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This page is for the Timed Quest "The Lost Bay"

For the building of the same name see, see The Lost Bay (Building).
For other uses see, see The Lost Bay.
Quest Sea Fort Quest The Lost Bay Quest Treasure Hunting Quest Hiking Tour Quest Treasure Hunting 2 Quest Scientific Research Expedition Quest The Mysterious Grotto
Sea Fort The Lost Bay Treasure Hunting Hiking Tour Treasure Hunting 2 Scientific Research Expedition The Mysterious Grotto

The Lost Bay (Quest)
Lost Bay Quest

Build and Upgrade:


The Lost Bay (Quest) is a Timed Quest in which the player has 192 hours to build and upgrade a total of 2 areas with assets leading up to the Dream Island Residential Complex. It was released as part of an update on 04.12.2013.[1]

According to the researchers, a mysterious Lost Bay has been discovered near Megapolis!

The residents beg the mayor:

Build a Seaport and begin exploring the Seabed, Ghost Ship and Mysterious Grotto. All the treasures that lie hidden on the bottom of the sea belong to Megapolis! Discover treasures, finish construction and get a gift: the Dream Island residential complex.

Explore the Lost Bay to discover its untold riches!


Depending on how one plays the game, this quest may require approximately 620 15px-Megabucks_sm.png total (for 620 assets) and 468,000 15px-Coin_sm.png (for building and foundation purchases) to complete fully.

Stage 1 - Sea Fort

The magnificent Sea Fort attracts a lot of tourists to Megapolis!


Begin construction of the Sea Fort and tell your friends about the upcoming adventure!
Sea Fort Construction Buy the Sea Fort Foundation
Costs: 400,000 15px-Coin_sm.png or 15px-Megabucks_sm.png , 50 15px-Power_sm.png and 35 15px-Water_sm.png
Gives: 500 15px-Experience_sm.png and 5,000 22px-Population_Limits.png
Sea Fort L1 Build the Sea Fort Frame (Level 1)
10 x Glass Asset Glass
10 x Rebar Asset Rebar
20 x Duck Canvas Asset Duck Canvas
Gives: 750 15px-Experience_sm.png and 3,000 22px-Population_Limits.png cap increase upon completion
Quest Visit Friends Drop in to see a friend and tell him about your sea adventures


Terrific! You’ve started construction of a Sea Fort and informed your neighbors about your plans!
  • 110 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 1,800 15px-Coin_sm.png

Stage 2 - The Lost Bay

The famous Lost Bay might hold untold riches!


Discover Lost Bay and build a little Gift Shop. You're sure to find a lot of curious little things among the shells and reefs!
The Lost Bay (Building) Construction Discover the Reefs of (buy the) Lost Bay
Costs: 60,000 15px-Coin_sm.png or 15px-Megabucks_sm.png , 40 15px-Power_sm.png and 22 15px-Water_sm.png
Gives: 500 15px-Experience_sm.png and 5,000 22px-Population_Limits.png cap increase
Gift Shop Build a Gift Shop
Costs: 8,000 15px-Coin_sm.png , 16 15px-Power_sm.png and 12 15px-Water_sm.png
Gives: 210 15px-Experience_sm.png and 4,200 22px-Population_Limits.png cap increase upcon completion, then 200 15px-Coin_sm.png and 12 15px-Experience_sm.png every 5 hours


Good work! You’ve completed the overland construction and reef search at sea!
  • 120 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 1,400 15px-Coin_sm.png

Stage 3 - Treasure Hunting

Now is the time to start preparing the Bay for Treasure Hunting!


Complete the first phase of preparations for Treasure Hunting in the Bay and offer your tourists some souvenirs in the new Gift Shop!
The Lost Bay (Building) L1 Complete preparations for Treasure Hunting on the (upgrade the) Atoll (Level 1)
10 x Tech Drawing Asset Tech Drawing
10 x Palm Trees Asset Palm Trees
10 x Polymer Pipes Asset Polymer Pipes
10 x Light Concrete Asset Light Concrete
Gives: 750 15px-Experience_sm.png and 5,000 22px-Population_Limits.png cap increase upon completion


Good work! The first phase of preparations for the treasure hunt in the Lost Bay has been completed successfully!
  • 130 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 1,500 15px-Coin_sm.png

Stage 4 - Hiking Tour

It's time to complete construction of the Sea Fort and start out on your first expeditions!


