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Information about the Analysis Table

The table below lists important information if you are interested in gaining the most XP, or Population Increase, in the shortest amount of time. It is fully sortable so it is easy to see which value is highest in each respective category.

  • Minimum Coin sm Level: the lowest Experience sm level that structure can be purchased with Coin sm.
  • Structure Size: the number of 1x1 squares (tiles) that building occupies in-game.
  • Population sm/Minute: assuming that the player plays 24/7 and includes a perfect overlap between cycles.
    In the case of shorter cycles like Wooden House and Bosphorus Cottage, consider using a lower value to represent a more achievable goal.
    Higher values result in a faster population increase.
  • Population sm/Minute/Single Tile: accounts for Structure Size resulting in a lowest common denominator unit, a game tile.
    Higher values result in a faster population increase.

The values in the lower table that display Coins/XP and XP/MB are dynamic (and will eventually be removed); each instance that the reward is collected, the values for that structure approach the smallest "greater than zero" value.

  • [Dynamic Value] Coins/XP is the amount of coins it takes to 'buy' 1XP.
    This time a lower value is more favourable and means you're spending fewer coins per XP.
  • [Dynamic Value] XP/MB calculates the number of XP you earn from spending on MB Megabucks sm.
    A higher value represents more XP for your MB.


It should be noted that buying XP through using the highest Coins/XP, or XP/MB may result in a loss of ability to reach the top 100 players. It has been stated on the SQ forums that if you buy many multiples of the same building for the sake of building XP, you may not appear on the high-scores.




Coin sm
Population sm


Experience sm





(In Tiles)

Population sm


Population sm
Countryside Hotel Building Countryside Hotel Megabucks sm ONLY 80 Population sm 15 Experience sm 00:05 4 16.0000 4.0000
Wooden House Building Wooden House 3 10 Population sm 1 Experience sm 00:05 1 2.0000 2.0000
Bosphorus Cottage 50px 5 30 Population sm 2 Experience sm 00:15 4 2.0000 .5000
Marienhof Cottage Building Marienhof Cottage 6 35 Population sm 3 Experience sm 00:20 1 1.7500 1.7500
Big Family House Building Big Family House 5 45 Population sm 3 Experience sm 00:30 1 1.5000 1.5000
Gemini Hotel Building Gemini Hotel 36 5,800 Population sm 80 Experience sm 26:00 6 3.7179 0.6196
Hotel Radebeul Building Hotel Radebeul 42 4,200 Population sm 60 Experience sm 06:00 9 11.6666 1.2963
Large Japanese House Building Large Japanese House Megabucks sm ONLY 300 Population sm 30 Experience sm 04:00 1 1.2500 1.2500
Hotel 50px 3 75 Population sm 4 Experience sm 01:00 1 1.2500 1.2500
Large Wooden House Building Large Wooden House 4 100 Population sm 5 Experience sm 01:30 1 1.1111 1.1111
Bungalow 50px 3 15 Population sm 2 Experience sm 00:15 1 1.0000 1.0000
Siena Bungalow Building Siena Bungalow 4 20 Population sm 2 Experience sm 00:20 1 1.0000 1.0000
Albion Cottage 50px 8 120 Population sm 6 Experience sm 02:00 1 1.0000 1.0000
Titanic Hotel Building Titanic Hotel 35 1,250 Population sm 30 Experience sm 06:00 4 3.4722 0.8681
