The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the buildings involved in timed quests in the year 2014.

  Real World Buildings: Timed Quests
Fairy Tale Castle
Coast Guard Administration Building
Metalmorphoses Fountain
Eastern Pavilion
Edenheim Royal Hotel L2
New Moon Hotel
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Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Technological Evolution Technopark
Technopark L3
Technosphere (proposed) Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Technopark
Technopark (Walkway Installation) High Trestle Trail Bridge Northwest of Des Moines River
Iowa, USA
RealWorld Technopark Walkway
Production Facility
Engineering Support Center L2
Pixel Tower Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Engineering Support Center
Scientific Quantum Tower
Scientific Quantum Tower L1
Thyssenkrupp Tower Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Scientific Quantum Tower
Metalmorphoses Fountain
Metalmorphoses Fountain
Metalmorphosis Fountain at Whitehall Technology Park Charlotte, NC, USA
RealWorld Metalmorphoses Fountain
The Garage Where It All Began
The Garage where It All Began
2066 Crist Drive
(Steve Jobs' House)
Los Altos, CA, USA
RealWorld The Garage Where It All Began
Winter Games Media Center
Media Center (Winter Games) L1
IAC Building New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Media Center (Winter Games)
Winter Games Village:
Cottage Community
Winter Games Village L1
Mountain Olympic Village Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Winter Games Village - Cottage Community
Winter Games Village:
Winter Games Village L2
Rosa Khutor Cafe Rosa Khutor, Russia
RealWorld Winter Games Village - Cafeteria
Winter Games Village:
Press Center
Winter Games Village L3
Town Hall Rosa Khutor, Russia
RealWorld Winter Games Village - Press Center
Winter Games Village:
Hotel Complex
Winter Games Village L4
Tulip Inn Rosa Khutor Rosa Khutor, Russia
RealWorld Winter Games Village - Hotel Complex
Biathlete Statue
Biathlete Statue
Statue of Ole Einar Bjoerndalen Modum, Norway
RealWorld Biathlete Statue
Canton TV Tower
Canton TV Tower
Canton Tower Guangzhou, China
RealWorld Canton TV Tower
The Winter Games in Megapolis Victory Stadium
Victory Stadium L2
Fisht Olympic Stadium Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Victory Stadium
Victory Stadium:
Ceremonial Square
Sochi Medals Plaza Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Ceremonial Square
Hockey Arena
Hockey Arena L1
Shayba Arena Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Hockey Arena
Aspen Arena
Aspen Arena L1
Adler Arena Skating Center Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Aspen Arena
Glacier Stadium
Glacier Stadium L1
Ice Cube Curling Center Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Glacier Stadium
Snow Queen Skating Palace
Snow Queen Skating Palace L1
Iceberg Skating Palace Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Snow Queen Skating Palace
Brotherhood of Nations Fountain
Brotherhood of Nations Fountain
"Friendship of Nations" Fountain Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Brotherhood of Nations Fountain
Valentine's Day Holiday Agency
Holiday Agency L1
Heydar Aliyev Center Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Holiday Agency
Scrapbooking Workshop
Scrapbooking Workshop L1
California Roll House
RealWorld Scrapbooking Workshop
Organic Cosmetics Store
Organic Cosmetics Store L2
B+U Mixed Use Development Proposal Los Angeles, CA, USA (proposed)
RealWorld Organic Cosmetics Store
Pearl Restaurant
Pearl Restaurant L2
Universal Atlas Cement Future Shell Building
RealWorld Pearl Restaurant
French Bridge
French Bridge
Moon Bridge Taipei, Taiwan
RealWorld French Bridge
Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Factory
The Green Citadel of Magdeburg Magdeburg, Germany
RealWorld Chocolate Factory
Creatures of the Seven Seas Oceanic Platform Initial
