The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the buildings involved in Timed Quests in the year 2017.

  Real World Buildings: Timed Quests
Fairy Tale Castle
Coast Guard Administration Building
Metalmorphoses Fountain
Eastern Pavilion
Edenheim Royal Hotel L2
New Moon Hotel
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Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Snowville Mountain Resort New Moon Hotel
New Moon Hotel
Hotel Crescent Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld New Moon Hotel
Mountain Observatory Dark Energy Museum
Dark Energy Museum
Knut Hamsun Center Hamarøy, Norway
RealWorld Dark Energy Museum
Telescope Assembly Facility
Telescope Assembly Facility
Wikipedia Logo Osaka Maritime Museum Osaka, Japan
RealWorld Concert Stage
Scientific Astronomy Center
Scientific Astronomy Center
China Steel Corporation Headquarters Kaohsiung, Taiwan
RealWorld Scientific Astronomy Center
Exploring the Earth Scientific Research Center
Scientific Research Center L0
Olympia 66 Dalian, China
Atmospheric Probe Launchpad
Atmospheric Probe Launchpad L1
Wikipedia Logo New York State Pavilion Flushing, NY, USA
RealWorld Atmospheric Probe Launchpad
Earth Research Center
Earth Research Center
Toronto City Hall Toronto, Canada
RealWorld Earth Research Center
Ziggurat Ziggurat
Ziggurat L4
Ziggurat Pyramid proposed at Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Ziggurat
Northern Wonder Rafting Lift
Rafting Lift L2
Strépy-Thieu boat lift Le Rœulx, Belgium
RealWorld Rafting Lift
Observation Tower by the Dam
Observation Tower by the Dam L0
Baumwipfelpfad Observation Tower Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, Germany
RealWorld Observation Tower by the Dam
Sport Eden Fitness Department
Fitness Department L2
Vdara Hotel Paradise, NV, USA
RealWorld Fitness Department
Rugby Stadium
Rugby Stadium L2
Melbourne Rectangular Stadium Melbourne, Australia
RealWorld Rugby Stadium
Sports Hotel
Sports Hotel L0
Ginza Place Tokyo, Japan
RealWorld Sports Hotel
Junior Sports School
Junior Sports School L0
Montreal Biodome Montreal, Canada
RealWorld Junior Sports School
Olympus Sport Palace
Olympus Sport Palace
Santander Sports Palace Santander, Spain
RealWorld Olympus Sports Palace
Sea Fort Sea Fort
Sea Fort (New) L3
No Man's Land Fort near Portsmouth, England
RealWorld Sea Fort(TQ)
Guard Tower
Guard Tower L2
Scheveningen Pier Scheveningen, Netherlands
Scheveningen Pier
Martingale Casino
Martingale Casino L0
Armada Banquet Hall
Armada Banquet Hall L0
NASA Orbit Pavilion Pasadena, CA, USA
RealWorld Armada Banquet Hall
Two Elements Collide Ocean Volcanology Lab
Ocean Volcanology Lab L2
African Union HQ Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
RealWorld Ocean Volcanology Lab
Marine Exploration Station
Marine Exploration Station L3
Yujiapu Railway Station Tianjin, China
RealWorld Marine Exploration Station
Artificial Mountain Weather Station
Weather Station L1
Science Centre AHHAA Tartu, Estonia
RealWorld Weather Station
Whirlpool of Events Hydrological Research Center
Hydrological Research Center L2
Expo 2017 Astana, Kazakhstan
RealWorld Hydrological Research Center
Sea Current Lab
Sea Current Lab L0
Torrent Research Centre Ahmedabad, India
Floating Lighthouse
Floating Lighthouse L0
Yeosu New Port North Breakwater lighthouse Yeosu, South Korea
RealWorld Floating Lighthouse
Floating Palaces Ancient Palace
Ancient Palace L3
Nemi ships Lake Nemi, Italy
Nemi ships
Temple of Diana
Temple of Diana L2
Temple of Trivia
Temple of Trivia L0
Tempio Voltiano Como, Italy
RealWorld Temple of Trivia
Treasure Hunt Great Jaguar Temple
Great Jaguar Temple L3
Tikal Temple I Tikal, Guatemala
RealWorld Tikal Temple
Temple of Masks
Temple of Masks L3
Tikal Temple II Tikal, Guatemala
RealWorld Temple of Masks
Pyramid Square
Pyramid Square L3
North Acropolis Tikal, Guatemala
RealWorld Pyramid Square
Lost Pyramid
Lost Pyramid L6
El Tigre El Mirador, Guatemala
RealWorld Lost Pyramid
Pearl of the Savanna Scientific Restoration Academy
Scientific Restoration Academy L1
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi, UAE
RealWorld Scientific Restoration Academy
Spring Well
Spring Well L3
Hercules monument Kassel, Germany
RealWorld Spring Well
Pumping Unit
Pumping Unit L0
Dietzenbach Observation Tower Dietzenbach, Germany
RealWorld Pumping Unit
Incredible Geyser Landscape Studio
Landscape Studio L2
De Cope Building Utrecht, Netherlands
De Cope Building
Observation Tower
Observation Tower L0
Wikipedia Logo British Airways i360 Brighton and Hove, UK
Tourist Helicopter Club
Tourist Helicopter Club
New Acton South Canberra, Australia
City of Aladdin Shafran Entertainment Center
Shafran Entertainment Center L4
Aladdin City Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Shafran Entertainment Center
World Lamp King Museum Zhongshan, China
RealWorld Shafran Entertainment Center (Southern Tower)
Performance Space
Performance Space
Tianfu Square Chengdu, China
To the Heart of the Desert Workshop III Kish Water Reservoir Kish Island, Iran
Sanctum of Light Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam Multan, Pakistan
Palace of Life Wikipedia Logo Heydar Mosque Baku, Azerbaijan
Desert Treasury Wikipedia Logo Al Noor Mosque Sharjah, UAE
Desert Pearl Temple Masjid Sulaiman Al Rajhi Hail, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Desert Pearl Temple
Entertainment Oasis Gezira Center Wikipedia Logo Saleh Mosque Sana'a, Yemen
Hathor Gardens Temple Pool at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV, USA
RealWorld Hathor Gardens
Cheops Night Club Wikipedia Logo Pyramid of Tirana Tirana, Albania
Osiris Casino Hotel Wikipedia Logo Galaxy Macau Macau, China
Trading Town The Makadi Palace Hotel Makadi Bay, Egypt
Wikipedia Logo Pyramids of Meroë Meroë, Sudan
Luxor Mall Memphis Pyramid Memphis, TN, USA
RealWorld Pyramid Arena
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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