Premium Apartment Building Building Premium Apartment Building 19 400 Population sm 25 Experience sm 04:00 2 1.6666 0.8333
Acacia Residential Complex
(aka Acacia Compound)
100px 35 1,000 Population sm 50 Experience sm 05:00 4 1.6666 0.8333
"Pegasus" Residential Complex 100px 50 5,000 Population sm 250 Experience sm 25:00 4 3.3333 0.8333
Horizon Residential Complex Horizon Residential Complex 29 1,900 Population sm 82 Experience sm 10:00 4 3.1666 0.7916
Baroque Villa 100px 20 550 Population sm 40 Experience sm 03:00 4 3.0555 0.7638
Suburban Condo Building Suburban Condo 16 450 Population sm 18 Experience sm 10:00 1 0.7500 0.7500
Izola Villa Building Izola Villa 25 270 Population sm 27 Experience sm 03:00 2 1.5000 0.7500
"Aurora" Residential Complex Building Aurora Residential Complex 49 5,400 Population sm 200 Experience sm 20:00 6 4.5000 0.7500
Hotel Silken Hotel Silken 53 1,600 Population sm 22 Experience sm 06:00 6 4.4444 0.7407
Riviera Residential Complex
(aka Riviera Compound)
100px 48 3,000 Population sm 160 Experience sm 17:00 4 2.9411 0.7353
Brick House 50px 3 75 Population sm 2 Experience sm 06:00 1 0.2083 0.2083
DataBlock  50px 00 0 Population sm 0 Experience sm 00:00 1 0.0000 0.0000
Name Tile Space Pop/min Pop/min/tile Coins/xp Xp/mb Freq. of
A House with a Swimming Pool 1 0.73 0.73 250 27 04:00
Small Japanese House 1 0.46 0.46 250 02:00
Business Class House 1 0.35 0.35 250 06:00
Condominium 1 0.35 0.35 250 160 24:00
Five Star Hotel 1 0.67 0.67 500 12 01:00
Two-Story Hostel 1 0.64 0.64 231 350 13:00
Luxury Apartment Building 1 0.69 0.69 250 267 24:00
Seventh Heaven Hotel 4 2.33 0.58 314 250 05:00
Renaissance Hotel 4 2.33 0.58 305 475 10:00
Mansion 2 1.04 0.52 143 35 08:00
Japanese House 1 0.49 0.49 250 06:00
Atlas Cottage 1 0.20 0.20 200 07:00
Tropics Ecohouse 2 0.60 0.30 200 07:00
Hotel Azure 2 1.33 0.67 376 425 20:00
Hotel Sputnik 4 1.67 0.42 571 88 03:00
Continental Hotel 4 2.50 0.63 316 380 06:00
Apartment Building 2 0.97 0.49 250 06:00
Oak Cottage 1 0.83 0.83 143 04:00
Lampion Compound 4 2.33 0.58 255 550 06:00
Two-Storey Brick House 1 0.67 0.67 250 02:00
Grand Prix Hotel 2 1.00 0.50 387 78 04:00
Townhouse 1 0.50 0.50 286 117 10:00
Hotel "Metropolis" 6 3.21 0.53 280 625 04:00
Babylon Compound 4 2.08 0.52 350 667 12:00
Villa Colani 9 5.14 0.57 460 750 12:00
Edges Compound 4 2.36 0.59 413 767 06:00
Zodiac Compound 4 2.31 0.58 400 833 18:00
Cupola Villa 4 2.54 0.64 438 1300 08:00
Continental Compound 4 2.78 0.69 429 933 24:00
Riviera Compound 4 2.94 0.74 450 600 17:00
Forte Grande Residential Complex 4 2.16 0.54 386.66 500 10:00
Pathos Bungalow 4 1.67 0.42 266.67 150 06:00
Wave Residential Complex 4 2.01 0.50 282.35 566.67 12:00
Assol Residence 4 2.0 0.5 243.59 650 10:00
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NamePlot SizeCoin costReward DurationPopulation RewardPopulation per minPopulation per min per sq.XP RewardXP per minXP per min per sq.Release Date
'Aurora' Residential Complex2x32,000,000 Coin sm20 hours5,400 Population sm4.50 Population sm0.75 Population sm200 Experience sm0.17 Experience sm0.03 Experience smJune 14, 2013
'Pegasus' Residential Complex2x21,500,000 Coin sm27 hours5,000 Population sm3.09 Population sm0.77 Population sm250 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.04 Experience smMay 27, 2014
