Quest Required Resources
Quest Harmonious Development
Quest Tourist Visas
Quest Improving the City
Quest A Breathtaking View
Quest Japanese Style
Quest Star Hotel
Quest Sports Tourism
Quest The Ecology of Construction
Required ResourcesHarmonious DevelopmentTourist VisasImproving the CityA Breathtaking ViewJapanese StyleStar HotelSports TourismThe Ecology of Construction


The The Ecology of Construction quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:

  • List requirements such as level, previous quest completion required, other quest cannot be running, themed event required running, etc.
  • One bullet per requirement
  • Delete irrelevant (instruction) bullets


Copy the quest description to here
Costs: Coin sm or Megabucks sm, Power sm and Water sm
Costs: XX assets or Megabucks sm, Power sm and Water sm
15 x ASSET 25px
15 x ASSET 25px
15 x ASSET 25px
Gives: Experience sm and Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to CONTRACT_NAME at the CONTRACT_BUILDING
Gives: Experience sm and Population Limits cap increase upon completion, then Coin sm and Experience sm every XX hours
Gives: Experience sm and Population sm every XX hours
80px Complete the CONTRACT_NAME contract at the CONTRACT_BUILDING
Costs: Coin sm and XX hours
Gives: Coin sm and Experience sm upon completion
IMAGE Repeat rows until all goals added.


Enter the message sent to neighbors upon quest completion.
  • XP Reward: Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: Coin sm
  • Wage Fund Reward: Salary sm2
  • Population Reward: Population sm
  • Asset Reward: 5 x ASSET 25px
  • Random asset from a pool of possible assets
  • Access to NEXT_QUEST
  • Delete any bullets not relevant

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