Oceanic Platform Initial
Floating Island Home Dubai, United Arab Emirates
RealWorld Oceanic Platform Initial
Oceanic Platform
Oceanic Platform L3
The Grand Cancun Eco Island (proposed) Cancun, Mexico
RealWorld Oceanic Platform
Great Protective Barrier
Great Protective Barrier L2
Great Protective Barrier:
Monitoring Station
Marine Research Centre Bali, Indonesia
RealWorld Great Protective Barrier - Monitoring Station
Jacques-Yves Cousteau Bridge
Jacques-Yves Cousteau Bridge L2
Liede Bridge Guangzhou, China
RealWorld Jacques-Yves Cousteau Bridge
Marine Ecology Center
Marine Ecology Center
L'Hemisfèric at the City of Arts and Sciences Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Marine Ecology Center
Seven Seas Museum
Seven Seas Museum
Maritime Museum Lingang New City, China
RealWorld Seven Seas Museum
Bus Service Technical University
Technical University L2
Linda Haiyu Square Beijing, China
RealWorld Technical University
Design Firm
Design Firm L2
Soravia Center Skopje, Macedonia
RealWorld Design Firm
Venetian Carnival St. Mark Hotel
St. Mark Hotel L1
St. Mark's Clocktower Venice, Italy
RealWorld St Mark Hotel
Doge's Palace
Doge's Palace L2
Doge's Palace & St. Mark's Campanile Venice, Italy
RealWorld Doge's Palace
Museo Correr
Museo Correr L2
Museo Correr Venice, Italy
RealWorld Museo Correr
Marciana Library
Marciana Library L2
National Library of St. Mark's Venice, Italy
RealWorld Marciana Library
Lion of St. Mark
Lion of St. Mark
Lion of Venice statue Venice, Italy
RealWorld Lion of St Mark
Hotel Cipriani
Hotel Cipriani
Hotel Cipriani Venice, Italy
RealWorld Hotel Cipriani
Earth Day Imagine Park
Decoration Imagine Park
Helix sculpture at The Garden of Cosmic Speculation Dumfries, UK
RealWorld Imagine Park
City Environmental Institute
City Environmental Institute L2
DUO2 Groningen, Netherlands
RealWorld City Environmental Institute
Green City Civic Organization
Green City Civic Organization L2
Blossoming Dubai Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Green City Civic Organization
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center L2
Virasat-e-Khalsa Anandpur Sahib, India
RealWorld Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Embassy of Peace
Embassy of Peace L2
United States Institute of Peace Washington D. C., USA
RealWorld Embassy of Peace
Smart Eco-House
Smart Eco-House
Eye of Horus Eco-House Isla Playa de Cleopatra, Turkey
RealWorld Smart Eco-House
Peace Bell
Peace Bell
Japanese Peace Bell at U.N. HQ New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Peace Bell
Architectural Project Contest Architectural Academy
Architectural Academy L1
Campus Luigi Einaudi Turin, Italy
RealWorld Architectural Academy
East Pavilion
East Pavilion L1
Israel Pavilion (EXPO 2010) Shanghai, China
RealWorld East Pavilion
East Pavilion:
Teapot sculpture Doha, Qatar
RealWorld East Pavilion Sculpture
South Pavilion
South Pavilion L2
Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health Las Vegas, NV, USA
RealWorld South Pavilion
West Pavilion
West Pavilion L2
UN Memorial Chungju, South Korea
RealWorld West Pavilion
North Pavilion
North Pavilion L2
Mumbai University ASK Foundation Convention Center Mumbai, India
RealWorld North Pavilion
Relaxation Pavilion
Relaxation Pavilion
Burnham Pavilion Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Relaxation Pavilion
Biomass Power Plant
Biomass Power Plant
Biomass Power Plant Schwendi, Germany
Biomass Power Plant
Fake Hills Residential Complex Demographic Institute
Demographic Institute
Gurjaani Public Service Hall Gurjaani, Georgia
RealWorld Demographic Institute
Fake Hills Residential Complex
Fake Hills Residential Complex (Building) L4
Fake Hills Beihai, China
RealWorld Fake Hills Residential Complex
Security Agency
Security Agency L1
Underground Parking Lot Entrance
Underground Parking Lot Entrance L1
Seafood Restaurant
Seafood Restaurant L1