'Pegasus' Residential Complex (Old)2x21,500,000 Coin sm27 hours5,000 Population sm3.09 Population sm0.77 Population sm250 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.04 Experience smMarch 05, 2013
8 House Residential Complex3x33,918,000 Coin sm9 hours5,400 Population sm10.00 Population sm1.11 Population sm270 Experience sm0.50 Experience sm0.06 Experience smNovember 30, 2015
Acacia Residential Complex (Old)2x2850,000 Coin sm5 hours1,000 Population sm3.33 Population sm0.83 Population sm50 Experience sm0.17 Experience sm0.04 Experience smDecember 04, 2012
Acacia Residential Complex2x21,040,000 Coin sm5 hours760 Population sm2.53 Population sm0.63 Population sm37 Experience sm0.12 Experience sm0.03 Experience smFebruary 11, 2016
Al Murooj Apartments3x44,741,000 Coin sm10 hours7,300 Population sm12.17 Population sm1.01 Population sm380 Experience sm0.63 Experience sm0.05 Experience smJune 05, 2017
Al Riyadh Hotel2x43,517,000 Coin sm11 hours7,100 Population sm10.76 Population sm1.34 Population sm320 Experience sm0.48 Experience sm0.06 Experience smFebruary 06, 2017
Al Yass Apartments2x21,700,000 Coin sm13 hours3,300 Population sm4.23 Population sm1.06 Population sm170 Experience sm0.22 Experience sm0.05 Experience smAugust 24, 2017
Albion Cottage (Old)1x118,000 Coin sm2 hours120 Population sm1.00 Population sm1.00 Population sm6 Experience sm0.05 Experience sm0.05 Experience smAugust 29, 2014
Albion Cottage1x118,000 Coin sm2 hours120 Population sm1.00 Population sm1.00 Population sm6 Experience sm0.05 Experience sm0.05 Experience smAugust 29, 2014
Alexandria Cottage (Old)2x21,565,000 Coin sm11 hours2,400 Population sm3.64 Population sm0.91 Population sm140 Experience sm0.21 Experience sm0.05 Experience smOctober 29, 2015
Ambassador Residential Complex2x21,680,000 Coin sm9 hours2,200 Population sm4.07 Population sm1.02 Population sm120 Experience sm0.22 Experience sm0.06 Experience smOctober 09, 2017
Ambrose Burnside House2x21,675,000 Coin sm10 hours2,500 Population sm4.17 Population sm1.04 Population sm120 Experience sm0.20 Experience sm0.05 Experience smAugust 28, 2017
Antilia Apartments2x21,739,000 Coin sm8 hours2,400 Population sm5.00 Population sm1.25 Population sm120 Experience sm0.25 Experience sm0.06 Experience smOctober 03, 2016
Apartment Building (Old)1x240,000 Coin sm6 hours350 Population sm0.97 Population sm0.49 Population sm10 Experience sm0.03 Experience sm0.01 Experience smUnknown
Apartment Building2x250,000 Coin sm4 hours440 Population sm1.83 Population sm0.46 Population sm20 Experience sm0.08 Experience sm0.02 Experience smJuly 22, 2014
Apogee Hotel2x21,720,000 Coin sm15 hours4,500 Population sm5.00 Population sm1.25 Population sm200 Experience sm0.22 Experience sm0.06 Experience smMarch 30, 2017
Aqua Hotel2x32,551,000 Coin sm14 hours5,200 Population sm6.19 Population sm1.03 Population sm270 Experience sm0.32 Experience sm0.05 Experience smOctober 19, 2015
Art Hotel3x45,613,000 Coin sm7 hours6,400 Population sm15.24 Population sm1.27 Population sm310 Experience sm0.74 Experience sm0.06 Experience smNovember 02, 2017
Assol Residence2x2670,000 Coin sm10 hours1,200 Population sm2.00 Population sm0.50 Population sm70 Experience sm0.12 Experience sm0.03 Experience smMay 10, 2013
