWorld Arms Race League 4 Reward
Available in Arms Race I, Arms Race II. Arms Race IV, Arms Race VI, Arms Race VII, Arms Race VIII and Arms Race X.
Arms Race League 5 Rewards
Gold LP-22 Light Tank Monument
Star of Astana Astana, Kazakhstan
RealWorld Arms Race League 5 Reward
Available in Arms Race I, Arms Race II. Arms Race IV, Arms Race VI, Arms Race VII, Arms Race VIII and Arms Race X.

Railroad Marathon rewards

Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Railroad Marathon I Albatross Locomotive Archs
Gold Albatross Locomotive Arch
Slovak "Albatros" 498.104
RealWorld Albatross Locomotive Arch
BR-86 Locomotive Archs
Gold BR-86 Locomotive Arch
DRG Class 86
RealWorld BR-86 Locomotive Arch
Jupiter Locomotive Archs
Gold Jupiter Locomotive Arch
RealWorld Jupiter Locomotive Arch
Climax Locomotive Archs
Gold Climax Locomotive Arch
Climax Class C
RealWorld Climax Locomotive Arch
Railroad Marathon II Atlantic Locomotive Archs
Gold Atlantic Locomotive Arch
SNCB Type 12
RealWorld Atlantic Locomotive Arch
Landlord Locomotive Archs
Gold Landlord Locomotive Arch
Duchess of Hamilton
RealWorld Landlord Locomotive Arch
Mallard Locomotive Archs
Gold Mallard Locomotive Arch
Milwaukee Road class A
RealWorld Mallard Locomotive Arch
Pacific Locomotive Archs
Gold Pacific Locomotive Arch
DRG 01 1102
RealWorld Pacific Locomotive Arch
Norfolk Locomotive Archs
Gold Norfolk Locomotive Arch
Norfolk and Western #611
RealWorld Norfolk Locomotive Arch
Talgo Locomotive Archs
Gold Talgo Locomotive Arch
Talgo I
RealWorld Talgo Locomotive Arch
Railroad Marathon III Tsubame Locomotive Archs
Gold Tsubame Locomotive Arch
800 Series Shinkansen
RealWorld Tsubame Locomotive Arch
Hokuriku Locomotive Archs
Gold Hokuriku Locomotive Arch
E7 Series Shinkansen
RealWorld Hokuriku Locomotive Arch
Pato Locomotive Archs
Gold Pato Locomotive Arch
RealWorld Pato Locomotive Arch
Intercity Locomotive Archs
Gold Intercity Locomotive Arch
Class 800 Super Express
RealWorld Intercity Locomotive Arch
Narita Locomotive Archs
Gold Narita Locomotive Arch
E259 Series Narita Express
RealWorld Narita Locomotive Arch
Railroad Marathon IV Schenectady Locomotive Archs
Gold Schenectady Locomotive Arch
EMD E7 ?
Diesel Locomotive Archs
Gold Diesel Locomotive Arch
RealWorld Diesel Locomotive Arch
Zephyr Locomotive Archs
Gold Zephyr Locomotive Arch
Pioneer Zephyr
RealWorld Zephyr Locomotive Arch
Union Locomotive Archs
Gold Union Locomotive Arch
RealWorld Union Locomotive Arch
Milwaukee Locomotive Archs
Gold Milwaukee Locomotive Arch
Milwaukee Road class F7
RealWorld Milwaukee Locomotive Arch
Ferreira Locomotive Archs
Gold Ferreira Locomotive Arch
Liberty Liner
RealWorld Ferreira Locomotive Arch
Railroad Marathon V Saint-Denis Locomotive Archs
Gold Saint-Denis Locomotive Arch
RealWorld Saint-Denis Locomotive Arch
Kuha Locomotive Archs
Gold Kuha Locomotive Arch
181 Series KuHa
RealWorld Kuha Locomotive Arch
Moomin Locomotive Archs
Gold Moomin Locomotive Arch
JNR Class EF55
RealWorld Moomin Locomotive Arch
Pennsylvania Locomotive Archs
Gold Pennsylvania Locomotive Arch
Pennsylvania Railroad Class T1
RealWorld Pennsylvania Locomotive Arch
Confederation Locomotive Archs
Gold Confederation Locomotive Arch
CN 6400 Class U-4-a
RealWorld Confederation Locomotive Arch
Helen Locomotive Archs
Gold Helen Locomotive Arch
RealWorld Helen Locomotive Arch
Railroad Marathon VI Gundam Locomotive Archs
Gold Gundam Locomotive Arch
Nankai 50000 Series
RealWorld Gundam Locomotive Arch
McKeen Locomotive Archs
Gold McKeen Locomotive Arch
McKeen Railmotor
RealWorld McKeen Locomotive Arch
Virginia Locomotive Archs
Gold Virginia Locomotive Arch
RealWorld Virginia Locomotive Archs
Rotem Locomotive Archs
Gold Rotem Locomotive Arch
Hyundai Rotem Cab Car
RealWorld Rotem Locomotive Arch
Canada Locomotive Archs
Gold Canada Locomotive Arch
Kokanee Park Sleeping Car
RealWorld Canada Locomotive Arch
Nevada Locomotive Archs
Gold Nevada Locomotive Arch
Southern Pacific 4294
RealWorld Nevada Locomotive Arch
Railroad Marathon VII Duplex Locomotive Archs
Gold Duplex Locomotive Arch
Pennsylvania Railroad Class S1
Realworld Duplex Locomotive Archs
Saxony Locomotive Archs
Gold Saxony Locomotive Arch
DB Class 601
Realworld Saxony Locomotive Archs
Turbotrain Locomotive Archs
Gold Turbotrain Locomotive Arch
UAC TurboTrain
RealWorld Turbotrain Locomotive Arch
NOHAB Locomotive Archs
Gold NOHAB Locomotive Arch
Hungarian NOHAB M61
Realworld NOHAB Locomotive Archs
Centipede Locomotive Archs
Gold Centipede Locomotive Arch
Baldwin DR-12-8-1500/2 "Centipedes"
Realworld Centipede Locomotive Archs
Nickel Locomotive Archs
Gold Nickel Locomotive Arch
Nickel Plate Road 190
Realworld Nickel Locomotive Archs
Railroad Marathon VIII Green Diamond Locomotive Archs
Gold Green Diamond Locomotive Arch
Green Diamond
Realworld Green Diamond Locomotive Arch
Chicago Locomotive Archs
Gold Chicago Locomotive Arch
Skytop Lounge Car
Realworld Chicago Locomotive Arch
Wisconsin Locomotive Archs
Gold Wisconsin Locomotive Arch
Realworld Wisconsin Locomotive Arch
Azusa Locomotive Archs
Gold Azusa Locomotive Arch
Realworld Azusa Locomotive Arch
Hokuetsu Locomotive Archs
Gold Hokuetsu Locomotive Arch
485 series EMU
Realworld Hokuetsu Locomotive Arch
Railroad Marathon IX Hanvit Locomotive Archs
Gold Hanvit Locomotive Arch
Realworld Hanvit Locomotive Arch
Falcon Locomotive Archs
Gold Falcon Locomotive Arch
Realworld Falcon Locomotive Arch
Fanipal Locomotive Archs
Gold Fanipal Locomotive Arch
Realworld Fanipal Locomotive Arch
Brussels Locomotive Archs
Gold Brussels Locomotive Arch
Realworld Brussels Locomotive Arch
Sancheon Locomotive Archs
Gold Sancheon Locomotive Arch
Realworld Sancheon Locomotive Arch