Beach Fitness Club
Beach Fitness Club L1
Electric Car Charging Point
Electric Car Charging Point
Helios House Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Electric Car Charging Point
Regional Development Complex
Regional Development Center
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Regional Development Complex
Rock Wave Rock'n'Roll Association
Rock'n'Roll Association
Frederic C. Hamilton Building Denver, CO, USA
RealWorld Rock'n'Roll Association
Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame
Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame L1
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland, OH, USA
RealWorld Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame
Music Store
Music Store L1
Orbis Melbourne, Australia
RealWorld Music Store
Recording Studio
Recording Studio L2
Experience Music Project Seattle, WA, USA
RealWorld Recording Studio
Concert Square
Concert Square L3
Jay Pritzker Pavilion Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Concert Square
King of Rock'n'Roll Statue
King of Rock'n'Roll Statue
Elvis Presley Statue Memphis, TN, USA
RealWorld King of Rock'n'Roll Statue
Hard Rock Bar
Hard Rock Bar
Hard Rock Café Orlando, FL, USA
RealWorld Hard Rock Bar
Ancient Martial Arts in Megapolis! Eastern Martial Arts Club
Eastern Martial Arts Club L1
Shanghai Oriental Art Center Shanghai, China
RealWorld Eastern Martial Arts Club
Martial Arts School
Martial Arts School L2
Shanghai Grand Theatre Shanghai, China
RealWorld Martial Arts School
Park of Harmony
Decoration Park of Harmony
Wikipedia Logo Yogi Hraday Kamal New Delhi, India
RealWorld Park of Harmony
Ancient Monastery
Ancient Monastery L3
Potala Palace Lhasa, China
RealWorld Ancient Monastery
Meditation Temple
Meditation Temple L2
Kumbum Stupa Gyantse, China
RealWorld Meditation Temple
Martial Arts Museum
Martial Arts Museum
Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Museum Urumqi, China
RealWorld Martial Arts Museum
Megapolis Film Festival National Cinematography Center
National Cinematography Center
Globe News Center for the Performing Arts Amarillo, TX, USA
RealWorld National Cinematography Center
Palace of Festivals
Palace of Festivals L3
Palais des Festivals et des Congrès Cannes, France
RealWorld Palace of Festivals
Open-Air Cinema
Open-Air Cinema L2
Le cinéma de la Plage Cannes, France
RealWorld Open-Air Cinema
Croisette Hotel
Croisette Hotel L1
JW Marriott Cannes Cannes, France
RealWorld Croisette Hotel
Lumière Brothers Monument
Lumiere Brothers Monument
Lumière Brothers Monument Yekaterinburg, Russia
RealWorld Lumière Brothers Monument
Film Directors Institute
Film Directors Institute
41 Cooper Sq New York, NY, USA
RealWorld Film Directors Institute
An Incredible Hotel Project Developer's Office
Project Developer's Office
Vinoly Tower Amsterdam, Netherlands
RealWorld Project Developer's Office
Investment Firm
Investment Firm
Umicore Office Building Hoboken, Belgium
RealWorld Investment Firm
Shimao Hotel Complex Administration Building
Shimao Hotel Complex Administration Building L1
UNO Charter School Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Shimao Hotel Complex Administration Building
Shimao Hotel Complex
Shimao Hotel Complex L5
Shimao Intercontinental Hotel Songjiang, China
RealWorld Shimao Hotel Complex
Gas-Vapor Hydroelectric Power Plant
Gas-Vapor Hydroelectric Power Plant L2
Ctr I/S Copenhagen, Denmark
RealWorld Gas-Vapor Hydroelectric Power Plant
Julie Penrose Fountain
Julie Penrose Fountain
Julie Penrose Fountain Colorado Springs, CO, USA
RealWorld Julie Penrose Fountain
Sentosa Swimming Pool
Sentosa Swimming Pool
WET Pool, W Singapore Hotel Singapore, Singapore
RealWorld Sentosa Swimming Pool
Hotel Business Institute
Hotel Business Institute
Solaris Fusionopolis 2B Singapore, Singapore
RealWorld Hotel Business Institute
Talk like Shakespeare Book Store
Book Store
Nash's House Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