Auris Hotel2x43,539,000 Coin sm9 hours5,200 Population sm9.63 Population sm1.20 Population sm240 Experience sm0.44 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJune 15, 2017
Australia Residences3x34,000,000 Coin sm10 hours6,400 Population sm10.67 Population sm1.19 Population sm300 Experience sm0.50 Experience sm0.06 Experience smAugust 14, 2017
Babylon Residential Complex2x2600,000 Coin sm6 hours900 Population sm2.50 Population sm0.63 Population sm45 Experience sm0.13 Experience sm0.03 Experience smNovember 30, 2012
Baroque Villa2x2228,000 Coin sm5 hours550 Population sm1.83 Population sm0.46 Population sm28 Experience sm0.09 Experience sm0.02 Experience smAugust 29, 2014
Baroque Villa (Old)2x2200,000 Coin sm4 hours550 Population sm2.29 Population sm0.57 Population sm13 Experience sm0.05 Experience sm0.01 Experience smUnknown
Bergamo Grand Hotel2x43,410,000 Coin sm8 hours4,500 Population sm9.38 Population sm1.17 Population sm220 Experience sm0.46 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJune 19, 2017
Bianca Villa1x230,000 Coin sm2 hours110 Population sm0.92 Population sm0.46 Population sm6 Experience sm0.05 Experience sm0.03 Experience smMay 27, 2014
Big Family House1x19,000 Coin sm30 minutes45 Population sm1.50 Population sm1.50 Population sm3 Experience sm0.10 Experience sm0.10 Experience smUnknown
Bip Castle3x34,109,000 Coin sm9 hours6,100 Population sm11.30 Population sm1.26 Population sm270 Experience sm0.50 Experience sm0.06 Experience smFebruary 20, 2017
Blarney House2x21,720,000 Coin sm18 hours4,600 Population sm4.26 Population sm1.06 Population sm220 Experience sm0.20 Experience sm0.05 Experience smOctober 12, 2015
Bosphorus Cottage (Old)1x15,000 Coin sm15 minutes30 Population sm2.00 Population sm2.00 Population sm2 Experience sm0.13 Experience sm0.13 Experience smUnknown
Bosphorus Cottage2x25,000 Coin sm15 minutes30 Population sm2.00 Population sm0.50 Population sm2 Experience sm0.13 Experience sm0.03 Experience smUnknown
Bottrop Hotel1x2853,000 Coin sm11 hours1,300 Population sm1.97 Population sm0.98 Population sm74 Experience sm0.11 Experience sm0.06 Experience smNovember 28, 2016
Brick House1x15,000 Coin sm6 hours75 Population sm0.21 Population sm0.21 Population sm2 Experience sm0.01 Experience sm0.01 Experience smUnknown
Bristol Residential Complex2x21,050,000 Coin sm14 hours2,100 Population sm2.50 Population sm0.63 Population sm110 Experience sm0.13 Experience sm0.03 Experience smApril 30, 2013
Bungalow (Old)1x13,000 Coin sm15 minutes5 Population sm0.33 Population sm0.33 Population sm2 Experience sm0.13 Experience sm0.13 Experience smUnknown
Bungalow1x13,000 Coin sm1 minute5 Population sm5.02 Population sm5.02 Population sm1 Experience sm1.00 Experience sm1.00 Experience smAugust 29, 2014
Business Class Hotel2x21,791,000 Coin sm13 hours4,000 Population sm5.13 Population sm1.28 Population sm180 Experience sm0.23 Experience sm0.06 Experience smAugust 10, 2017
Business Class House (Old)1x110,000 Coin sm6 hours125 Population sm0.35 Population sm0.35 Population sm3 Experience sm0.01 Experience sm0.01 Experience smUnknown
Business Class House1x110,000 Coin sm6 hours125 Population sm0.35 Population sm0.35 Population sm3 Experience sm0.01 Experience sm0.01 Experience smAugust 29, 2014
Cassiopeia Hotel2x2155,000 Coin sm8 hours1,100 Population sm2.29 Population sm0.57 Population sm10 Experience sm0.02 Experience sm0.01 Experience smApril 23, 2013
