Shenyang Bank (Construction)
Shenyang Bank Construction
Plot 3x2 short
Cost Coin sm
Megabucks sm
18 Power sm
9 Water sm
Provides 550 Experience sm
Population limit:

6,500 Population Limits

No periodic benefit
Construction Instant

The Shenyang Bank is construction site bought from the shop, introduced in the update on 06.14.2013. It can be placed anywhere in the playable game area. It can be upgraded one level, granting an increase to the Population Cap.

As with all construction projects, there is a choice between waiting, and receiving gifts via neighbors, or buying any/all required assets with megabucks Megabucks sm. A total of 40 assets are needed to complete construction of the Shenyang Bank; this equates to 40 Megabucks sm if you were to buy every asset.

Quests and Achievements

Shenyang Bank (Level 1)

Shenyang Bank L1
Requires Rewards
  • 40 Megabucks sm or 40 asset gifts
  • 49 Power sm and 31 Water sm
  • Adds +33,000 Population sm to the Population Cap (Total: 39,500 Population sm)
  • 1,000 Experience sm when the last asset is placed
  • Collect: 3,200 Coin sm and 140 Experience sm every 15 hours

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Stone Blocks Asset Stone Blocks x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Cords Asset Cords x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Glass Asset Glass x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Steel Sheets Asset Steel Sheets x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm