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The State Capital is a zone in Megapolis which is the capital for the player's State. Unlike other zones, the State Capital is not located on the main map, as its thought to be outside of the map's zone, specifically on the country of the State. The capital has districts, which can be expanded by the state members by developing the quarters and building more administrative buildings as the state level increases.


Districts on a State
Freeport Administration Miami Background South District Background
Freeport Miami South District
Venice Background Chinatown Background 150px
Venice Chinatown North District
150px Coming Soon Coming Soon
Capital Airport Beverly Hills Manhattan

Initially, on the inauguration of States on December 12, 2017, there are 4 initial districts named Freeport, Miami, South District and Venice. The additional districts were added:


Freeport is the first district on a state. This district consists of:

Although being the first district, the only way to enter Freeport is through the ocean transport port or by road through the highway that passes through Miami, entering the district through the Freeport Bridge.


Miami is the second district on a state. This district consists of:

The state highway from the outside runs through Miami first and passes to the other districts. The rail track from outside stops on the station. On the turning to The Freeport Bridge from the highway lies the oceanarium, which connects to the beach walkway. West of the beach are water purification plant and the power plant. The highway also leads to the South District via a junction, and to Venice through two separate distant bridges.

South District

South District is the third district on a state. This district consists of:


Venice is the fourth district on a state. This district consists of:


Chinatown Pier


Chinatown is the fifth district on a state. This district consists of:

North District

North District is the sixth district on a state. This district consists of:

Capital Airport

Capital Airport is the seventh "district" on a state. This Airport complex consists of:

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