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Quest The World’s Finest Airport
The Sky is a Serious BusinessAviation Never Looks BackHave a Nice FlightFinal TouchesPlans for the FutureAirmailFirst ConcourseLong FlightsAir SuperiorityRegular FlightsInternational Cargo TransportThe World’s Finest Airport



If we had an Airplane Maintenance Plant, we could build first-class Airliners suitable for transcontinental flights.
Airplane Workshop L3 Upgrade the Airplane Repair Plant to the Airplane Maintenance Plant
20 x Access Control System Asset Access Control System
20 x Airfield Lights Asset Airfield Lights
05 x Air Conditioning System Asset Air Conditioning System
10 x Concrete Blocks Asset Concrete Blocks
20 x Glass Asset Glass
20 x Metal Detector Asset Metal Detector
10 x Overhead Hoist Asset Overhead Hoist
15 x Paint Asset Paint
20 x Radar Antennas Asset Radar Antennas
20 x Rebar Asset Rebar
20 x Sling Hooks Asset Sling Hooks
20 x Surveillance Systems Asset Surveillance Systems
Gives: 3,000 Experience sm and 50,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion
Passenger Airplane L5 Upgrade 2 Airplanes to Long-Range Airliners
Costs: (each)
20 x Air Conditioning System Asset Air Conditioning System
20 x First-Aid Kit Asset First-Aid Kit
20 x Insulation Asset Insulation
20 x Metal Detector Asset Metal Detector
20 x Oxygen Tanks Asset Oxygen Tanks
20 x Paint Asset Paint


Great work! Now your airplanes have no equal in all the world! Want to tell your friends?
  • 250 Experience sm
  • 10,000 Coin sm


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Лучший аэропорт мира" which translates to "The best airport in the world".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 70254.