Cervena Lhota Castle3x33,661,000 Coin sm12 hours7,100 Population sm9.86 Population sm1.10 Population sm370 Experience sm0.51 Experience sm0.06 Experience smOctober 16, 2017
Christie Plaza Apartments2x32,670,000 Coin sm8 hours3,900 Population sm8.13 Population sm1.35 Population sm180 Experience sm0.38 Experience sm0.06 Experience smOctober 20, 2016
Colorful Hotel2x21,781,000 Coin sm9 hours2,500 Population sm4.63 Population sm1.16 Population sm130 Experience sm0.24 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJanuary 11, 2016
Condominium1x123,300 Coin sm18 hours500 Population sm0.46 Population sm0.46 Population sm24 Experience sm0.02 Experience sm0.02 Experience smSeptember 23, 2014
Condominium (Old)1x180,000 Coin sm24 hours500 Population sm0.35 Population sm0.35 Population sm12 Experience sm0.01 Experience sm0.01 Experience smUnknown
Continental Residential Complex (Old)2x21,200,000 Coin sm24 hours4,000 Population sm2.78 Population sm0.69 Population sm200 Experience sm0.14 Experience sm0.03 Experience smFebruary 05, 2013
Continental Residential Complex2x21,220,000 Coin sm24 hours4,000 Population sm2.78 Population sm0.69 Population sm210 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.04 Experience smFebruary 29, 2016
Cullen Hotel2x21,602,000 Coin sm14 hours2,000 Population sm2.38 Population sm0.60 Population sm110 Experience sm0.13 Experience sm0.03 Experience smJuly 14, 2015
Cullinan Apartment Complex2x43,281,000 Coin sm9 hours4,700 Population sm8.70 Population sm1.09 Population sm240 Experience sm0.44 Experience sm0.06 Experience smApril 11, 2016
Cupola Villa2x21,140,000 Coin sm8 hours1,220 Population sm2.54 Population sm0.64 Population sm70 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.04 Experience smFebruary 15, 2013
Dorilton Apartments2x21,844,000 Coin sm8 hours2,400 Population sm5.00 Population sm1.25 Population sm110 Experience sm0.23 Experience sm0.06 Experience smMay 22, 2017
Dream Residential Complex2x2900,000 Coin sm10 hours1,500 Population sm2.50 Population sm0.63 Population sm90 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.04 Experience smApril 16, 2013
Dynasty Mansion2x21,654,000 Coin sm15 hours3,800 Population sm4.22 Population sm1.06 Population sm200 Experience sm0.22 Experience sm0.06 Experience smDecember 30, 2015
Dzervinova Villa2x21,445,000 Coin sm5 hours1,000 Population sm3.33 Population sm0.83 Population sm56 Experience sm0.19 Experience sm0.05 Experience smMay 19, 2016
Eastern Star Hotel3x44,815,000 Coin sm12 hours9,400 Population sm13.06 Population sm1.09 Population sm480 Experience sm0.67 Experience sm0.06 Experience smSeptember 11, 2017
Eco Hostel2x32,400,000 Coin sm8 hours3,000 Population sm6.25 Population sm1.04 Population sm160 Experience sm0.33 Experience sm0.06 Experience smDecember 05, 2016
Eco Hotel Tower2x21,738,000 Coin sm12 hours3,700 Population sm5.14 Population sm1.28 Population sm170 Experience sm0.24 Experience sm0.06 Experience smDecember 07, 2017
Eco-Art House1x146,000 Coin sm10 hours380 Population sm0.63 Population sm0.63 Population sm14 Experience sm0.02 Experience sm0.02 Experience smAugust 09, 2013
Edges Residential Complex2x2950,000 Coin sm6 hours850 Population sm2.36 Population sm0.59 Population sm55 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.04 Experience smFebruary 26, 2013