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Arch at the south-western coast of Archipelago expansion zone
Darwin's Arch (Megapolis)
Darwin's Arch Darwin Island, Galápagos Archipelago, Ecuador
Darwin's Arch
Moon Hill
Hill through which Gorge Bridge pass through
Moon Hill
Wikipedia Logo Moon Hill Yangshuo, Guangxi, China
RealWorld Moon Hill
Niagara Falls
Quest Niagara Falls
American Falls, Niagara Falls Niagara Falls, NY, USA
RealWorld Niagara Falls (Night)
Northern Light created by the Generator
Northern Lights Aurora
Wikipedia Logo Aurora North Pole
South Pole
RealWorld Aurora
Blue Flame Mountain
Blue Flame Mountain
Wikipedia Logo Blue fire crater at Ijen East Java, Indonesia
RealWorld Blue Flame Mountain
Red Lake
Red Lake
Wikipedia Logo Lake Natron Arusha Region, Tanzania
RealWorld Red Lake

Unnamed fixed structures

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Radar station
between Missile Base and Missile Construction Factory
Missile Radar Station
Wikipedia Logo Lekhtusi Radar Station Lekhtusi, Russia
RealWorld Missile Radar Station
Small towers
in the corners of Military Spaceport area
Spaceport Towers
Wikipedia Logo Monument to the Revolution Mrakovica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
RealWorld Spaceport Towers
Venice Exit Bridge
Venice Exit Bridge
Wikipedia Logo Chaotianmen Bridge Yangtze River, Chongqing, China
RealWorld Venice West Through Arch Bridge
Venice Island Bridge I
Venice Island Bridge I
Wikipedia Logo Seri Wawasan Bridge Putrajaya Lake, Putrajaya, Malaysia
RealWorld Venice Central Bridge

Unused & unavailable buildings

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Gloria Hedge Fund
Gloria Hedge Fund
China Netcom Dalian Dalian, China
RealWorld Gloria Hedge Fund

Las Megas

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Desert Rose Tower
Desert Rose Tower (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Rose Tower Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Desert Rose Tower (Night)
Hotel Caspian
Hotel Caspian L3
Wikipedia Logo World Trade Center Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey
Paris Opera
Paris Opera (Night)
Wikipedia Logo Semperoper Dresden, Germany
RealWorld Paris Opera (Night)
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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