Resi Table Row


  • name: (required) Building name
  • image: (optional - default is "Building <name>.png") but can be overwritten here
  • region: (optional - if included provides a space to indicate the regions/game zones the building is available in)
  • footnote: (Optional - if included the contents of a footnote)
  • power: power required (leave blank for n/a)
  • water: water required (leave blank for n/a)
  • coincost: cost in coins (commas will be ignored+re-added) (leave blank for n/a)
  • coinlevel: level/other requirements ie "Level 10" for coin purchase
  • mbcost: cost in mb (leave blank for n/a)
  • mblevel: level/other requirements ie "Level 10" for mb purchase
  • buildhr: build time in hours (empty=0) is added to buildmin
  • buildmin: build time in mins (empty=0) (buildhr * 60) is added to this
    (if set buildhr is blank and buildmin is "-1" time will be "Construction"
  • xp: xp on build complete
  • popr: incremental population
  • xpr: incremental xp benefit
  • timerhr: incremental time in hours (empty=0) is added to timermin
  • timermin: incremental time in mins (empty=0) (timerhr*60) is added to this
  • useranchor: (optional/advanced) sets the anchor (#link) for the building default is name with the following removed: '[', ']', and '"'


  • Sort values in table to allow sorting of most numeric values
  • link to building page if it exists (in the case the link is missing just add it to name) .. admin note: link is actually based on the anchor
  • auto calculation of analysis
  • anchor set to allow direct links to building (ie: PAGENAME#BUILDINGNAME)

Developer Notes

  • The template is split in two parts:
    1. tmpl-row: the user visable template that sanitizes the input and sets defaults before calling
    2. tmpl-row-core: The main logic to assemble the table row

Note there is no table header template, as this table is unique to the residential list a sample header follows for reference

{| class="sortable wikitable" width="161ex"
! colspan="2"|Building 
! style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! colspan="8"|Costs
! style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! colspan="2"|Construction
! style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! colspan="3"|Periodic Reward
! style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! colspan="2"|Analysis
! width="9em"| Name
! class="unsortable" width="78px"|Image
! class="unsortable" style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! [[Resources#Electricity|Power]]
! [[Resources#Water|Water]]
! class="unsortable" style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! {{coin|Cost}}
! class="unsortable"|Unlock{{coin}}
! class="unsortable" style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! class="unsortable"|{{mb|Cost}}
! class="unsortable"|Unlock{{mb}}
! class="unsortable" style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! Build Time
! {{xp|xp}}
! class="unsortable" style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! {{pop|Population}}
! {{xp|xp}}
! Frequency
! class="unsortable" style="background: #bbbbdd" width="0.6ex"|
! {{pop}}/hr
! {{coin}}/({{pop}}/hr)
<!--place rows here-->

<!--end of table-->
Building Costs Construction Periodic Reward Analysis
Name Image Power Water Coin sm UnlockCoin sm Megabucks sm UnlockMegabucks sm Build Time Experience sm Population sm Experience sm Frequency Population sm/hr Coin sm/(Population sm/hr)
Bungalow Bungalow 3 Power sm 1 Water sm 3,000 Coin sm Level 3 3 minutes 12 Experience sm +15 Population sm +2 Experience sm 15 minutes 60 50