Quest Something Special
Something Special


The Something Special quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:


Build the Atomium, the most famous building in Brussels and a symbol of the peaceful use of atomic energy.
Atomium Build the Atomium
Costs: 1,100,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm, 45 Power sm and 9 Water sm
Gives: 2,150 Experience sm and 37,500 Population Limits cap increase, then 1,550 Coin sm and Experience sm every 16 hours
Quest Coins Collect 1,000 Coin sm in taxes


Excellent work! The Atomium will be more than just a symbol of scientific progress: it's also a wonderful attraction and a place of great interest in Megapolis.
  • XP Reward: 250 Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: 4,000 Coin sm

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