RealWorld Book Store
Children's Theater School
Children's Theater School
Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theatre Rockford, IL, USA
RealWorld Children's Theater School
Swan Theater
Swan Theater L1
Swan Theatre Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
RealWorld Swan Theater
Shakespeare Gardens
Shakespeare Gardens L2
Shakespeare Gardens Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
RealWorld Shakespeare Gardens
Exhibition Pavilion
Exhibition Pavilion L2
The Waag Amsterdam, Netherlands
RealWorld Exhibition Pavilion
Study Center
Study Center L2
The Eden Project: The Core Cornwall, UK
RealWorld Study Center
Shakespeare Museum House
Shakespeare Museum House
Shakespeare's Birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
RealWorld Shakespeare Museum House
Globe Theater
Globe Theater
Globe Theatre London, UK
RealWorld Globe Theater
Historical Reenactment Festival Textile Store
Textile Store
Newhall Mansion Piru, CA, USA
RealWorld Textile Store
Castle Ruins Park
Decoration Castle Ruins Park
Siewierz Castle Siewierz, Poland
RealWorld Castle Ruins Park
Historical Reenactment Club
Historical Reenactment Club L2
Hamar Town Hall Hamar, Norway
Landsknecht Castle
Landsknecht Castle L1
Château de Vincennes Paris, France
RealWorld Landsknecht Castle
Medieval Tourist Complex
Medieval Tourist Complex
Power House of Boldt Castle Alexandria Bay, NY, USA
RealWorld Medieval Tourist Complex
Amusement Park Laser Shooting Range
Laser Shooting Range
Olympic Shooting Arenas London, UK
RealWorld Laser Shooting Range
Fun House
Fun House
Freddie Stokes' 'Jumbo Circus' Funhouse No fixed location
RealWorld Fun House
Ice Cream Cafe
Ice Cream Cafe
Nestlé Application Group Querétaro Toluca, Mexico
RealWorld Ice Cream Cafe
Amusement Park Directorate
Amusement Park Directorate L1
Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Amusement Park Directorate
Wonder Wheel
Wonder Wheel L1
Singapore Flyer Singapore, Singapore
RealWorld Wonder Wheel
Luna Park Observation Tower
Luna Park Observation Tower
Eiffel Tower replicas at Kings Island and Kings Dominion Amusement Parks Mason, OH, USA/Doswell, VA, USA
RealWorld Luna Park Observation Tower
Independence Day Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall L2
Faneuil Hall Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Faneuil Hall
Massachusetts State House
Massachusetts State House L2
Massachusetts State House Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Massachusetts State House
Old State House
Old State House L2
Old State House Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Old State House
Boston Public Library
Boston Public Library L2
Boston Public Library Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Boston Public Library
Parkman Bandstand
Decoration Parkman Bandstand
Parkman Bandstand Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Parkman Bandstand
Paul Revere Monument
Paul Revere Monument
Paul Revere Statue Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Paul Revere Monument
King's Chapel
King's Chapel
King's Chapel Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld King's Chapel
Old South Meeting House
Old South Meeting House
Old South Meeting House Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Old South Meeting House
Tennis Tournament Lawn Tennis Association
Lawn Tennis Association L1
Kazan Tennis Academy Kazan, Russia
RealWorld Lawn Tennis Association
Lawn Tennis School
Lawn Tennis School
National Tennis Centre Melbourne, Australia
RealWorld Lawn Tennis School
Tennis Center
Tennis Center L2
Hangzhou Civic Sports Center (proposed) Hangzhou, China
RealWorld Tennis Center
Lawn Tennis Museum
Lawn Tennis Museum
First Nations University of Canada Regina, Canada
RealWorld Lawn Tennis Museum
Tennis Country Club
Tennis Country Club L3
Bob Hope House Palm Springs, CA, USA
RealWorld Tennis Country Club
