Tax Office
Plot 1x1 short
Cost 10,000 Coin sm
3 Megabucks sm
12 Power sm
4 Water sm
Provides 180 Experience sm
No periodic benefit
Construction 10 minutes[1]
Gambling Industry Monitoring Service
Gambling Industry Monitoring Service
Plot 2x2 short
Cost 350,000 Coin sm
3 Megabucks sm
28 Power sm
18 Water sm
Provides 1,350 Experience sm
No periodic benefit
Construction 4 hours
Tax Offices let you adjust your tax rates.
The Gambling Industry Monitoring Service lets you regulate your tax rates.

The Tax Office allows a player to increase the tax rate, increasing Coin sm collection at the expense of Population Limits.
Alternately, a player can choose to reduce the tax rate, collecting less tax but receiving a bonus on Population Limits.

Additional Information

  • A maximum of 1 Tax Office can be built in any location.
  • Separate Tax Offices are required for each of the four locations.
  • In Las Megas, instead of Tax Office, the Gambling Industry Monitoring Service does do the same job.
  • Tax Office requires Level 5 to unlock
  • Tax Office can be sold for 2,000 Coin sm
  • Gambling Industry Monitoring Service can be sold for 70,000 Coin sm
Tax Office does not affect contract rewards from production buildings

Tax Rate Table

Tax Rate
Coin sm -15% -10% -5% 0% (Default) +5% +10% +15%
Population Limits +7% +5% +2% 0% (Default) -2% -5% -7%


  1. Before March 10, 2016, construction duration was 2 hours