|- | {{{name}}}[1]
({{{region}}}) | [[{{{image}}}|{{{imagesize}}}|{{{name}}}]] {{{spacercol}}} | data-sort-value=2147483647| Power sm | data-sort-value=2147483647| Water sm {{{spacercol}}} | data-sort-value=2147483647| Coin sm | {{{coinlevel}}} {{{spacercol}}} | Megabucks sm | {{{mblevel}}} {{{spacercol}}} | data-sort-value="{{{buildtime}}}" | {{{buildtime}}} minutes | data-sort-value=2147483647| Experience sm {{{spacercol}}} | data-sort-value=2147483647| +Population sm | data-sort-value=2147483647| +Experience sm | data-sort-value="{{{timer}}}" | {{{timer}}} minutes {{{spacercol}}} | data-sort-value=2147483647 | {{{defaultanalysis}}} | data-sort-value=2147483647 | {{{defaultanalysis}}}

For information and documentation of this template please see Residential/tmpl-row

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