Eiders Apartments2x21,623,000 Coin sm9 hours2,200 Population sm4.07 Population sm1.02 Population sm110 Experience sm0.20 Experience sm0.05 Experience smAugust 08, 2016
El Dorado Townhouse2x21,670,000 Coin sm13 hours3,300 Population sm4.23 Population sm1.06 Population sm160 Experience sm0.21 Experience sm0.05 Experience smOctober 26, 2017
Elite Grand Hotel3x45,218,000 Coin sm11 hours9,000 Population sm13.64 Population sm1.14 Population sm440 Experience sm0.67 Experience sm0.06 Experience smMay 15, 2017
Emily Morgan Hotel2x32,457,000 Coin sm18 hours6,100 Population sm5.65 Population sm0.94 Population sm330 Experience sm0.31 Experience sm0.05 Experience smMarch 10, 2016
Empire Residential Complex2x21,000,000 Coin sm12 hours1,650 Population sm2.29 Population sm0.57 Population sm100 Experience sm0.14 Experience sm0.03 Experience smMay 07, 2013
Ertelion Hotel2x32,416,000 Coin sm16 hours6,000 Population sm6.25 Population sm1.04 Population sm300 Experience sm0.31 Experience sm0.05 Experience smOctober 02, 2017
Evansville Hotel2x32,328,000 Coin sm16 hours5,200 Population sm5.42 Population sm0.90 Population sm300 Experience sm0.31 Experience sm0.05 Experience smAugust 04, 2015
Excelsior Hotel2x43,458,000 Coin sm19 hours11,600 Population sm10.18 Population sm1.27 Population sm560 Experience sm0.49 Experience sm0.06 Experience smNovember 20, 2017
Festival Place1x2785,000 Coin sm16 hours2,000 Population sm2.08 Population sm1.04 Population sm100 Experience sm0.10 Experience sm0.05 Experience smJune 16, 2016
Fira Hotel2x21,850,000 Coin sm27 hours8,100 Population sm5.00 Population sm1.25 Population sm380 Experience sm0.23 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJune 06, 2016
Firmament Hotel Complex2x43,531,000 Coin sm10 hours6,400 Population sm10.67 Population sm1.33 Population sm300 Experience sm0.50 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJanuary 19, 2017
Fleck-Paterson House2x21,615,000 Coin sm11 hours2,500 Population sm3.79 Population sm0.95 Population sm130 Experience sm0.20 Experience sm0.05 Experience smJuly 03, 2015
Gates of the East Hotel3x45,450,000 Coin sm15 hours12,700 Population sm14.11 Population sm1.18 Population sm650 Experience sm0.72 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJune 29, 2017
Gatineau House2x32,200,000 Coin sm10 hours3,000 Population sm5.00 Population sm0.83 Population sm150 Experience sm0.25 Experience sm0.04 Experience smMay 01, 2015
Gosford Castle3x33,758,000 Coin sm12 hours7,300 Population sm10.14 Population sm1.13 Population sm370 Experience sm0.51 Experience sm0.06 Experience smOctober 24, 2016
Grand Oman Hotel3x33,684,000 Coin sm13 hours7,200 Population sm9.23 Population sm1.03 Population sm380 Experience sm0.49 Experience sm0.05 Experience smOctober 10, 2016
Grinthorp Castle3x45,618,000 Coin sm13 hours11,100 Population sm14.23 Population sm1.19 Population sm570 Experience sm0.73 Experience sm0.06 Experience smNovember 24, 2016
Harindhorn Hotel3x34,156,000 Coin sm10 hours6,400 Population sm10.67 Population sm1.19 Population sm310 Experience sm0.52 Experience sm0.06 Experience smApril 24, 2017
Havana Hotel2x21,820,000 Coin sm10 hours3,000 Population sm5.00 Population sm1.25 Population sm140 Experience sm0.23 Experience sm0.06 Experience smMay 11, 2017
