The Salisbury Cathedral is a production structure that can be placed anywhere in Megapolis Mainland. It was originally introduced on August 14, 2015.[1] The contracts and construction of this building provides 19px-CapitalPoints.png for 19px-CapitalPoints.png World Architecture: Through the Ages.

Events and Achievements



Salisbury Cathedral: Contracts
Name Cost Coin sm Time Reward Coin sm XP Experience sm Coins Coin sm/Minute XP Experience sm/Minute Requirements
Contract Raising Funds to Protect Architectural Monuments
Raising Funds to Protect Architectural Monuments
4,300 Coin sm 3 hours 18,800 Coin sm 190 Experience sm 80.60 Coin sm 1.10 Experience sm Salisbury Cathedral
Contract Studying the Stylistic Rules of Architecture
Studying the Stylistic Rules of Architecture[C 1]
16,000 Coin sm 5 hours 70,000 Coin sm 1,100 Experience sm 180 Coin sm 3.70 Experience sm Salisbury Cathedral
  1. Special Contract: 4 friends may assist, increasing reward by 1,000 Coin sm each; they receive 1,000 Coin sm each.

The contracts above, when completed, provide additional 30 19px-CapitalPoints.png except for the 1 special contract which provides 40 19px-CapitalPoints.png  and 19px-CapitalPoints.png for helping. Recovering or forcing with Megabucks sm provides 20 19px-CapitalPoints.png .

Salisbury Cathedral

  • Access to both contracts above
  • Can be sold for 72,400 Coin sm


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Солсберийский собор (translates to Salisbury Cathedral)
  • ID: 10040388 (salisbury_cathedral)


  1. SQ Forum: Update 08.14.2015

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