Tennis Flowerbed
Tennis Flowerbed
Wimbledom Flowerbed, Henman Hill London, UK
RealWorld Tennis Flowerbed
Youth Lawn Tennis School
Youth Lawn Tennis School
International Tennis Hall of Fame Newport, RI, USA
RealWorld Youth Lawn Tennis School
Ghost Town Jewelry Showroom
Jewelry Showroom
Stadshuis Nieuwegein Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
RealWorld Jewelry Showroom
Jewelry Store
Jewelry Store
Emporia Malmö Malmö, Sweden
RealWorld Jewelry Store
Gold Mining Company
Gold Mining Company L2
Firstsite Arts Center Colchester, UK
RealWorld Gold Mining Company
Gold Refinery
Gold Refinery L2
Inotera Headquarters & Production Facility Taipei, Taiwan
RealWorld Gold Refinery
Wind Turbines System
Wind Turbines System Construction
Éole VAWT Cap-Chat, Canada
RealWorld Wind Turbines System
Autonomous Water Station
Autonomous Water Station L1
Vukovar Water Tower Vukovar, Croatia
RealWorld Autonomous Water Station
Trading Post
Trading Post
White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad Building Skagway, AK, USA
RealWorld Trading Post
Gold Museum
Gold Museum
Library and Learning Centre University of Economics Vienna Vienna, Austria
RealWorld Gold Museum
The Queen's Visit Green Park
Green Park L1
Diamond Jubilee Floral Crown, St James's Park London, UK
RealWorld Green Park
Royal Family Museum
Royal Family Museum L2
Royal Museum for Central Africa Brussels, Belgium
RealWorld Royal Family Museum
Orchestral Guard School
Orchestral Guard School L2
Royal Victoria Patriotic Building London, UK
RealWorld Orchestral Guard School
Palace of Whitehall
Palace of Whitehall L2
Government Offices Great George Street London, UK
RealWorld Palace of Whitehall
Monument to Royal Splendour
Monument to Royal Splendour
Victoria Monument Liverpool, UK
RealWorld Monument to Royal Splendour
Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle Windsor, UK
RealWorld Windsor Castle
Polo Championship Polo Equipment Store
Polo Equipment Store
Old Vedanta Temple San Francisco, CA, USA
RealWorld Polo Equipment Store
Polo Club
Polo Club L1
The Silas W. Robbins House Wethersfield, CT, USA
RealWorld Polo Club
Hotel for Polo Players
Hotel for Polo Players L3
Hotel Russell London, UK
RealWorld Hotel for Polo Players
Polo History Museum
Polo History Museum
Wall Pavilion at Zwinger Palace Dresden, Germany
RealWorld Polo History Museum
Megapolis Stud Farm
Megapolis Stud Farm
Haras de Bonneval Le Mesnil-Mauger, France
RealWorld Megapolis Stud Farm
Pirates in Megapolis! Caravel Hotel
Caravel Hotel
Jagdschloss Gelbensande Gelbensande, Germany
RealWorld Caravel Hotel
Sailing Ship Museum
Sailing Ship Museum
Titanic Belfast Belfast, UK
RealWorld Sailing Ship Museum
Skull Cliff
Skull Cliff L2
Skull cliff outside the Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas, NV, USA
RealWorld Skull Cliff
Treasure Hunting Club
Treasure Hunting Club
Great Theatre of Havana Havana, Cuba
RealWorld Treasure Hunting Club
Megapolis Auto Show Auto Workshop
Auto Workshop
The Car. Das Auto Gnigl, Austria
RealWorld Auto Workshop
Expocenter L2
Palazzo dei Congressi Riccione, Italy
RealWorld Expocenter
Auto Studio
Auto Studio L2
Ferrari Museum Modena, Italy
RealWorld Auto Studio
Driving School
Driving School L1
Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters Budapest, Hungary
RealWorld Driving School
Autocafe L1
Cabel Industry headquarter Empoli, Italy
RealWorld Autocafe
Hotel Complex
Hotel Complex (Auto Show) L1
Palazzo Lombardia Milan, Italy
RealWorld Hotel Complex
Speed sculpture
Speed sculpture
Porsche 911 Sculpture Goodwood House, UK
RealWorld Speed sculpture
Automobile Museum
Automobile Museum
Ferrari Factory Store Alessandria, Italy
RealWorld Automobile Museum
Green Energy International Ecology Center
International Ecology Center
The Athenaeum Hotel London, UK
RealWorld International Ecology Center
Educational Ecostudio
Educational Ecostudio
Paradise Park Children's Centre London, UK