Complete construction of the Sea Fort and prepare it for the Hiking Tour!
Sea Fort L2 Complete construction of a Sea Fort (Level 2)
10 x Iron Beams Asset Iron Beams
15 x Roof Tile Asset Roof Tile
15 x Granite Slabs Asset Granite Slabs
10 x Turnstiles Asset Turnstiles
10 x Sandstone Asset Sandstone
10 x Hydro Insulation Asset Hydro Insulation
Gives: 1,250 15px-Experience_sm.png and 4,000 22px-Population_Limits.png cap increase upon completion and access to the Preparations for Hiking Tour contract at the Sea Fort
Contract Preparations for Hiking Tour Complete a Preparations for Hiking Tour at the Sea Fort
Requires Sea Fort (Level 2)
Costs: 10,000 15px-Coin_sm.png and 3 hours
Gives: 21,000 15px-Coin_sm.png and 70 15px-Experience_sm.png


That’s the spirit! The Sea Fort is complete and the preparations for the Hiking Tour are complete!
  • 150 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 1,800 15px-Coin_sm.png

Stage 5 - Treasure Hunting 2

Our assumptions about the untold riches of Lost Bay are confirmed! Let’s go treasure hunting!


Prepare Lost Bay for Treasure Hunting and conduct Seabed Exploration!
The Lost Bay (Building) L2 Complete preparations for Treasure Hunting in (upgrade the) The Lost Bay (Level 2)
10 x Corals Asset Corals
10 x Windlass Asset Windlass
20 x Aquarium Equipment Asset Aquarium Equipment
10 x Separator Asset Separator
20 x 3D Scanners Asset 3D Scanners
Gives: 1,500 15px-Experience_sm.png and 5,000 22px-Population_Limits.png cap increase upon completion and access to the Seabed Exploration and Mountain Expedition contracts at the The Lost Bay
Contract Seabed Exploration Complete the Seabed Exploration contract at the The Lost Bay
Requires The Lost Bay (Level 2)
Costs: 6,000 15px-Coin_sm.png and 30 minutes
Gives: 10,000 15px-Coin_sm.png and 20 15px-Experience_sm.png


Excellent work! You’ve carried out the first stage of Treasure Hunting and discovered some riches!
  • 200 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 2,000 15px-Coin_sm.png

Stage 6 - Scientific Research Expedition

It’s high time to upgrade the Sea Fort and continue Treasure Hunting!


Upgrade the Sea Fort and get ready for the first Scientific Treasure Hunting Expedition!
Sea Fort Upgrade the Sea Fort to Sea Fortress (Level 3)
30 x Geotextiles Asset Geotextiles
30 x Paint Asset Paint
40 x Scaffolding Asset Scaffolding
30 x Perforator Asset Perforator
30 x Polyurethane Asset Polyurethane
30 x Weather Radar Asset Weather Radar
Gives: 1,750 15px-Experience_sm.png and 13,000 22px-Population_Limits.png cap increase upon completion and access to the Preparations for Scientific Research Expeditions contract at the Sea Fort
Contract Preparations for Scientific Research Expeditions Complete the Preparations for Scientific Research Expeditions at the Sea Fort
Requires Sea Fortress (Level 3)
Costs: 17,000 15px-Coin_sm.png and 20 hours
Gives: 45,000 15px-Coin_sm.png and 250 15px-Experience_sm.png


Great job! You’ve prepared yourself for your first Scientific Research Expedition!
  • 230 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 2,500 15px-Coin_sm.png

Stage 7 - The Mysterious Grotto

The untold riches of Lost Bay are waiting for you! Hurry up!


Upgrade the Lost Bay technical equipment and explore the Grotto!
The Lost Bay (Building) Upgrade Lost Bay to Lost Harbour (Level 3)
40 x Seismic Detector Asset Seismic Detector
40 x Oxygen Tanks Asset Oxygen Tanks
40 x Rebar Asset Rebar
30 x Tiles Asset Tiles
30 x Signal Amplifiers Asset Signal Amplifiers
30 x Perforator Asset Perforator
Gives: 2,000 15px-Experience_sm.png and 25,000 22px-Population_Limits.png cap increase upon completion and access to the Grotto Echo Location and Ghost Ship Investigation contracts at the The Lost Bay
Contract Grotto Echo Location Complete the Grotto Echo Location contract at the The Lost Bay
Costs: 7,000 15px-Coin_sm.png and 24 hours
Gives: 30,000 15px-Coin_sm.png and 200 15px-Experience_sm.png


Incredible! You’ve upgraded the technical equipment of the Lost Bay search teams and explored the Mysterious Grotto!
  • 250 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 3,000 15px-Coin_sm.png
  • 1 x Dream Island Residential Complex (see below)

Reward - The Lost Bay (Quest)

Dream Island Dream Island Residential Complex
  • 45 15px-Power_sm.png and 30 15px-Water_sm.png
  • 3,800 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 915 22px-Population_sm.png and 35 15px-Experience_sm.png every 4 hours
  • Can be sold for 280,000 15px-Coin_sm.png

Achievement after accepting 15 contracts at the The Lost Bay

Achievement Famous Treasure Hunter Amazing! You’ve been really successful in treasure hunting! For your perseverance, you’ve earned the Treasure Hunter achievement!
  • 250 15px-Experience_sm.png
  • 15,000 15px-Coin_sm.png


  • ENTER any trivia about the quest here.
  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Затерянная бухта".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 70189.


  1. SQ Forum: Update 04.12.2013

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