Quest The Power of the Sun
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Quest Solar Farm (Quest)
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Quest Energy Research Institute
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The Power of the SunScientific KnowledgeSolar Farm (Quest)First UpgradesEnergy Research InstituteNew Solar CellsNew Power Installations


The Solar Farm (Quest) quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:


What's the point of making scientific advancements if we don't take advantage of their practical applications? We need to complete the Solar Farm and start implementing new energy technologies.
Solar Farm Finish the Solar Farm
Costs: 35 Assets or 35 Megabucks sm and 15 Water sm
Gives: 750 Experience sm and 15,000 Population sm cap increase
Production Laboratory Build a Production Laboratory
Requires: Power Engineering Institute
Costs: 170,000 Coin sm or 1 Megabucks sm, 10 Power sm and 6 Water sm
Gives: 450 Experience sm and 3,000 Population sm cap increase


Terrific! The Solar Farm has already started generating energy, and soon the Production Laboratory will allow us to increase its efficiency! Would you like to tell your friends about it?