RealWorld Educational Ecostudio
Environmental Research Center
Environmental Research Center L3
Ecorium Seocheon, South Korea
RealWorld Environmental Research Center
Megapolis Greening Department
Megapolis Greening Department L2
ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall Fukuoka, Japan
RealWorld Megapolis Greening Department
Vertical Forest Hotel
Vertical Forest Hotel L2
'Vertical forest' Skysrapers Milan, Italy
RealWorld Vertical Forest Hotel
Solar Ark
Solar Ark L1
Solar Ark Anpachi, Japan
RealWorld Solar Ark
Organic Foods Market
Organic Foods Market
Halles d'Avignon Avignon, France
RealWorld Organic Foods Market
Experimental Solar Power Plant
Experimental Solar Power Plant
Four solaire d'Odeillo Odeillo, France
RealWorld Experimental Solar Power Plant
An Air Show and an Air Race Amelia Mary Earhart Pilots Club
Amelia Mary Earhart Pilots Club L3
Hangar-7 & Hangar 8 Salzburg, Austria
RealWorld Amelia Mary Earhart Pilots Club
Flight Safety Service
Flight Safety Service L2
Manchester Civil Justice Centre Manchester, UK
RealWorld Flight Safety Service
Stands for Air Show Spectators
Stands for Air Show Spectators L1
Sepang International Circuit Sepang, Malaysia
RealWorld Stands for Air Show Spectators
Aircraft Design Bureau
Aircraft Design Bureau
Stamp House Cape Tribulation, QLD, Australia
RealWorld Aircraft Design Bureau
Dream of Flight Sculpture
Dream of Flight Sculpture
Paper Airplane Folding sculpture Little Rock, AR, USA
Flight School
Flight of School
Bridge Academy London, UK
RealWorld Flight School
Electronic Music Festival Open-Air Festival Ground Decibel Outdoor Festival 2012 Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands
RealWorld Open-Air Festival Ground
Music Equipment Store Information Centre Shanghai Shanghai, China
RealWorld Music Equipment Store
Modern Dance Studio UFA Cinema Center Dresden, Germany
RealWorld Modern Dance Studio
DJ School
DJ School L2
Müllheim Office Building Müllheim, Germany
RealWorld DJ School
Record Company Dockland Hamburg, Germany
RealWorld Record Company
Electronic Music Radio Station Part of Berlin's GSW Headquarters Berlin, Germany
RealWorld Electronic Music Radio Station
Audiobar Dreamy Camera Cafe Jung-won-ri, South Korea
RealWorld Audiobar
Pulse Night Club Slender - Bender Berlin, Germany
RealWorld Pulse Night Club
Halloween in Megapolis Costume Workshop
Costume Workshop
The Crooked House Sopot, Poland
RealWorld Costume Workshop
Gothic Castle
Gothic Castle L2
Sibiu Evangelical Church Sibiu, Romania
RealWorld Gothic Castle
Horrible Hotel
Horrible Hotel L2
Richardson Olmsted Complex Buffalo, NY, USA
RealWorld Horrible Hotel
Abandoned Manor Gillette Castle East Haddam, CT, USA
RealWorld Abandoned Manor
Hairpin Turn Cycle Race Hotel for Contest Participants
Hotel for Contest Participants
Renaissance Wagram Hotel Paris, France
RealWorld Hotel for Contest Participants
Bicycle Factory
Bicycle Factory
Cite Des Affaires Saint-Etienne, France
RealWorld Bicycle Factory
Velodrome L1
Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy Paris, France
RealWorld Velodrome
Palace of Sports
Palace of Sports (Hairpin Turn Cycle Race) L2
Shining Lighthouse Belfort, France
RealWorld Palace of Sports (Hairpin Turn Cycle Race)
Cycling Hall of Fame
Cycling Hall of Fame
NASCAR Hall of Fame Charlotte, NC, USA
RealWorld Cycling Hall of Fame
Magnificent Las Megas Airport
Airport (Las Megas) L3
Beijing Airport, Terminal 3 Beijing, China
Tessera Game Center
Tessera Game Center L3
Centennial Hall with Iglica Wrocław, Poland
RealWorld Tessera Game Center
Airplane Workshop:
Design Bureau
Airplane Workshop (Las Megas) L4
"St. Petersburg Plaza" Business Complex St. Petersburg, Russia
RealWorld Airplane Workshop Design Bureau
Zayed National Museum
Zayed National Museum (Night)
Zayed National Museum Abu Dhabi, UAE
French Cuisine Festival Massialot Bakery
Massialot Bakery
