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Road Junction (Foundation)
Road Junction Construction
Plot Fixed
Cost 300,000 15px-Coin_sm.png
at level 10, 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
at level 14, 5 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
Provides 500 15px-Experience_sm.png
Population limit:

5,000 22px-Population_Limits.png

No periodic benefit
Construction Instant
Road Junction Initial

The Road Junction is an infrastructure building located to the north-west of the starting zone and gives Access to the Second Expansion Territory. Once the Road Junction has been completed, the Second Expansion Territory can then be expanded, just like the first game zone could be. It was added during an update on 02.01.2013.[1]

A total of 60 assets are needed to complete construction of the Road Junction. This is equivalent to 60 15px-Megabucks_sm.png if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.
Road Junction Artwork

Quests and Achievements



Even though the completion of the Road Junction gives access to a 9x9 area, only 47 of the 81 squares are playable because of the river running through the zone.

Road Junction (Level 1)

Road Junction L1
Requires Rewards
  • 60 15px-Megabucks_sm.png or 60 asset gifts
  • 15 (+10) 15px-Power_sm.png and 5 (+0) 15px-Water_sm.png
Asset Image Amount Cost
Asphalt Asset Asphalt x 10 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
Bitumen Asset Bitumen x 10 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
Curb Asset Curb x 10 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
Road Signs Asset Road Signs x 10 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
Steam Roller Asset Steam Roller x 10 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png
Tech Drawing Asset Tech Drawing x 10 1 15px-Megabucks_sm.png


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