Heavenly Garden Hotel2x32,410,000 Coin sm8 hours2,900 Population sm6.04 Population sm1.01 Population sm150 Experience sm0.31 Experience sm0.05 Experience smOctober 05, 2017
Herring Residence2x21,166,000 Coin sm8 hours1,350 Population sm2.81 Population sm0.70 Population sm70 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.04 Experience smJune 05, 2015
High Line 23 Condominium2x21,661,000 Coin sm16 hours4,000 Population sm4.17 Population sm1.04 Population sm200 Experience sm0.21 Experience sm0.05 Experience smApril 21, 2016
Hill House2x21,685,000 Coin sm15 hours3,700 Population sm4.11 Population sm1.03 Population sm200 Experience sm0.22 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJanuary 11, 2016
Hotel "Metropolis" (Old)2x3700,000 Coin sm4 hours770 Population sm3.21 Population sm0.53 Population sm35 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.02 Experience smJanuary 25, 2013
Hotel "Metropolis"2x3706,000 Coin sm4 hours780 Population sm3.25 Population sm0.54 Population sm37 Experience sm0.15 Experience sm0.03 Experience smNovember 09, 2015
Hotel Dluga1x2797,000 Coin sm13 hours1,600 Population sm2.05 Population sm1.03 Population sm82 Experience sm0.11 Experience sm0.05 Experience smDecember 30, 2015
Hotel Monopol2x21,757,000 Coin sm15 hours3,900 Population sm4.33 Population sm1.08 Population sm200 Experience sm0.22 Experience sm0.06 Experience smFebruary 11, 2016
Houston Apartments2x32,377,000 Coin sm7 hours2,600 Population sm6.19 Population sm1.03 Population sm140 Experience sm0.33 Experience sm0.06 Experience smSeptember 22, 2016
Hunter House2x21,547,000 Coin sm14 hours3,500 Population sm4.17 Population sm1.04 Population sm180 Experience sm0.21 Experience sm0.05 Experience smSeptember 29, 2015
Icelandic House2x21,819,000 Coin sm8 hours2,400 Population sm5.00 Population sm1.25 Population sm120 Experience sm0.25 Experience sm0.06 Experience smMay 25, 2017
Innovative Loft Apartment Complex2x43,559,000 Coin sm15 hours8,400 Population sm9.33 Population sm1.17 Population sm420 Experience sm0.47 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJuly 31, 2017
Ivry-sur-Seine House3x33,898,000 Coin sm13 hours7,100 Population sm9.10 Population sm1.01 Population sm400 Experience sm0.51 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJanuary 16, 2017
Jakarta Residence Apartments3x33,835,000 Coin sm12 hours7,900 Population sm10.97 Population sm1.22 Population sm370 Experience sm0.51 Experience sm0.06 Experience smSeptember 08, 2016
Januv Hrad Hotel3x33,849,000 Coin sm8 hours4,700 Population sm9.79 Population sm1.09 Population sm240 Experience sm0.50 Experience sm0.06 Experience smMarch 17, 2016
Jin Jiang Tower Hotel2x21,554,000 Coin sm8 hours1,900 Population sm3.96 Population sm0.99 Population sm100 Experience sm0.21 Experience sm0.05 Experience smJuly 24, 2015
Joy Hotel2x43,692,000 Coin sm13 hours8,200 Population sm10.51 Population sm1.31 Population sm380 Experience sm0.49 Experience sm0.06 Experience smJanuary 30, 2017
Katowice House2x21,695,000 Coin sm11 hours3,000 Population sm4.55 Population sm1.14 Population sm150 Experience sm0.23 Experience sm0.06 Experience smMarch 21, 2016
Kenangan House2x32,476,000 Coin sm13 hours4,500 Population sm5.77 Population sm0.96 Population sm230 Experience sm0.29 Experience sm0.05