Moulin Saulnier, Menier Chocolate Factory Noisiel, France
RealWorld Massialot Bakery
French Confectionery
French Confectionery
Parliament Street Rowhouse Toronto, Canada
RealWorld French Confectionery
French Restaurant
French Restaurant
Wikipedia Logo Firehouse, Engine Company 31 New York City, NY, USA
Thanksgiving Worship House
Worship House
Old Ship Church Hingham, MA, USA
RealWorld Worship House
Monument to the Founding Fathers
Monument to the Founding Fathers
National Monument to the Forefathers Plymouth, MA, USA
RealWorld Monument to the Founding Fathers
Charitable Foundation
Charitable Foundation
Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA
RealWorld Charitable Foundation
Entertainment for All Tastes Canadian National Gallery
Canadian National Gallery
National Gallery of Canada Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld Canadian National Gallery (Night)
Transatlantic Tower
Transatlantic Tower
CMA CGM Tower Marseille, France
RealWorld Transatlantic Tower
Star of the Seas Laguna Hotel
Laguna Hotel L2
Sea Planet Resort & SPA Kizilot, Turkey
RealWorld Laguna Hotel
Star of the Seas Cruise Ship
Star of the Seas Cruise Ship L2
The Liberty of the Seas
Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
no fixed location
RealWorld Star of the Seas Cruise Ship
Goldfish sculpture
Goldfish Sculpture
Peix (Fish) sculpture Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld Goldfish Sculpture
Florida Aquarium Tampa, FL, USA
RealWorld Oceanarium
Railroad Busan Station
Busan Station L3
Busan Station Busan, South Korea
RealWorld Busan Station
Busan Station:
Control Room
Gare do Oriente Lisbon, Portugal
Central Station
Central Station L3
Beijing South Railway Station Beijing, China
RealWorld Central Station
International Terminal
International Terminal L4
Wikipedia Logo Expo MRT Station Singapore, Singapore
RealWorld International Terminal
Transport University
Transport University
Wikipedia Logo Central Bank of Brazil Brasília, Brazil
RealWorld Transport University
Longbow Bridge
Longbow Bridge L1
Wikipedia Logo Ramstore Bridge Astana, Kazakhstan
RealWorld Longbow Bridge
Megapolis Unity Station
Megapolis Unity Station L4
Toledo railway station Toledo, Spain
RealWorld Megapolis Unity Station
Christmas Market Tree Decorations Workshop
Tree Decorations Workshop L3
Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) Esslingen, Germany
RealWorld Tree Decorations Workshop
Caramel Christmas Candy Store
Caramel Christmas Candy Store
Historical Merchants Hall Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
RealWorld Caramel Christmas Candy Store
Merchants' Guildhall
Merchants' Guildhall
Wikipedia Logo House of the Blackheads Riga, Latvia
RealWorld Merchants' Guildhall
Christmas Tower
Christmas Tower
Wikipedia Logo Christmas pyramid N/A
RealWorld Christmas Tower
Operation "New Year" Secret Organization Headquarters
Secret Organization Headquarters L3
Wikipedia Logo John Curtin School of Medical Research Canberra, Australia
RealWorld Secret Organization Headquarters
SIS Building
SIS Building
Wikipedia Logo Portcullis House London, UK
RealWorld SIS Building
Secret Laboratory
Secret Laboratory
Wikipedia Logo Princess Elisabeth Research Station Utsteinen Nunatak, Antarctica
RealWorld Secret Laboratory
Megapolis Security Agency
Megapolis Security Agency
Wikipedia Logo Westin Bonaventure Hotel Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Megapolis Security Agency
Secret Service Research Center
Secret Service Research Center L3
Wikipedia Logo Clyde Auditorium Glasgow, UK
RealWorld Secret Service Research Center
Secret Agent Training Facility
Secret Agent Training Facility L2
Wikipedia Logo Piz Gloria Schilthorn, Switzerland
RealWorld Secret Agent Training Facility
Spy Safehouse
Spy Safehouse
Wikipedia Logo Futuro House N/A
RealWorld Spy Safehouse
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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